이하이 (LEE HI) - 홀로 (HOLO) Official Music Video (ENG/CHN)

이하이 (LEE HI) - 홀로 (HOLO) Official Music Video (ENG)
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#홀로 #HOLO
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    HI🙋🏻‍♀️ I'm HOLO! aomgofficial.lnk.to/HOLO

  2. 황문철

    황문철일 전

    이하이님 yg에서 본인 소울과 맞지도 않는 노래 부르느라 너무 고생 많았어요. 이제는 지금처럼 자기만의 노래를 부르세요. 그러면 아델보다 훨씬 좋은노래 할 수 있어요. 응원할께요.

  3. Almira Aina Tasnim

    Almira Aina Tasnim12 일 전

    YG ENT

  4. Nadya Zahra

    Nadya Zahra12 일 전

    This song is similar to "hold you like I'm gonna lose you" Meghan trainor and John legend I wonder Why ur songs re similar to other? I'm not blaming anyone But, just asking why

  5. Maknae Sojunghwan

    Maknae Sojunghwan13 일 전


  6. 100% ParkJimin Biased

    100% ParkJimin Biased24 일 전


  7. Leah

    Leah시간 전

    Such an underrated song 🥰

  8. Got7 Uesila

    Got7 Uesila시간 전

    This inspirational song of Lee Hi must win an award in MAMA 2020. I'm praying.

  9. Milka Hope

    Milka Hope2 시간 전

    This is amazing song really😭

  10. Lilycs _m

    Lilycs _m4 시간 전

    Vote her on MAMA

  11. Light Dreams

    Light Dreams10 시간 전

    I love her voice omll

  12. Nelya ozaeta

    Nelya ozaeta10 시간 전

    Such a Beautiful and comfortable song! Thank you Lee Hi!

  13. SomniaLand

    SomniaLand13 시간 전

    Y terminó aquí pero sin ese anhelo. Las caricias se hacen verdad y presionan mi pequeño corazón.

  14. himani vyas

    himani vyas15 시간 전

    Lets be honest... this isnt your 1st time here... Me too♡

  15. Angela Octavia

    Angela Octavia16 시간 전

    We're Holo.

  16. Kyoptang

    Kyoptang17 시간 전

    dear future ein, semoga kamu menikmati apa yang sudah kamu capai hari ini. semoga kamu menyukai apa yang kamu lakukan hari ini. semangat!! lakukan apa yang ingin kamu lakukan. 2020

  17. Rizka Novianda

    Rizka Novianda17 시간 전

    I love Lee Hi, she's so talented This song is good too, let's check this out krposts.com/level/bidio/rZee2qnH239lpXs

  18. 24 Jam 7 Hari Kartun

    24 Jam 7 Hari Kartun18 시간 전

    lagunya selalu bikin gw gamang move on:)

  19. Urooj Fatima

    Urooj Fatima22 시간 전

    This song is just gorgeous

  20. 카멜레온

    카멜레온23 시간 전

    뭐지 왜 썸네일에서 모리아티가 보였지 셜록을 너무 많이 봤나 하이누님 AOMG에서도 좋은 음악 들려주시리라 믿습니다 AOMG 이하이 파이팅

  21. Breno F. Gomes

    Breno F. Gomes일 전

    Perfeita, sem defeitos

  22. Breno F. Gomes

    Breno F. Gomes일 전


  23. Keren Alicia

    Keren Alicia일 전

    Perfeita 🇰🇷❤️❤️✨🎶

  24. Thangagollut Kipgen

    Thangagollut Kipgen일 전

    Beautiful song ❤❤❤

  25. 지은

    지은일 전

    이하이 볼때면 자꾸만 송혜교가 보이네 너무 예쁘다

  26. Boo Tavares

    Boo Tavares일 전


  27. Lara

    Lara일 전

    lee hi you are my favorite singer, I was not into kpop until I found you, you really made me cry with your beautiful voice. I did not understand anything but I enjoyed it so much. ❤️

  28. So What?

    So What?일 전

    Hi plis vote in MAMA she is nominated en category best hip hop but is here number 2 she is so talented she deserve win MAMA

  29. icy

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  30. Mirna Mulianitta

    Mirna Mulianitta일 전


  31. 황문철

    황문철일 전

    이하이님 yg에서 본인 소울과 맞지도 않는 노래 부르느라 너무 고생 많았어요. 이제는 지금처럼 자기만의 노래를 부르세요. 그러면 아델보다 훨씬 좋은노래 할 수 있어요. 응원할께요.

