[MMA 2019] 방탄소년단(BTS) | Full Live Performance

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  1. Brionna Nicole

    Brionna Nicole5 시간 전

    Is Jimin's ankle okay??? @35:57

  2. gewoon fatmanurrr

    gewoon fatmanurrr9 시간 전

    I'm shy right now 👉👈

  3. Anuj Desai

    Anuj Desai13 시간 전

    I come here daily just to see Dionysus

  4. Kezia v joy

    Kezia v joy14 시간 전


  5. Lillian Caro

    Lillian Caro16 시간 전

    I just watched the MMA 2019, I know I'm not the only one but I'm speechless how awesome all their choreography 's were authentic. All their songs were beautiful n their performances were to die for. It was worth watching. All the Rap songs to Jimins beautiful solo dance. I love love them all. I love when JK said to JIMIN he always watching him, now I can say I will be watching all of them no matter the times. The very best I wish them, a 63 year grandma army 4 life🥰🥰🥰💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💯👍💜💜💜💜💜

  6. Sandunima Thathsarani

    Sandunima Thathsarani19 시간 전

    Just Wow 💜

  7. studywithlaela M.

    studywithlaela M.23 시간 전

    I just realized that every light bulb represents each member 🥺🤍

  8. Angelic Frias

    Angelic Frias일 전


  9. Angelic Frias

    Angelic Frias일 전


  10. Ariane Oliveira

    Ariane Oliveira일 전

    Legends 💜

  11. HotRodHoney

    HotRodHoney일 전

    Total Masterpiece

  12. Todoroki Shoto

    Todoroki Shoto일 전

    im melting bro ;)

  13. Elena Fm

    Elena Fm일 전

    Sin palabras!😳💜💜💜

  14. 늘산다

    늘산다일 전

    이 공연중 젤 맘이 아픈건 말의 등장ㅠ 그 말들의 공연 기다림에.. 당신들도 힘든 공연 말들은 생각해 봤나요?ㅠ 그때는 솔직히 속상해 못봤네요ㅠㅠ 저 아미지만.. 사람만 고생하는걸로요.. 방탄의 공연은 넘 넘 멋졌어요. 각각의 퍼모먼스 다 최상이였어요~ 제발 다신 동물 앞에 세우지 않기를요 제발!

  15. vannyeonggg

    vannyeonggg일 전

    Concert ng BTS 'TO!!!! 💜💜💜

  16. Light side of the Moon

    Light side of the Moon일 전

    Those stones were shining like glass after this performance

  17. Stefi1010

    Stefi1010일 전


  18. Taciane Faula

    Taciane Faula일 전


  19. HeyitsTinaYT

    HeyitsTinaYT일 전

    21:10 *dies* 🥵

  20. Damaris Paola Perez Solano

    Damaris Paola Perez Solano일 전


  21. Damaris Paola Perez Solano

    Damaris Paola Perez Solano일 전

    Me pueden decir que canción es

  22. Damaris Paola Perez Solano

    Damaris Paola Perez Solano일 전

    20:53 cancion?

  23. Ummeh Kulsum Ratna

    Ummeh Kulsum Ratna일 전

    This performance can kill anyone... 😍

  24. rajeshwari patel

    rajeshwari patel2 일 전

    Jimin and jin's Pronouncuation of boy with love is - boy vith love😂

  25. Belen

    Belen2 일 전

    Wow they are so talented!

  26. •Moxn Wxlf•

    •Moxn Wxlf•2 일 전

    Frick the Grammys they don’t deserve BTS let us ARMYS keep them safe

  27. Ruken Tekmenuray

    Ruken Tekmenuray2 일 전


  28. Tigerish Lion

    Tigerish Lion2 일 전

    Imagine being a member of BTS and junkook’s high notes are unbelievable

  29. Tigerish Lion

    Tigerish Lion2 일 전

    😭🥰😧🤤RM’s rap was on fireeeeeeeeeeeeee 🔥 these guys are sooo talented, what the hell! I love each and every one sooo much

  30. Raees Shaikh

    Raees Shaikh2 일 전

    So best I love so much

  31. Dianne

    Dianne2 일 전

    Me: holy shit BTS never disappoints! This is amazing!! Also me: what happens if the horses poop on stage?

