WATCH LIVE: NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump - 10/15/2020

“TODAY” anchor Savannah Guthrie hosts a live discussion with President Donald Trump in an NBC News town hall event in Miami on Thursday. Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden were supposed to hold their second debate on Thursday night but it will instead take place on Oct. 22.
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WATCH LIVE: NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump - 10/15/2020


  1. Pay4URownship

    Pay4URownship5 시간 전

    Sooo Trump,..why didn't you stop the spread of that horrid Chinese flu,.. like Mr. Joe Biden would've done?

  2. Alan Clow

    Alan Clow5 시간 전

    I thought that this was a town hall debate i.e. the people present would ask the questions not the moderator.

  3. J D

    J D5 시간 전

    Will she stfu interrupting the president every 30 seconds. Nothing more annoying.

  4. DD2225

    DD22255 시간 전

    If I was Trump, I would demand to have Joe Rogan's or someone who isn't crazed with Trump hate moderate the next debate or not do one at all. Trump got a lot harder and a lot more questions over Biden.

  5. Janice Leighton

    Janice Leighton5 시간 전

    Biden's vaunrable to it but why ? ? Tooooo as well as hiding of his unfairness to run he forgets he can not lead when we watched him

  6. Tony Gregory

    Tony Gregory5 시간 전


  7. janet finley

    janet finley5 시간 전

    I didnt realize POTUS had to debate all these left reporters.

  8. Jeanette Ryan

    Jeanette Ryan5 시간 전

    Savannah you need to quit your day job😂

  9. Jalen Barnes

    Jalen Barnes5 시간 전

    Why are you all so upset about the dynamic of this town hall as if Trump is a respectful, truthful, listening individual? Y’all are mad because she’s holding him to answer questions and not allowing him to hide with evasion tactics.

  10. Thomas Bentin

    Thomas Bentin5 시간 전

    He makes absolutely no sense and doesn't answer the questions.

  11. Andrew L

    Andrew L5 시간 전


  12. Freddy Garcia

    Freddy Garcia5 시간 전

    Who is this nobody arguing and trying to fact check the president. She ought to ask the question and let him answer why is she debating him? Sleepy joe doe not get treated like that.

  13. Jean Mojica

    Jean Mojica5 시간 전

    Trump says Joe Biden’s tax cuts will attack the middle class. But the bill only taxes those who make 400k or more a year. This is how out of touch with reality Trump is. NO middle class family and I repeat, NO middle class family makes 400k a year even combining there earnings. And if they do then they aren’t middle class. That’s literally what middle class means

  14. Unique Wolf

    Unique Wolf5 시간 전

    can she be any more rude... interrupting and talking over POTUS... WOW

  15. karen cooper

    karen cooper5 시간 전

    KAG 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. Trent See

    Trent See5 시간 전

    There is no way in hell the world will stay quiet if he loses..

  17. H

    H5 시간 전

    No because the world will be celebrating.

  18. Joshua Theriault

    Joshua Theriault5 시간 전

    I think it’s hilarious that he’s always talking about antifa but it’s anti-fascist! he’s always trying to turn the public against the people that are against people like him educate yourselves don’t be a sheep 🐑

  19. Angel Ninnie

    Angel Ninnie5 시간 전

    How many times does he have to denounce White supremacy. He denounces them, then she cuts him off when he denouncing all other problems like, Antifa etc. let him answer the question!! This left MSM is very biased!

  20. Gooz Maahn

    Gooz Maahn5 시간 전

    He's lying.. He showed up at the debate too late to be tested.

  21. nina M

    nina M5 시간 전

    Savannah go to the basement with Biden you and the demon also you listen to to.... Much CNN TRUMP FOR 4 MORE YEARS

  22. Justin Zuberka

    Justin Zuberka5 시간 전

    If you can’t vote for this you either deaf dumb blind or just not an American

  23. VeryFamous

    VeryFamous5 시간 전

    What is it with America and not being able to find one decent moderator in a country of millions?

  24. Denise Moseley

    Denise Moseley5 시간 전

    She kept trying to make him say something that could be twisted. Such a joke! I love our blunt, say it like it is, smart, caring, non-racist POTUS!! 🇺🇸

  25. MrBlueHaze

    MrBlueHaze5 시간 전

    That is just morality numbers, we are winners. WTH. those are the deaths of fellow Americans nothing to be proud of. A disaster from the most powerful nation of the planet.

