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MORE · K/DA · Madison Beer · (G)I-DLE · Lexie Liu · Jaira Burns · Seraphine · League of Legends
℗ Riot Games
Released on: 2020-10-28
Music Publisher: Riot Games
Music Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc. (BMI)
Lyricist: Rebecca Johnson
Composer: Sebastien Najand
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  1. DarkPixxy

    DarkPixxy개월 전

    The song kinda feels like it has some sugar-mama vibes. 😆

  2. 슨Choco

    슨Choco개월 전

    G idle voices !!

  3. America Stewart

    America Stewart개월 전

    Kali go skrr

  4. Lucas Araújo

    Lucas Araújo개월 전

    Riot, stop making songs and ignore the bugs and errors of the league client, these days he crashed and now he doesn't leave the reconnect screen, not to mention that the league of legends could have a much bigger fan base if the game was optimized, it is notable that methods for gaining fps made by fans have already exceeded the client and game settings. The community demands a greater commitment to your game, and not to skins, which do not help at all.

  5. By Jacobs

    By Jacobs개월 전

    The Chinese is beautiful

  6. Summer 1

    Summer 1개월 전

    blackpink japan

  7. Deku Izuku

    Deku Izuku개월 전

    This trash 😭😂😂😂😂😂Cj is fire

  8. Soyeon and friends

    Soyeon and friends개월 전

    This is the type of song that is no humanely possible to listen just once.

  9. Aina Yasmin Riduan

    Aina Yasmin Riduan개월 전

    They all have unique voice and good vocals . I even draw they look with attack on titan ladys it turn out better than I thought

  10. bella

    bella개월 전

    "mom why's my name weird?" "Akali hunny, you should be honored."

  11. Lita

    Lita개월 전


  12. Jimin’s Lost Jams

    Jimin’s Lost Jams개월 전

    Eng Version: Kali that girl, Kali go grr, Kali dont stop, Kali dont skrt, Kali got a job, Kali go to work, Hot like fire, don't get burnt Serving up more than a buffet, Slaying the game like I'm buffy, Dangerous queen on my huffy, Up against me? That's a rough day I'm giving you more cause I'm greater than, Didn't do maths cause I hated them, But all of my numbers are talking bae, Controlling the game, Mrs Monopoly My skill is a gem, like real money Ain't got time for anything less, now come watch me Go get it Go get it Go get it The mission Addictive, Can only look up and be watching Cause I got it different All I'll ever know, Is life upon a throne Giving you all or nothing at all, Get ready for some (Chorus, Then Kai'sa part) What's higher than the top, thats me Come take a look before falling at my feet Look around, I'm the best by far So take a look, at your one and only queen All I'll ever know, Is life upon a throne Giving you all or nothing at all, Get ready for some (Chorus) Way out, floating with the clouds, On a new wave now Always on the go, I'm never weighed down This is how we do it everyday, wow, wow An illusion turned real, Life changing new thrill, I see it in your eyes, I'm bringing a new feel I know, I know, you want some more Going on full throttle now, giving it all

  13. DemasterGames

    DemasterGames개월 전 Evelynn KDA

  14. rafa letisssa

    rafa letisssa개월 전

    scrr desde q lançaram essa música eu passei a ouvir TODOS OS DIAS VÁRIAS VEZES

  15. DemasterGames

    DemasterGames개월 전 Ahri KDA

  16. Summer 1

    Summer 1개월 전

  17. branden8045 theultramangofighter

    branden8045 theultramangofighter개월 전

    Reminder to thank dj hollywood for helping rap become a ez bro

  18. By Jacobs

    By Jacobs개월 전

    Lexie Liu is amazing

  19. Umbreon_24

    Umbreon_24개월 전

    Wasn't a huge fan of kda but then my sis's popped off and I was like.... YES

  20. 이름따윈 필요 없어

    이름따윈 필요 없어개월 전

    생각해보니까 MV에서 미연이 퀸이넵

  21. fanzy ra

    fanzy ra개월 전

    YES YES YES!!!!!