  32. Jary. Poo

    Jary. Poo2 일 전

    Leehi! I'll always waiting for your new song. It's healing for me

  33. Maria Batista

    Maria Batista2 일 전

    Idk why but Jonghyun comes to my mind, it's like she dedicates this to him like a gift like saying thanks to him for the song "breath"

  34. Kyung-Mi Lee

    Kyung-Mi Lee2 일 전

    Dear future me, I hope you accepted yourself for who you are, and I hope you can forgive all of your mistakes. I really wish that you embrace who you are and what you love, and understand that your feelings matter. I hope you don't worry or stress too much and that you always remember how precious life is. Everyday is worth it, believe in tomorrow. You are so strong, you try your best and that's all you can do, I'm so proud of you. It's okay to cry or be sad. Just not forever. I hope days are easier and happier now.

  35. Reiko :v

    Reiko :v2 일 전


  36. A J

    A J2 일 전

    The fact that AOMG put the subtitle in all languages is indeed a sign of respect for the fans👏🏻💕👍🏻 I am 100% sure that our Hi will shine brighter in AOMG's care🤞🏻😌🤞🏻❤️ & I believe AOMG's music will be more recognized through Hi's majical Voice! Glad for both Hi & AOMG 😍please give us Cool, Epic, catchy, mind-blowing songs 🤩💕🌺💐 Fighting 💪🏻

  37. Btissame army

    Btissame army2 일 전

    This song is great amazing💜💜

  38. idc

    idc2 일 전

    stop crying start laughing

  39. girly

    girly2 일 전

    yolo + holo

  40. Назым Нұрланқызы

    Назым Нұрланқызы2 일 전

    я не буду больше плакать

  41. Camille Fernandez

    Camille Fernandez3 일 전

    The video makes me cry even more

  42. Ari Anda

    Ari Anda3 일 전

    Aku nyasar

  43. damian velez vera

    damian velez vera3 일 전


  44. damian velez vera

    damian velez vera3 일 전


  45. Lokeya Huang

    Lokeya Huang3 일 전

    ugh how i love this masterpiece

  46. Camille Fernandez

    Camille Fernandez4 일 전

    If you like Holo by Lee Hi, you’ll like She’s in the Rain by The Rose too! I think they both convey the same message. Thank me later.

  47. Luzizila Camale Luzizila

    Luzizila Camale Luzizila4 일 전

    She is sashe a good singer😁

  48. Luzizila Camale Luzizila

    Luzizila Camale Luzizila4 일 전

    She sounds as heck good nice move Lee hi

  49. Letícia Dantas

    Letícia Dantas4 일 전

    VOTE Lee Hi (HOLO) on MAMA 2020mama.com

  50. milka belen gallegos lucas

    milka belen gallegos lucas4 일 전

    me gustaría poder dar mas que un like, una visualización y mi suscripción , esta canción es hermosa tanto en letra como en instrumental, es una de la mejores canción que he visto y oído en mi vida.

  51. ;;ᴍʏ ᴋᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ.

    ;;ᴍʏ ᴋᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ.4 일 전

    Lee hi es una de las mejores cantantes coreanas, pero no están listas para está conversación...

  52. リリーエンジェル

    リリーエンジェル4 일 전

    闇夜の自分には、いいfeeling ❣️愛することから、ずーっと忘れかけたボク、再びの出会い、涙は、流さない、だってずーっと一人だったから⁉️

  53. jamjam022390

    jamjam0223904 일 전

    First time here, her voice is simply mesmerizing.

  54. optvcl

    optvcl4 일 전

    this was in my recommend hehe

  55. Zulmen Tajasa

    Zulmen Tajasa5 일 전

    Putus kontrak sama YG ENT KAH?

  56. リリーエンジェル

    リリーエンジェル5 일 전


  57. リリーエンジェル

    リリーエンジェル5 일 전

    なんか、見た瞬間、感じたんだよな⁉️ヤッパ聴いて、間違いなかった、好きなfeeling ❣️

  58. Isla Selena

    Isla Selena5 일 전


  59. Elizabeth Amaro

    Elizabeth Amaro5 일 전

    HERMOSAAAA cancion , deberia de tener mas reconocimiento :c

  60. Retsya Dwiany

    Retsya Dwiany5 일 전

    hi holo, im sad everyday :)

  61. berta alcocer

    berta alcocer5 일 전

    Me encanta muy bella 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  62. yudhistira jaka prihadi

    yudhistira jaka prihadi5 일 전


  63. dl3lrma

    dl3lrma5 일 전


  64. Preeti Banda

    Preeti Banda5 일 전

    At first I cried like hell after listening to this but now this song helps me to remain strong

  65. th. 7

    th. 75 일 전

    It feels like she’s talking not singing and that why it’s touching my heart ♥️

  66. pacify her

    pacify her5 일 전

    i love u so much

  67. pacify her

    pacify her5 일 전

    i super love this super..