  26. Marko Dugar

    Marko Dugar5 시간 전

    She is so aggressive!! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  27. touchtoomuch1000

    touchtoomuch10005 시간 전

    Savanna Guthrie's ambush journalism made her look extremely unprofessional. This bias approach is why the people's trust in the news media has dropped to an all time low. NBC lost all credibility when they put known liar, Brian Williams, back behind a news desk.

  28. Cody Centers

    Cody Centers5 시간 전


  29. Erik Wesley

    Erik Wesley5 시간 전

    The only way to balance this equation is to have Sean Hannity run Biden's Town Hall.

  30. Thomas Wilkins

    Thomas Wilkins5 시간 전

    I wish Biden would get this kind of questioning

  31. D in Adelaide

    D in Adelaide5 시간 전

    Watch conservative comments disappear here like magic!

  32. Jean Mojica

    Jean Mojica5 시간 전

    “If we agree to something, the republicans will agree to it” McConnell just refused the stimulus bill 😂 so much for that

  33. Andrew Hanke

    Andrew Hanke5 시간 전

    This fraud needs to be terminated. She was likely put up to it. From her constant, petulant smirk, to disrespectful tone... Just awful. One Leftist, dishonest talking point after another. What a great missed opportunity. This was NOT a Town Hall.

  34. Bunty Kumar

    Bunty Kumar5 시간 전

    He is a effing child. He could have done a virtual debate, but too much Lysol in the bloodstream.

  35. Skaldenwolf

    Skaldenwolf5 시간 전

    Why Kennedy was killed?

  36. rocket5833

    rocket58335 시간 전

    trump lies

  37. cole k

    cole k5 시간 전

    A must see

  38. brian91145

    brian911455 시간 전

    savannah Guthrie went to Jesuit Georgetown University lol what a SHOCKER

  39. J D

    J D5 시간 전

    Anyone seen Hunter lately? Where is he?

  40. nirew zturg

    nirew zturg5 시간 전

    they put a bias moderator and also a woman so that if trump raise his voice they will accuse him of being rude and bossy.. she keeps interrupting and injecting the script given to her by the democraps.

  41. rocket5833

    rocket58335 시간 전

    worst human ever.

  42. Diana-Maria Ailenei

    Diana-Maria Ailenei5 시간 전

    Dudes, I am delighted I am not American! Better luck this time, as in 2016 you got .... him!

  43. Timmy Hawley

    Timmy Hawley5 시간 전

    It sucks that NBC had to be for the debate on Trump because they are so bias I am an American person that is not part of either party and I see the bias so much that is crazy

  44. Fiona Jones

    Fiona Jones5 시간 전

    The moderator is way out of line! She was attacking him all night! Her behavior was very unprofessional, she did the viewers, the voters a great injustice! This was very disrespectful to the president! Like him or not, she was very RUDE & DISRESPECTFUL! Trump 2020

  45. The Cane Slinger Cherryflexrattan

    The Cane Slinger Cherryflexrattan5 시간 전

    Questions on racism and racist groups have put this President into edge.This proves how racist he can be.Am sure after this he will madly rant on his tweeter handle.We are tired of the lies and flies.

  46. Candice Bailey

    Candice Bailey5 시간 전

    Black women are being discriminated against like NEVER BEFORE and let me GO get the American flag! I got a history of family members that served and worked for that FLAG! Including my black sister.

  47. Chapinissimo

    Chapinissimo5 시간 전 watch facts here

  48. terre tulsiak

    terre tulsiak5 시간 전

    Tell people to wear masks then!

  49. jequinlan3

    jequinlan35 시간 전

    Wow she's horrible. aggressive disrespectful and working for the left

  50. billy Joje

    billy Joje5 시간 전 The answer is here

  51. rocket5833

    rocket58335 시간 전

    cant believe all the stuff he said about his daughter.Real men dont fantasise about their children ...dirty pervert

  52. Bobby

    Bobby5 시간 전

    love the black woman in the back agreeing/shaking her head yes to all of the trump responses during this haha TRUMP 2020

  53. rocket5833

    rocket58335 시간 전

    sickening but its a paycheck

  54. Cindy Fuller

    Cindy Fuller5 시간 전

    Even if the pres said wear a mask I would not.