  22. Yaya Hicks

    Yaya Hicks개월 전

    This song just screams 🔥💅✨PERIODT ✨💅🔥

  23. Jéssica

    Jéssica개월 전

    kali go brrrrrrrrrrr

  24. coco nuts

    coco nuts개월 전

    guys check out G-IDLE kpop group, the one who voiced akali and ahri, they consist of 6 unique and talented members, and their songs are BOP. for starters do listen to their song OH MY GOD and LION you will surely be amazed. STAN G-IDLE!!!

  25. Elena Vega

    Elena Vega개월 전

    Omg esto es genial :D

  26. Damien TREVINO

    Damien TREVINO개월 전

    I love this song best

  27. Juula

    Juula개월 전

    ooof the base and the attitude

  28. 생갈치1호의 행방불명

    생갈치1호의 행방불명개월 전

    Why did you put Serapin in it If the Korean Group is the main topic,it's not enough for Korean. Why is Chinese coming out of Chinese. FUCK CHINA

  29. —sky

    —sky개월 전

    fuck you

  30. Yorgun Adam 12

    Yorgun Adam 12개월 전 plaseee watch

  31. s.g.lee

    s.g.lee개월 전

    good intro

  32. kpop kpop개월 전

    Me on this song: 😍

  33. ليا كيم

    ليا كيم개월 전

    عربية أو اجنبية

  34. La Lemur

    La Lemur개월 전

    turn on x1,25 speed pogchamp

  35. gino nunes

    gino nunes개월 전

    Why does this video is more recommend than the original video and I watched way more of the original this one only like 2 times LMAO it's weird

  36. Antonio Aguilar

    Antonio Aguilar개월 전

    so K/DA's fandom name is BLADES ... So i am a BLADES then

  37. Shittles

    Shittles개월 전


  38. Young DA

    Young DA개월 전

    I don’t get what this is I accidentally came across it is it K or J pop???

  39. Janna Nicole Salcedo

    Janna Nicole Salcedo개월 전

    @Young DA I think so because I'm not really sure too 😂

  40. Young DA

    Young DA개월 전

    @Janna Nicole Salcedo I guess we should call it Asian pop???

  41. Janna Nicole Salcedo

    Janna Nicole Salcedo개월 전

    Well it's more close to kpop but in this song they included Chinese so idk what to call it 😐

  42. Crimson-Star Gaming

    Crimson-Star Gaming개월 전

    Who the hell is Seraphine?

  43. Merveille NKS

    Merveille NKS개월 전

    3:03 i can't, this is just perfect 🤭😌

  44. Osamu Odiase

    Osamu Odiase개월 전

    I feel like people are forgeting Kda is k pop



    seraphine is so cute

  46. Leonardo de Lima Norvaes Peres

    Leonardo de Lima Norvaes Peres개월 전

    I really like K / DA music when I play League of Legends and other games.

  47. MuSiCGreek

    MuSiCGreek개월 전

    kali got a buff kali got a nerf kali got a nerf kali got a nerf kali got a nerf kali got a nerf kali still best champ

  48. Hugo Ruiz Canales

    Hugo Ruiz Canales개월 전

    Porque me grita????!!!

  49. Azure Fabii

    Azure Fabii개월 전

    When Akali said "I don't do mathematics, I hated them". Bro, I really felt that-

  50. stella G

    stella G개월 전

    싫어요 3.6천 한국인 아냐? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  51. FASHION KING2020

    FASHION KING2020개월 전

    I’m literally singing to KDA 🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉

  52. Chirinos Quispe Leonardo Pedro

    Chirinos Quispe Leonardo Pedro개월 전


  53. You can't spell handsome without HAN

    You can't spell handsome without HAN개월 전

    best part

  54. MotionLJC

    MotionLJC개월 전

    "kali go brrr"