  32. shee beringuel

    shee beringuel2 일 전


  33. Ayah Obaid • 9 years ago

    Ayah Obaid • 9 years ago2 일 전

    27:03 BEHOLD! THE PRESIDENT! *KIM NAMJOON* *bows intensely*

  34. Sands OP

    Sands OP2 일 전

    Jungkook's smile is a killer 🍎

  35. cherry pudding

    cherry pudding3 일 전

    12:30 the girl yelling Jimins name is a fucking MOOD 😭😭

  36. Natasha Kung

    Natasha Kung3 일 전

    what song is at 16:53??

  37. Mimi Janvier

    Mimi Janvier3 일 전

    I'm dead they brought horses on stage lmao!!!!

  38. Ece Balcı

    Ece Balcı3 일 전


  39. Sabika Zehra

    Sabika Zehra3 일 전

    Just look at the power they hold no award show can deserve this they are the actual legends

  40. Kim Taehyung

    Kim Taehyung3 일 전

    Their performance was amazing! Truly love them and wish to go to their concert 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  41. wendy

    wendy3 일 전

    bts is literally my drug

  42. Bts Army

    Bts Army3 일 전

    BTS re the one who can make award show into their own concerts😂💜

  43. Meyuseyll Maddewernh

    Meyuseyll Maddewernh3 일 전

    Army 👇

  44. Zeliha Görmez

    Zeliha Görmez3 일 전

    MMA 2019 is a different world🥵🤤🔥

  45. Cindy Russo

    Cindy Russo4 일 전

    I love BTS completely

  46. JournalistGamer

    JournalistGamer4 일 전

    Name of this guys? 9:09 thanks

  47. Lucia Rocio Martinez

    Lucia Rocio Martinez4 일 전

    Yeonjun and soobin from TXT

  48. 은주

    은주4 일 전

    대한민국인 오디갔냥😥

  49. Rojin Gül

    Rojin Gül4 일 전


  50. isakura dreamer

    isakura dreamer4 일 전

    Me encanta, no me puedo controlar al ver BTS! jajaja q emoción. Quede impactada OoO!

  51. Lanie De Latorre

    Lanie De Latorre4 일 전

    When I watch BTS performances, Starting from the intro till the end,I can always see the POWER, STRENGTH AND UNITY to them. And they are not just performing as an artist. But a person by itself and they are happy with what they are doing. Will that makes ARMY'S happy too ☺️.

  52. Beyza Kayaoğlu

    Beyza Kayaoğlu4 일 전

    En sondaki şarkının adı ne?

  53. Cookie Comment

    Cookie Comment5 일 전

    I just watched through the entire performance through one sitting, and I am totally in awe. BTS, you're incredible.

  54. Debora Carlucci

    Debora Carlucci5 일 전


  55. faki ;

    faki ;6 일 전

    fue lo mejor q vi en toda mi vida se me pusieron los ojos llorosos

  56. Aaditi SR

    Aaditi SR6 일 전


  57. DesGirl19

    DesGirl196 일 전

    The fact that this is 37 minutes and has 14 million views.🔥🔥🔥

  58. seokjin supremacy

    seokjin supremacy2 일 전

    The one on bts channel also have like 36 Million view

  59. Shambhavi Sinha

    Shambhavi Sinha6 일 전

    Best thing ever💜

  60. Samriddhi Pandey

    Samriddhi Pandey6 일 전

    Yes but during dionysus performance Jimins fly was open And I am here like 👁👄👁

  61. priyanka sinha

    priyanka sinha6 일 전

    Jin looks like a prince on white horse

  62. Maria Maria

    Maria Maria6 일 전

    Did they really sing this whole almost 1 hour songs live??? Maaan. Awesome 💜

  63. metalheads

    metalheads6 일 전

    Ésta presentación me hizo dar cuenta de, lo mucho que los amo. No puedo dejarlos ir, sinceramente me ayudaron muchísimo en tiempos difíciles y son personas que me hacen y me hicieron muy feliz. Probablemente no sean grandes palabras, pero el amor que les tengo es inexplicable

  64. Godsglory Ilechukwu

    Godsglory Ilechukwu6 일 전

    TAE TAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Gottipati Kavya

    Gottipati Kavya6 일 전

    As always our boys literally killed it.... TOO BAD GRAMMY'S DON'T DESERVE THIS.... SOO SAD BTS forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  66. mallika N.U.

    mallika N.U.6 일 전

    This is unbelievable AMAZINGGG

  67. Choi Beomgyu step on me please :D

    Choi Beomgyu step on me please :D6 일 전

    Perfection 😌

  68. Danica Gogoc

    Danica Gogoc7 일 전

    Shoutout to the 4.8K trolls who dislike this video! Tell me what's your standard of a performance? 😒

  69. megue Mello

    megue Mello7 일 전


  70. Guadalupe Martinez

    Guadalupe Martinez7 일 전


  71. TennilleE82

    TennilleE827 일 전

    This is like the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Holy balls.