  55. Gregory Underwood

    Gregory Underwood5 시간 전

    Listening to her lecture the president interrupted him the entire time Is very sad

  56. Kip Day

    Kip Day5 시간 전

    Awww, I love all these Trumpflakes, what are you worried about he is a “tough guy”

  57. Anna Fritzen

    Anna Fritzen5 시간 전

    Whoa he blames other people a lot when asked normal questions. China, Nancy paloski, Biden. It sounded like that's how he answered every question.

  58. name name

    name name5 시간 전

    Trump did great!

  59. meelash1

    meelash15 시간 전

    I'm not mad at this debate. Yes, she grilled him, but he was able to answer her questions and push back. Showed him in a great light. I love how, at the end, the audience involuntarily started applauded his last answer after that lady complimenting his smile. The only sad thing is that you don't have someone grilling Biden about Hunter and Burisma, antifa and defund the police, super predators, what kamala said about him during primary season, etc. That's a betrayal of the public trust.

  60. Truth Seeker

    Truth Seeker5 시간 전

    Answered the Qs? OMG he didn't even answer the first Q - when was his last negative test??? All he did is dodging Qs and lying.

  61. TheShazam76

    TheShazam765 시간 전

    How do you get away with not responding to a single question you are asked?

  62. LaceyLux LV

    LaceyLux LV5 시간 전

    "Do you believe a grieving Military family gave you Covid?" What a WITCH

  63. Kevin Schartung

    Kevin Schartung5 시간 전

    Obviously Savannah HATES him! Poor journalism! Trump/Pence 2020! God Bless America! 🇺🇸

  64. EJ

    EJ5 시간 전 Biden can't debate Trump but Savannah Guthrie can? That makes no sense.

  65. AdamMS1384

    AdamMS13845 시간 전

    After watching this, I think it’s only fair that someone like Greg Gutfeld moderate a Joe Biden town hall. Of course, Biden’s weak ass admin team would never allow it.

  66. Kristina Zonia

    Kristina Zonia5 시간 전


  67. Lib Tears 2020

    Lib Tears 20205 시간 전

    Why is an old cat lady keep interrupting our President? Who is she anyway? Never heard of her.

  68. jbob34345

    jbob343455 시간 전

    Trump didn't dodge any questions, he answered them all straight up, bam bam. He's not a politician and that is why I like him.

  69. Mildred Allen

    Mildred Allen5 시간 전

    These people are crazy. You can see how they start the town hall. It is again one sided. Too dumb to believe the truth.

  70. Patricia Varga

    Patricia Varga5 시간 전

    Love the Prez. Savannah not at all.

  71. Charlie Wooton

    Charlie Wooton5 시간 전

    She crushed him! CRUSHRD!

  72. Kharnij is Here

    Kharnij is Here5 시간 전

    Is it actually possible to find a questioner that doesn't absolutely hate Trump?I mean, orange man bad is gotten to the point where it's expected for our president to be treated poorly no matter where he goes. #Trump2020

  73. rocket5833

    rocket58335 시간 전

    he is so creepy...people like him? usa jimmy saville

  74. IT DAILY

    IT DAILY5 시간 전

    I don’t know that savannah was running for president!! 🤣!!

  75. Debbie Riley

    Debbie Riley5 시간 전

    I’m so sick and tired of the focus in mask....ask something else!

  76. Brooke D

    Brooke D5 시간 전

    Savannah sucks as a moderator, she is clearly biased and trying to prove him wrong every time he says anything!

  77. Dionta’_ Thrives

    Dionta’_ Thrives5 시간 전

    Know matter how you feel about Trump u don’t talk to the commander n chief like that. She’s talking to him like she’s arguing with her dad at the dinner table. You have to respect even if he don’t give it.

  78. KnockManJo

    KnockManJo5 시간 전

    I'm surprised, Trump did so much better than expected; especially considering the extremely biased interviewer. No wonder so many independents are voting him, it's hard to take Biden seriously when almost every network coddles him with a warm blanket and a juice box

  79. name name

    name name5 시간 전

    Well said

  80. Jim Pelletier

    Jim Pelletier5 시간 전

    President Trump is at his best when he's allowed to articulate his positions. Trump very wisely went with a network antagonistic to him, as that probably opened the door to a new audience - some voters who might not have been willing to hear him. The President also wisely avoided the accusation that he will only go on Fox, where they mostly like him. All that said, the NBC moderator did not need to conduct it as her personal interview, she's not a reporter but an editorialist as are most of the press these days, and she obviously doesn't like the President. Would have appreciated more questions from the audience. Still though, NBC did better than I expected.

