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  1. Aung Htay

    Aung Htay20 일 전

    Not sure why he keeps complaining because it looks pretty phenomenal on video. BMW interiors look cheap on video and look really cheap in person.


    DALEX TV20 일 전

    That's why I try not to speak about the looks. And I am not complaining. If you watch my test drive I actually was impressed by the car.

  3. Paul Field

    Paul Field26 일 전

    This car new sportarge is out of thi would the high cockpit is superbly put together to blend in to the facia. I dont like the daytime running lights the new Tucson beats it by far i have the new 2021 Tucson on the motability scheme i wanted the sportarge but could not afford the down payment so ended up with the Hyundai tucson petrol with a £999 down payment plus £300 and something for the special coating on paintwork and interior but have trouble with the alarm keeps going off because i have a tiny dog and it picks her up so have been leaving the car open when in shops ect so i have now put electrical tape over the sencers now because on most alarms I've had on cars you press the car fob once and it only alarm doors bonnet boot ect but this alarm does not which is strange with all this technology the cars now have but gone back years on the alarm system I have this car for 3 years now so will have to keep it taped over for 3 years.

  4. Fatima Najid

    Fatima Najid개월 전

    It's beautiful

  5. Dorothy Pittmon

    Dorothy Pittmon개월 전

    I love the look it’s beautiful ♥️

  6. Briguy1027

    Briguy1027개월 전

    I like a lot about the sportage that the sorento hybrid doesn't have. But I like the front end of the Sorento better than the sportage. I will eventually test drive both the Tucson and the Sportage when there's more cars available.

  7. Rennzzo S

    Rennzzo S개월 전

    What car manufacturers need to do is offer that retarded piano black as an option to NOT have because many of us absolutely hate it.

  8. JSB

    JSB개월 전

    I feel it lost the Sportage feel to it. I would have to see this one in person.

  9. James Kassolos

    James Kassolos개월 전

    Its bloody awful and you all know it.

  10. Duane jo

    Duane jo개월 전

    I like this way more than the current one

  11. Steve Simmons

    Steve Simmons개월 전

    I had a 19 SPORTAGE, loved it. Just purchased a 21 Sorento, love it. Excellent presentation! Thanks

  12. Kami Kami

    Kami Kami개월 전

    @Steve Simmons Erm...good question. The names were so frigging exotic. I think I chose the color Gravity Grey for the exterior and light grey for the interior.

  13. Steve Simmons

    Steve Simmons개월 전

    @Kami Kami It is worth the wait! I know you will love it! What color do you want?

  14. Kami Kami

    Kami Kami개월 전

    Oh snap. I had the 2018 model. Ordered the new one from the showroom today! However...there's around a 3/4 month wait here in Korea. Production has taken a hit because of Covid T.T

  15. Christopher Marie

    Christopher Marie개월 전

    Most cars nowadays have plastic finish.. design is more important than judging a car by the amount of plastic in it. Kia has always been ahead in habitat design than other competitors..we should give them credits for that

  16. k Muinde

    k Muinde개월 전

    kia is in a rapid improvement ,its already a very recognised brand now.

  17. Anakin Sepherd

    Anakin Sepherd개월 전

    this in ev when?? kia is acknowledged in indian market as well

  18. Dryloch

    Dryloch개월 전

    Attention Kia! People do NOT like gloss black especially on high touch surfaces. I know your heads are very thick so you keep adding MORE of it to your cars. It does scratch and it looks like crap with fingerprints and dust magnetizing to it everywhere. Whoever the person is who is deciding to do this needs to be fired and replaced with someone who actually drives your cars. PS I am a fan of Korean cars and have purchased several. I am not a KIA hater but also not a fanboy. I will not buy another KIA if it is covered in gloss black inside.

  19. Dallas Frankfort

    Dallas Frankfort개월 전

    Nice looking vehicle but Terrible resale

  20. Dyair Pierce

    Dyair Pierce개월 전

    I have a 2022 and it looks nothing like this is this version not available in America

  21. DALEX TV

    DALEX TV개월 전

    It's the 5th generation It should be available in the US later this year or in 2022.

  22. Tugnutt Mcgoo

    Tugnutt Mcgoo개월 전

    Kia is killing it lately. Phenomenal automobiles.

