Let’s Go | Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings

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  1. ikhmal hakim

    ikhmal hakim개월 전

    Cameo wong

  2. Abraham Begashaw

    Abraham Begashaw개월 전

    The best Superhero movie

  3. Dipankar Pegu

    Dipankar Pegu개월 전

    Best superhero movie of the year , no 1 movie of the year😒 ,Just wait for spiderman no way home 🤭

  4. bhavin chahar

    bhavin chahar개월 전

    shang chi is not no 1 venom2 is no1

  5. Itz_GalaxyMakes

    Itz_GalaxyMakes개월 전

    0:03 Shang Chi Legend Of The Ten Rings: 1# Movie Of The Year Spider-Man No Way Home: Am I a joke to you?

  6. video travels

    video travels개월 전

    I am from India in Mumbai.i want to become a film director. And I am script writer also, I wrote a stories with new concepts of suspense thriller and motivation and love stories. So I need financial support. If anybody genuine person's interested please reply to me

  7. Darlene Lewis

    Darlene Lewis개월 전

    As a Canadian so proud of Simu Liu! :)

  8. Darell Andrews

    Darell Andrews개월 전

    After watching this 😍. I won’t the eternals to between black widow and Shang-Chi. I really hope eternal won’t flop.

  9. Christopher Robledo

    Christopher Robledo개월 전

    Considering the amount of people predicting that the movie will flop is really the tea for me

  10. Nacho Libre

    Nacho Libre개월 전

    Warning: Watch the movie first before you go to the comments.

  11. Your Forebear

    Your Forebear개월 전


  12. oh oh

    oh oh개월 전

    Stupid disney+ hotstar 😭😭

  13. Sushan.plant

    Sushan.plant개월 전

    Critics need to learn a bit more about film making.

  14. Alrik T

    Alrik T개월 전

    Asian community, I say REPRESENT!

  15. Vishaghan S

    Vishaghan S개월 전

    Wait.. #1 movie in the world!?

  16. radifatima

    radifatima개월 전


  17. radifatima

    radifatima개월 전


  18. radifatima

    radifatima개월 전

    End-game pretty cool than this 20 percent top 100

  19. radifatima

    radifatima개월 전

    Yes it's really NOT natural

  20. KIRAN

    KIRAN개월 전

    Watched it Entered into new world

  21. Tejas Vlv VEVO

    Tejas Vlv VEVO개월 전

    Shattering RECORDS across the GLOBE 🌎

  22. lex338

    lex338개월 전

    Imagine venom was like "Hold my beer" I doubt they can make a CGI monster fight like that one protector vs whatever that thing was

  23. Aisha_Luv!

    Aisha_Luv!개월 전

    Please release it on digital, I'm in lockdown (':

  24. ijaz jms

    ijaz jms개월 전

    SHANG CHI gives more than the expectation

  25. ijaz jms

    ijaz jms개월 전

    # I can't explain my Joy and Emotion.💫

  26. Misha Shiny

    Misha Shiny개월 전

    Someone please explain me why there is a nine tailed fox😳 like is that kurama?

  27. DragonDez07

    DragonDez07개월 전

    The nine tailed fox exists within Chinese mythology where they are called the Huli Jing.

  28. Motheus Oficial

    Motheus Oficial개월 전

    Hate this marketing strat

  29. The Grand Turk

    The Grand Turk개월 전

    That Black Widow shade

  30. Nandhu S binu

    Nandhu S binu개월 전

    Thanks for malayalam dubb❤️💖💖

  31. With SKD UOP

    With SKD UOP개월 전

    I wish I had an autograph for you..? Stan Lee❤️

  32. Suyash Gupta

    Suyash Gupta개월 전

    I am seing naruto's 9 tailed fox

  33. Sandro 13

    Sandro 13개월 전

    It was crap tbh, yesterday watched it. Could not understand was it some latino soap or marvel movie?!!!!!

  34. With SKD UOP

    With SKD UOP개월 전

    Miss u so much ❤️ Stan Lee❤️ You are mine real super heroes... We love and respect you forever and ever...