  55. softae

    softae개월 전

    The bridge >

  56. Diego Sabino

    Diego Sabino개월 전

    [Intro: Jaira Burns, Soyeon & Lexie Liu] K/DA Should we show 'em how we do it every day? Yeah, yeah, yeah Na, na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na-na Let's get 'em [Verse 1: Soyeon & Lexie Liu] Akali that girl, 'Kali go grr 'Kali don't stop, 'Kali don't skrrt 'Kali got a job, 'Kali go to work 뜨거워 언제나, don't get burnt 넘쳐 흘러 more than a buffet 난 죽여 주잖아 like I'm Buffy 누가 감히 on my Huffy 거- 문열지마 that's a rough day (Woo) I'm givin' you more 'cause I'm greater than 필요없는 시험들, 답은 이미 But all of my numbers are talkin', babe 블루마블 Mrs. 모노폴리 (Ooh) 너는 - 종이 돈이 나는 real money (Hey) 필요 없대 너네들이 많은 돈들 Go get it, go get it, go get it, the mission 눈을못떼 모두 그래 너도 그래 (Oh) 'Cause I got it different [Pre-Chorus: Madison Beer & Miyeon] All I'll ever know is life up on a throne 시 작 하 면 끝을 보는 거야 You want [Chorus: All & Miyeon] More Know I got it, so here you go (Let's go) You look like you could use some more (More) Know I got it and never runnin' low (Low) Yeah, I got more than enough, add it up and away (Ayy, ayy) You know I got it like bomb-bomb, blow your mind Never givin' less and that's how it'll stay (Ayy, ayy) You know I got it like all day, all the time [Verse 2: Jaira Burns] When I go, it's for gold Yeah, they cool, but I'm cold I don't fit in the mold I'm a rebel I don't do what you say Makin' moves, I don't wait While I smile in your face I got different DNA [Verse 3: Madison Beer, Miyeon & Jaira Burns] What's higher than the top? That's me (That's me) Come take a look before falling at my feet (Oh) 조용히 몸을 숙, 여 봐 (Yeah, yeah, yeah) So take a look, 나를 기억해 a queen (Oh) [Pre-Chorus: Madison Beer & Miyeon] All I'll ever know is life up on a throne 시 작 하 면 끝을 보는 거야 You want [Chorus: All & Miyeon] More Know I got it, so here you go (Let's go) You look like you could use some more (More) Know I got it and never runnin' low (Low) Yeah, I got more than enough, add it up and away (Ayy, ayy) You know I got it like bomb-bomb, blow your mind Never givin' less and that's how it'll stay (Ayy, ayy) You know I got it like all day, all the time [Bridge: Lexie Liu] Way out 感觉犹如海浪, on the wave now 不断往前遨游, never weighed down This is how I do it every day, wow, wow 这一路上的奇迹 都记住了你的 每一个瞬间, 无 比 的 耀 眼 I know, I know, you want some more 准备好就一起走 givin' it all [Chorus: All & Miyeon] More Know I got it, so here you go (Let's go, babe) You look like you could use some more (More) Know I got it and never runnin' low (Low) Yeah, I got more than enough, add it up and away (Ayy, ayy) You know I got it like bomb-bomb, blow your mind Never givin' less and that's how it'll stay (Ayy, ayy) You know I got it like all day, all the time

  57. RetroLodge

    RetroLodge개월 전

    I came here from the genius video on the meaning of K/DA More song! 😁🔥💯

  58. Patricia Briseño

    Patricia Briseño개월 전


  59. Excess

    Excess개월 전

    corea con K xD

  60. 3O

    3O개월 전

    Soyeon snapped

  61. barbara irvine ponce

    barbara irvine ponce개월 전

    because everyone talks about akali in this video me repeating rap for the ninth time

  62. *소이

    *소이개월 전

    For people who doesn't understand why Korean fans are kinda overeacting on this ; imagine suddenly Russian pops up in group where everyone is US citizen.. ( well technically Kda has girls from different coutries but still they have half of the girls from Korea. Also they have character from HK. I mean seriously who in this world doesn't knows tension between HK and China is bad) and taking away leader&center position. Relationship between China and Korea is not good.. China even made law about blocking every thing related to Kpop , and now they are using Kpop to promote their Chinese character. Really disapointed at China's duplicity.