  23. BOB KALY

    BOB KALY개월 전

    good description Alex

  24. Rocky

    Rocky개월 전

    I am a current Sportage owner. This model has gone a step to far in the bling direction. Too much of the boomerang day running light , grill and chrome effect. The chrome surrounds on inside doors too much and the plain rectangular shapeless dash is a bit 50’s retro. As the presenter suggested to much cheap looking plastic particularly around the console. Next time you create a new model concentrate on the front grill more go classic less bling. Also is there a full sunroof with this model. On the plus side the performance and reliability of KIA is great.



    unfortunately Australia 🇦🇺 will only get boring black interior even in high grade 😭car maker why don’t you like Australia?

  26. Francisco Soto

    Francisco Soto개월 전

    Hola yo soy de Chile... esperamos con ansias la llegada de ese vehículo...

  27. riz kiw

    riz kiw개월 전

    no sunroof ?

  28. Brínder Panesar

    Brínder Panesar개월 전

    Top trim and no moonroof?

  29. Colin Renfrew

    Colin Renfrew개월 전

    The more I see this new car, the more I like it.

  30. Amit Hora

    Amit Hora개월 전

    I wanted to know when the company is launching kia sportsage in India with more of ground clearance can we expect hybrid also & what about kia sorento is it coming to india as well can we expect EV model to launch in india soon

  31. pmb0001

    pmb0001개월 전

    Look up Kia India on the web and reach out to them and ask - simple!

  32. Yousaff k.a

    Yousaff k.a개월 전

    When it will be launch in UAE?

  33. minnie saab

    minnie saab개월 전


  34. folarin mobolaji

    folarin mobolaji개월 전

    The front facia is a big issue for me. But I think it's a good update by Kia and it will do well in the market. Would have loved the push button taken to somewhere on the dash and the climate control to be physical buttons though. But very nice. Let's see what the mazda cx50 would look like, that would be a strong contender

  35. Rafa Towers

    Rafa Towers개월 전

    It gives me the impression of the interior of an electric vehicle, as if it wanted to save weight. I think the exterior and interior of the Tucson are better achieved

  36. Love Bunny

    Love Bunny개월 전

    That's because, there will be an EV version of the Sportage.

  37. Nestor Drăguşin

    Nestor Drăguşin개월 전

    I was thinking the same thing.

  38. Sandesh Sandu

    Sandesh Sandu개월 전


  39. SRNY San Official

    SRNY San Official개월 전

    They should make with sunroof.

  40. Tomáš Kuruc

    Tomáš Kuruc개월 전

    that glossy black on center console... why?



    What's price Pakistani currency

  42. CNX Expat

    CNX Expat2 개월 전

    Nice car. I like the interior. Not sure about the exterior. Hopefully there will be a choice NOT to take the piano black in the middle console.

  43. Vel Boone

    Vel Boone2 개월 전

    It's beautiful

  44. RAMZES Ramzes

    RAMZES Ramzes2 개월 전


  45. XT

    XT2 개월 전

    i Think the sportage ACE looks way better.

  46. Ezzat Mohamed

    Ezzat Mohamed2 개월 전

    All It needs a panoramic roof to be the SUVs of the year

  47. Mclaren Speedtail

    Mclaren Speedtail개월 전

    its a pre production car

  48. Cars

    Cars개월 전

    It's already got a great price and so many good features!

  49. Steven CC

    Steven CC2 개월 전

    Is this the European version? Do you know what will be the price in euros?

  50. Mushtaq Ganai

    Mushtaq Ganai2 개월 전

    Absolutely gorgeous thanks to KIA for lunching Kia Sportage.

  51. Cars

    Cars개월 전

    Great SUV!

  52. Леха Куванов

    Леха Куванов2 개월 전

    Красава машина

  53. JET fitness

    JET fitness2 개월 전

    Sabeis el precio en €?? Saludos y buen video

  54. William Wong

    William Wong2 개월 전

    What's the trim level, any hybrid version?

  55. DALEX TV

    DALEX TV2 개월 전

    Gravity. Hybrid 1.6 Turbo will be available in Korea

  56. waynerm002

    waynerm0022 개월 전

    What audio system does it have? Is it Meridian like the K8?

  57. DALEX TV

    DALEX TV2 개월 전

    Krell for additonal price

  58. Gunhan Doluoglu

    Gunhan Doluoglu2 개월 전

    When you are looking the door interior everything is cheap here?

  59. DALEX TV

    DALEX TV2 개월 전

    It's a wooden Green

  60. TheMichaelRN

    TheMichaelRN2 개월 전

    Looks like a Nissan or Mitsubishi.

  61. Daniel Murawski

    Daniel Murawski2 개월 전

    What colour it is?

  62. DALEX TV

    DALEX TV2 개월 전

    Wooden green