  35. Tilly Comedy

    Tilly Comedy개월 전


  36. Phantamaru YT

    Phantamaru YT개월 전


  37. ᴍᴇʟʟᴏ -

    ᴍᴇʟʟᴏ -개월 전

    Best superhero movie of 2021 will spiderman no way home and everybody knows it 😂

  38. Hayden Page

    Hayden Page개월 전

    Alolan ninetales making a cameo

  39. Rahul

    Rahul개월 전

    Wait for spider Man no ways home

  40. Zionsz

    Zionsz개월 전

    you cant even watch shang chi in aus

  41. 14. aaditya

    14. aaditya개월 전

    sucks that Jackson Wang's track for this movie wasnt released, i was hyped for it

  42. ponrchxy

    ponrchxy개월 전

    I wanna watch it so bad but I can't in my country, get me out of this country 😭😭😭

  43. NitroBurst

    NitroBurst개월 전

    The first thing I saw was an Alolan Ninetales lol

  44. The STORM

    The STORM개월 전

    dude common who and all agree that shang chi is the asian black panther

  45. Imran Khan

    Imran Khan개월 전

    Super duper awasome movie in 2021

  46. New Youth Technical

    New Youth Technical개월 전

    Pokemon in this movie 🤩

  47. Yaasir syuhada

    Yaasir syuhada개월 전

    cry from theater indonesia, rip for disney+ hotstat

  48. And;3

    And;3개월 전

    movie could have been better :/

  49. Ascarya Bayanaka

    Ascarya Bayanaka개월 전

    0:01 alolan ninetales

  50. Zea Blade

    Zea Blade개월 전

    If you guys are not in korea, you idiots are missing out since we get first movie access.

  51. William Lee

    William Lee개월 전

    0:13: "get tickets now" I, who lives in lockdown areas: "how?"

  52. Remi del Rey

    Remi del Rey개월 전

    Where is DaBaby?

  53. Digvijay ninama

    Digvijay ninama개월 전

    Marvel studios I tried to watch shang chi but because of lack of audience they cancelled the show. next time make sure they run the movie even if their is one person to watch their at least for like two weeks after the movie is released.

  54. Mayur gaming

    Mayur gaming개월 전

    Hamne Telegram par dekha liya 😂😂😂😂😅❤️❤️

  55. Vladimir Protein

    Vladimir Protein개월 전

    Bruhh release it on Disney+!!!!!

  56. Bhavya Sharma

    Bhavya Sharma개월 전

    When I watched it in theatres it gave me a experience which I was waiting for in theatres. It is must watched and only and only in theatres.


    BALTO KODI개월 전

    Is that kitsune ?

  58. theimran007

    theimran007개월 전

    I watched movie super



    Keep up the great work marvel team 👍😎 you never disappoint 😉


    RAJU JACOB개월 전

    Until sm no way home releases to beat it

  61. Stephanie Kao

    Stephanie Kao개월 전

    Such a Great movie!!

  62. Pokemonmasterfreeman

    Pokemonmasterfreeman개월 전

    Hope it was on Disney plus. I really hate going to the movies. I just like watching them in my home. I guess I have to wait..

  63. Sivasankar J

    Sivasankar J개월 전

    யோவ் புளு சட்ட, கேட்டுகிட்டியா?

  64. andi cahyadi

    andi cahyadi개월 전

    Easily Marvel is the leader and winner in whole entire Hollywood industry ...What a superb consistent quality entertaining contents!!!...Long Live The King!!!

  65. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

    Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.개월 전

    In Loving Memory Of Brad Allen (1973-2021)

  66. Sayan Das 55

    Sayan Das 55개월 전

    Release on OTT fast....................

  67. User Not found

    User Not found개월 전

    I like it a lot good movie

  68. I m Nothing

    I m Nothing개월 전

    Plz introduce an Indian superhero in MCU

  69. Mr. Unknown  ꪜ

    Mr. Unknown ꪜ개월 전

    How many of you haven't seen this because of closed cinema. 😓😔

  70. SpaghettiBoy7

    SpaghettiBoy7개월 전

    Black widow was better

  71. Kevin C

    Kevin C개월 전

    Shang-Chi is frickin awesome! A re-watchable movie! Well done Marvel and the entire cast members.