  63. Health Point

    Health Point개월 전

    @macronnieasmr Nice comment

  64. macronnieasmr

    macronnieasmr개월 전

    @*소이 the company may be Chinese but its not the government. It’s private and didn’t pass those laws. They are separate entities. The company isn’t promoting Chinese propaganda either.

  65. macronnieasmr

    macronnieasmr개월 전

    @*소이 I don’t play the game and never will but riot is also music company. The backlash bc its Chinese are silly. A lot of people hate trump but just because a company is American doesn’t mean it supports trump. I didn’t mean to say you were criticizing the singers. But if you guys are trying to cancel the company wouldn’t the singers also be affected? It’s also not only Korean singers there are some Americans mixed in too. End of the this it’s just a game, and a virtual music group. Just because the government does something bad doesn’t mean everything inside the county is bad. I’m just saying it seems like an over action. At this point if feels like people are trying to find drama.

  66. *소이

    *소이개월 전

    @macronnieasmr And where in this paragraph did I critisized singers? Dude you're the one who's bringing up wrong things to this and not getting the point

  67. *소이

    *소이개월 전

    @macronnieasmr Ah welcome here comes another i-netizen who doesn't knows how to read; Dude seriously Riot had M&A over a famous Chinese company called Tencent. The company is Owned by a Chinese company.

  68. Jay Bear

    Jay Bear개월 전

    The GOGETIT GOGETIT GOGETIT line gets me hype ngl.

  69. Amanda Rios

    Amanda Rios개월 전

    3:06 that "lets go heey"... Madison... u kill it baby

  70. Arami Changanaqui

    Arami Changanaqui개월 전

    akali go grrrr

  71. Emma Dawn

    Emma Dawn개월 전

    there relly good

  72. firdaus Daus

    firdaus Daus개월 전

    Good jod

  73. Fernando Melo

    Fernando Melo개월 전

    Prefiro a versao do gian luca



    does akali get her own music video?

  75. Vito Mölk

    Vito Mölk개월 전

    When Kali is getting buffs: Kali go brrr

  76. Thunder dragon

    Thunder dragon개월 전

    롤은 게임도 잘 만들고 노래도 항상 잘만드네..

  77. Kira The Cat Girl

    Kira The Cat Girl개월 전

    Im convinced they make better music than games

  78. Chen Exo1992

    Chen Exo1992개월 전

    Esto es una copia barata de vocaloid si no cachan lo que digo vocaloid fue primero por que lo sacaron en 2007 copia barata estupida

  79. Pierre Bertin

    Pierre Bertin개월 전


  80. 創造性

    創造性개월 전


  81. Nue

    Nue개월 전

    I really appreciated this song ^^ really catchy. Sad to know the game is not as good as this song in terms of balancing xD. Good job anyway ^^

  82. YoRHa 2B Angel

    YoRHa 2B Angel개월 전

    A game that became a world-class music group. How i love virtual music band like K/DA, this is the future of XXI century music. And yes, the sound quality on High-End level, it sounds perfect on the HD820 and B&W 803.

  83. Luz Mendoza

    Luz Mendoza개월 전

    I think I became a fan of this group, it's amazing

  84. nebulacloudss

    nebulacloudss개월 전

    i absolutely love this somg

  85. seven you

    seven you개월 전

    fuck you go to hell china communist

  86. Nat 3000

    Nat 3000개월 전


  87. Gonzalo Ariel Montalva Pineda

    Gonzalo Ariel Montalva Pineda개월 전


  88. elizabeth ,

    elizabeth ,개월 전

    i love seraphines part ugh

  89. Kira The Cat Girl

    Kira The Cat Girl개월 전

    Mom: Kda is stupid band Kali: Kali got a job Mom: Well at least she contribute to society

  90. Kira The Cat Girl

    Kira The Cat Girl개월 전

    @liablizz _ she is currently on meds

  91. liablizz _

    liablizz _개월 전

    If your mom said K/DA is stupid,then you should recommend her a treatment

  92. Lunar Eclipse

    Lunar Eclipse개월 전

    Akali is a lesbian icon who every bottom lesbian simps for.