  72. Paola paulette Tello jama

    Paola paulette Tello jama7 일 전


  73. tammy Angwit

    tammy Angwit7 일 전

    mind blowing!! No wonder they captured the hearts of people around the world and even conquered the west. Am not a fan, but because of the fuss (Grammy's) I got curious and watched. It's insane, I kept on watching THE WHOLE DAY! :-) None had ever done this kind of production number in the Grammy's. Cheers BTS!!!!!!

  74. tammy Angwit

    tammy Angwit7 일 전

    i purple you.. :-)

  75. Melek Avci

    Melek Avci7 일 전

    which song 5:00 pls

  76. Suni Chaudhary

    Suni Chaudhary7 일 전

    Bts yaieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀💜💖

  77. Mary Joy Borgonia

    Mary Joy Borgonia7 일 전

    Grammy's cannot afford this whole performance!!!!

  78. Trefe Khudai

    Trefe Khudai7 일 전

    I wish I have 7❤️ so I can love them separately 😭...pliz don't mind me ..I'm just madly in love with these 7 men

  79. TaTa Ilove you

    TaTa Ilove you7 일 전

    ااأا ايد جيمين نمنم😭

  80. 이현아

    이현아7 일 전

    이런 무대 장인들 같으니라구 미쳤다~~ 너네들한테 미쳐갈수밖에 없다!

  81. MOCHI

    MOCHI7 일 전

    Tsk grammys missed so much well they can't even afford it so!! 😌✨

  82. 나는배고프다

    나는배고프다7 일 전


  83. JK왜내맘을흔드는건데

    JK왜내맘을흔드는건데7 일 전

    지민이 단독무대 i need you girl 할때 지퍼열렸노

  84. Ryhn Slmz

    Ryhn Slmz8 일 전


  85. Hala mo

    Hala mo8 일 전

    Fact: Only BTS can make me watch 37 minute without any skipping

  86. Mehaque Khanum

    Mehaque Khanum8 일 전


  87. Maria Varela

    Maria Varela8 일 전


  88. Aress

    Aress8 일 전

    im confused- Shouldent the title not say "BTS concert?" Instead of "BTS MMA 2019 performance"

  89. Roxy Foxy

    Roxy Foxy8 일 전

    I can't help but smile when I'm watching them on stage 😁 They're having so much fun🤩

  90. n o

    n o8 일 전

    oh my GOD😱 BTS 🔥

  91. Raya Khayyat

    Raya Khayyat8 일 전

    What is name of the song?

  92. Hala mo

    Hala mo8 일 전

    Wich second?

  93. Isha Peters

    Isha Peters8 일 전

    Kept on forgetting this an award show and not a BTS concert

  94. sheryl d'souza

    sheryl d'souza8 일 전

    I really regret for not watching this performance earlier..... One has to be Crazy to perform this way... Now I Love BTS even more................... 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  95. Ri Ri

    Ri Ri8 일 전

    jimin’s performance remains the most superior and ethereal performance in this kpop industry:’)

  96. Ri Ri

    Ri Ri8 일 전

    fck.... 2021 and 2020 just made their 2019 performance even more iconic and legendary😪

  97. Sharon Gygy

    Sharon Gygy8 일 전

    I lost count of the number of times I would have fainted if I was there during the live performance

  98. Abu Simidi

    Abu Simidi8 일 전

    Did you see the word nakupenda during mikrokosmos. This just makes me happy as an east African army . Nakupenda BTS💜

  99. Sharon Gygy

    Sharon Gygy5 일 전

    @Abu Simidi thank you. I saw

  100. Abu Simidi

    Abu Simidi5 일 전

    @Sharon Gygy 16:29 read the words written on the background

  101. Sharon Gygy

    Sharon Gygy8 일 전

    Time stamp. Nataka kuona

  102. angélika con k

    angélika con k9 일 전

    i come here everyday im sorry

  103. pihu Shinde

    pihu Shinde9 일 전

    Rm killed it

  104. Lendy Ochoa

    Lendy Ochoa9 일 전

    Is it me or is Jimin's zipper opened on I need u...

  105. Fftop #1

    Fftop #19 일 전

    Best in the world

  106. Maruca Varela

    Maruca Varela9 일 전