  72. highest

    highest개월 전

    My opinion Movie is awesome and very nice But,not this movie no.1 in this world

  73. Stanley Animations ツ

    Stanley Animations ツ개월 전

    "Let's go.." *does dababy pose*

  74. Manav Jacob

    Manav Jacob개월 전

    Marvel please stop with the TV Spots-I'm dying to see the movie but I can't cause all the theaters are shut here and it ain't on Disney Plus yet...

  75. KEMILA Oinam

    KEMILA Oinam개월 전

    Every marvel movie in theatre being at the top and being the beat is a norm now.



    Wow Pokemon

  77. Deepak Sah

    Deepak Sah개월 전

    Less popular opinion : It had great action and CGI but the plot was pretty mediocre and predictable .

  78. Jerry Paul C

    Jerry Paul C개월 전

    Actually only Tony leung's performance was excellent in the movie, rest was like ok. There's like miniature drags here and there. I do not why they had to bring Kingsley, the guy didn't have any important role.

  79. Sean Coetzee

    Sean Coetzee개월 전

    Sure... He only had like to lead them into ta Lo. Nothing special especially since the third act wouldn't have happened without him

  80. Ricky Marasigan

    Ricky Marasigan개월 전

    This movie had me with the Wen wu and Jiang Ali fight. Now I would like a Kim’s convenience season six please.

  81. Laddu Shreyas

    Laddu Shreyas개월 전

    Bgm is amazing 0:02

  82. Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark Phoenix개월 전

    In human Touch to Shang chi ~ all characters

  83. bawu ames

    bawu ames개월 전

    say "And now" in 1 hundred times.

  84. Lovleen

    Lovleen개월 전

    im going to go see it again for the third time in a couple days

  85. adhamoere

    adhamoere개월 전

    Film tentang orang asia tapi di asia belom tayang

  86. Ismail Kaka

    Ismail Kaka개월 전

    I'm downloading marvel all movies

  87. Ismail Kaka

    Ismail Kaka개월 전

    Please help me

  88. Jayson Cabe

    Jayson Cabe개월 전

    *Cries in Philippine Cinemas :'(

  89. waiscape

    waiscape개월 전

    Make it available on disney+ pls

  90. Goof Ball

    Goof Ball개월 전


  91. Passions

    Passions개월 전

    China needs to allow this movie to be played! Such a masterpiece!

  92. Jatin Sharma

    Jatin Sharma개월 전

    Movie is not any concept and not a good acting Only vfx Worst movie

  93. Naty Murillo

    Naty Murillo개월 전

    Yeeessss! Just only in theaters and pls do HBO!

  94. Jubba Cloak

    Jubba Cloak개월 전

    No open theaters here. Sadly. Gonna watch in October 💀

  95. [ DcASh ]

    [ DcASh ]개월 전

    RUN IT

  96. Renaldo Matadeen

    Renaldo Matadeen개월 전

    CBM getting play in the vid? LMAO

  97. Kah-ahn House

    Kah-ahn House개월 전

    Why Shang chi did not go to the NFL games 🏈🏈

  98. Joyland Immanuel

    Joyland Immanuel개월 전

    Wait Until SPIDERMAN NWH Cames Out🤣🤣🤣🤣

  99. Warrior Flare

    Warrior Flare개월 전


  100. marauder15

    marauder15개월 전

    People like Marvel movies for a reason.

  101. AsianRice21

    AsianRice21개월 전

    I’m sad cause I got COVID so can’t go watch it 😔

  102. Ultimate Entertainer

    Ultimate Entertainer개월 전

    Looks like I have been turned on pokemon ages...wht happened to u mcu...u don't have using other materials...so why this things😒

  103. Jj _Ravioly

    Jj _Ravioly개월 전

    Them: You need to see this movie! Me in a place where theaters are still closed: Sad Noises

  104. rnbnart

    rnbnart개월 전

    It really is though. I gotta watch it again for fight scenes.

  105. Adhik Kumar

    Adhik Kumar개월 전

    #1 movie in the world until spider man no way home comes😅😅

  106. Kristine Avendano

    Kristine Avendano개월 전

    I am a Filipina so Much Asian pride congrats to Simu Liu this role suits him and watched the movie too he slayed this role

  107. KazeMX

    KazeMX개월 전

    I wish i can see this in my local cinema soon