  93. Jaegarism

    Jaegarism개월 전

    haha akali girl go brrr

  94. 호에엥

    호에엥개월 전

    난 이거 처음 아칼리 파트가 재일 좋음

  95. mlpsunset shimmer

    mlpsunset shimmer개월 전

    I wish the cringey degenerate Kpop stans wouldn’t ruin things like this.

  96. Reena Ph.

    Reena Ph.개월 전

    Can anyone tell me who got MORE development? Example: Akali from a train to a bike.

  97. Rachel

    Rachel개월 전

    I want More of the music❤️

  98. 夢 a l e e z a 夢

    夢 a l e e z a 夢개월 전


  99. 김인교

    김인교개월 전

    에효 kda도 논란이고 에스파도 논란이고 뭔 상황이냐 진짜.....

  100. Pessoah

    Pessoah개월 전

    Lyrics: Akali go Brr, Comment section: Oh yes this is big brain time

  101. Lolbinhos

    Lolbinhos개월 전

    2 memes in one uhasuhs

  102. Ximenita

    Ximenita개월 전

    I love this music 😍😍😍

  103. moonbyulfan 246

    moonbyulfan 246개월 전

    am i the only one confused about how there are six members and only five characters shown in the mv

  104. Marine

    Marine개월 전

    @moonbyulfan 246 no problem!

  105. moonbyulfan 246

    moonbyulfan 246개월 전

    @Marine thanks i am a fan of G Idle so I knew a bit. but this is helpful!!!!

  106. Marine

    Marine개월 전

    Whoops sorry, I meant to say Akali is sitting on the stairs not the throne

  107. Marine

    Marine개월 전

    I was confused at the beginning too haha, so K/DA is a fictional group composed of Ahri (sitting on the throne, blonde hair), Akali (left of the picture, sitting on the throne), Kai'sa (right of the picture, sitting on the stairs) and Evelynn (above Kai'sa, top right). The one with long blue hair is called Seraphine, she's just collaborating with K/DA for this song but she's not actually part of the group. You might see the name (G) - IDLE thrown around : that's a real KPOP group, and two of it's members voice girls from the group (Ahri and Akali, sorry I don't remember the name of the real members). Evelynn is voiced by Madison Beer and Kai'sa is voiced by Jaira Buns. Hope that clears it!

  108. João Henrique Albuquerque da Silva

    João Henrique Albuquerque da Silva개월 전

    The dislikes are from the ones that couldn't take it anyMORE

  109. Tank Tang ke

    Tank Tang ke개월 전

    Yooo what’s your KDA The band? What? What?

  110. Summer 1

    Summer 1개월 전

    k/da - more vs popstar

  111. Franco Marzioni

    Franco Marzioni개월 전


  112. Sandra Jaramillo

    Sandra Jaramillo개월 전

    Mi faborita

  113. PRØ TINE

    PRØ TINE개월 전

    This song have hundred words on the lyrics: KRposts captions: is [Music]

  114. 다크플레임마스터

    다크플레임마스터개월 전

    세라핀 개가튼년

  115. ซัมเมอร์ Limited

    ซัมเมอร์ Limited개월 전

  116. 게임하는사람소심주니어

    게임하는사람소심주니어개월 전

    Seraphine is korean or chinese?

  117. Shane

    Shane개월 전

    Chinese I believe, at least the lyrics are to my knowledge. I know fuck all about any of these characters outside of these songs lmao

  118. Noa P

    Noa P개월 전


  119. StarryWillow

    StarryWillow개월 전

    People: *Hating on Seraphine, Akali, Kai'sa etc.* Riot: *Creates K/DA to change the skin's Popularity*

  120. meriç yılmaz

    meriç yılmaz개월 전

    kali: kali go brr my bugatti's speed:500

  121. Surface PC

    Surface PC개월 전

    watch @1.25 speed

  122. Surface PC

    Surface PC개월 전

    watch @1.25 speed