Mind merged with this place~lofi hip hop mix~ focus music [study/sleep/homework music]

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Mind merged with this place~lofi hip hop mix~ focus music [study/sleep/homework music]
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00:00 tysu - counting sheep (w/ spencer hunt)
02:50 Hevi x Kainbeats - Runaway
04:52 Towerz - Until Tomorrow
27:00 Atvanz x Michele Grifone - Aeronomie
29:40 Leavv - Tales of a Flowing Forest
50:08 Blumen - Control The Sky (x Hoogway)
53:00 UnsignedMusicz - writing an essay at 3am mix
01:00:05 at the park
fantompower - at the park chll.to/37b385c1
01:02:27 And Now I've Found You
cocabona - And Now I've Found You chll.to/8e630373
01:04:37 back when it all made sense
Middle School - back when it all made sense chll.to/10c42b22
01:07:55 Dreams
Evil Needle, Misha - Dreams chll.to/01b8aed8
01:11:10 Drowning In You
L'Indรฉcis - Drowning In You chll.to/945aa7d9
01:14:14 Ever Forward
dryhope - Ever Forward chll.to/a2020326
01:16:55 for when it's warmer
Sleepy Fish - for when it's warmer chll.to/27542688
01:20:29 Forward
Hanz - Forward chll.to/621bdaac
01:22:00 Homesick
Blue Wednesday - Homesick chll.to/af9e4192
01:24:33 Frozen in Time
Kendall Miles - Frozen in Time chll.to/bb07bbd7
01:26:10 Happy Place
Philanthrope, Sitting Duck, squeeda - Happy Place chll.to/a3878273
01:28:18 Hibernation
brillion. - Hibernation chll.to/a8b4c94f

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