  68. Maddu Oliveira

    Maddu Oliveira5 일 전

    Everyone sure listen this music

  69. Hoshi Oishi

    Hoshi Oishi6 일 전

    This song always provides me comfort wherever i am sad

  70. _CKEIM'5 _

    _CKEIM'5 _6 일 전

    Wow la acabo de descubrir recién ya que me metí en un fandom de bts y 💥la ame😍😍😍😘♀🍉

  71. Laura Kayser Rodrigues

    Laura Kayser Rodrigues6 일 전

    essa musica é tão linda, realmente não sei como fugiu do museu de artes

  72. Havea Cookie

    Havea Cookie6 일 전

    So this is what they call music therapy

  73. marshmelloa 20

    marshmelloa 206 일 전


  74. Annette Kerr

    Annette Kerr6 일 전

    This song is real, the WORDS make sense, she really sing with feelings, this Jamaican love this song, thanks for the caption so i can understand the song.

  75. Yapung Riang

    Yapung Riang6 일 전

    i didn'nt know i could like someone so this much, Lee Hi I'm not lyin when i say you inspire me everyday, you are one of the strongest women I've ever seen and I'll forever look up to you. Lee Hi I love you so much, I don't care if I'm a girl

  76. Diana Kamitova

    Diana Kamitova6 일 전

    omg, she’s so amazing 🥺

  77. Silence

    Silence6 일 전

    I love you lee hi

  78. Yibo Wang

    Yibo Wang6 일 전

    так красиво ..

  79. Barreto Hernández Frida Paola

    Barreto Hernández Frida Paola7 일 전

    I love how all the people find hope in this song. Today you don't know how it helped me, thank you Lee Hi

  80. Catalina Vinci O

    Catalina Vinci O7 일 전

    Te amo

  81. LittleOrange25

    LittleOrange257 일 전

    Shes the one that appeared on odg!

  82. Retsya Dwiany

    Retsya Dwiany7 일 전

    morniiinnng.. i hear this song again

  83. nada ragab

    nada ragab7 일 전

    Wow 👏

  84. Reema Aziz

    Reema Aziz7 일 전


  85. 전juliet

    전juliet7 일 전

    Lee hi is so perfect, I love you

  86. -mora lovie

    -mora lovie7 일 전

    i live this song, and I love this girl.

  87. Berliana Safira

    Berliana Safira7 일 전

    You've done so well lia. You will be okay.

  88. Lalalalalalalala Banana

    Lalalalalalalala Banana7 일 전

    this song deserves more, and Lee Hi deserves more. Guys, please dont sleep and ignore this such beautiful and bop song with a meaningful lyrics. I actually listen to this whenever Im sad, I would say that this helps me. Lee Hi, please continue in making songs that inspires us, we will not get tired in supporting you.

  89. Zeynep Bilge İğde

    Zeynep Bilge İğde7 일 전

    lee hi is BEST

  90. 별이보이는방내방에선별이보인단다

    별이보이는방내방에선별이보인단다8 일 전


  91. suesoosu

    suesoosu8 일 전

    She's so pretty in white :))

  92. Tama Toa

    Tama Toa8 일 전

    I can't believe this is the same 16 yr old that was on Kpop stars. They told her to lose weight. Well she's not a dancer, she's a artist /singer. Too bad Korea got rid of The Voice.

  93. Retsya Dwiany

    Retsya Dwiany8 일 전

    hallo, again HOLO

  94. icy

    icy8 일 전

    A true artist indeed💜

  95. nesrine sahraoui

    nesrine sahraoui8 일 전


  96. 오지마돌아

    오지마돌아8 일 전


  97. Olivia Parker

    Olivia Parker8 일 전

    " I am too precious to just sit and worry " we all are..

  98. Chill ZX

    Chill ZX8 일 전


  99. heartbreaks and earthquakes

    heartbreaks and earthquakes8 일 전

    isn’t it so amazing that people only watch the music video bc they want to? i didnt see any comment about views and im complately happy! u can buy chart positions but you can’t buy the emotion and the meaning. One of the best songs ever recorded and i’m not even joking. Go Lee-Hi. You’re gonna be a legend.

  100. sde w

    sde w8 일 전

    She already is.

  101. Elvira Kaganda

    Elvira Kaganda9 일 전

    Wow.. ! Wow..! Goosebumps every where my heart is melting all i can say is KOREA is TAKING OVER THE MUSIC INDUSTRY WORLDWIDE I'm in love with this jam 🤗😍 someone recommended me and it's now all over my mind 😍 Much love from TANZANIA 🇹🇿 AFRICA 💕

  102. Blue

    Blue9 일 전

    i’m so glad to hear from you again Lee Hi, hoping for great things from you now that you are in aomg!

  103. iCode 1011

    iCode 10119 일 전

    Just voted for this song in the Mama music awards. Beyond perfection!

  104. iCode 1011

    iCode 10119 일 전




    her voice is so beautiful !!!!

  106. Johanna

    Johanna9 일 전

    such a healing song, i love it !

  107. Kdrama_ Kpopaddicted

    Kdrama_ Kpopaddicted9 일 전

    This song make me cry a river 😭😭

  108. 황나룽

    황나룽9 일 전