  81. LAladybluejeanbaby

    LAladybluejeanbaby5 시간 전

    She won't touch the subject of Antifa. These "journalistic" puppets think the Democratic Party is stupid, and most Democrats seem ok with it. I keep wondering when more liberals will wake up?

  82. Katallylos K

    Katallylos K5 시간 전

    White supremacy? What is that? Another linquistic construct made by left making us believe there is this objective phenomenon? How can this term be believed it exists? It exists only in people's minds who are not able to win an interracial disputes between individuals. White supremacy is a term used by those who are losing in fair fight between two people who happen to be of different race. That is it. The hidden message is - do not be supreme although u factually may be... Is there a black supremacy? the size of penises or muscle build? No...although whites are clearly losing in these comparison. But whites do not go and make a black supremacy terms to make complaints about it, do they?

  83. ivan smith

    ivan smith5 시간 전

    That barking woman with her shrill voice wanted to silence our president with her uncouth, interrupting behavior? No way. Trump 2020.

  84. nirew zturg

    nirew zturg5 시간 전

    the comment section on biden's is off, thats how biased this crap media.TRUMP2020!

  85. Thomas Wilkins

    Thomas Wilkins5 시간 전

    Its crazy I watch American and I they seem to love mask

  86. Rowan J167

    Rowan J1675 시간 전

    Leadership consists of nothing but taking responsibility for everything that goes wrong and giving your subordinates credit for everything that goes well. Dwight D. Eisenhower

  87. locko dog300

    locko dog3005 시간 전

    She been watching to much cnn and the fake evil news for black

  88. Jared D13

    Jared D135 시간 전

    Why do u have to point out ur race tho.... has nothing to do with who ur voting for....

  89. C N

    C N5 시간 전

    the truth is the greatest disinfectant. and you are one of the more needy bacteria...


    KING TAYLOR5 시간 전

    locko dog300 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  91. Captain zur See

    Captain zur See5 시간 전

    I think they wanted a bad audio so people think the dislikes are because of donald trump

  92. Jeanette Ryan

    Jeanette Ryan5 시간 전

    Savannah, just be quiet. So annoying. I don’t think you of all people should be preaching to POTUS🙄

  93. John Creech

    John Creech5 시간 전

    Heck no not wearing a mask!and have it got it yet

  94. Sheena Manuel

    Sheena Manuel5 시간 전


  95. rocket5833

    rocket58335 시간 전

    have to say this president is an idiot ...and i voted for him in 16.....all lies and he expects us to be stupid....

  96. Delete This

    Delete This5 시간 전

    Trump was able to get more substance out to US compared to a debate where it's two against one . either way Biden loses . he hid under his wife and sisters covid skirt to dodge the debate . what Trump declined was a virtual debate . you as**oles need to understand that

  97. Daniel Krienbuehl

    Daniel Krienbuehl5 시간 전

    That was good journalism! BRAVO!

  98. BlueBot Livingston

    BlueBot Livingston5 시간 전

    Good journalism is not politically charged for or against a party, I want the journalist to be impartial. I don't want her to agree with me, only childish ignorant people want that.

  99. East Side Doom

    East Side Doom5 시간 전

    Trump recipe for victory: Deny everything Blame previous administration Never answer a question (Not even from his own supporters) Pat himself on the back

  100. Jeremiah Chandler

    Jeremiah Chandler5 시간 전

    How did this man become the President of the US? Thats whats scary.

  101. Cindy Fuller

    Cindy Fuller5 시간 전

    Were these questions put on paper by the network. This first woman didn’t even act like she knew what her question was.

  102. Janelle Ford

    Janelle Ford5 시간 전

    Why is she not asking pertinent questions? Like his stance on things I care about. How is he going to bring back the economy? How is he going to deal with Antifa and the burning down of our cities? How are you going to help the struggling families that are not working. He is truly correct when he says the MSM is useless and we need them to shut them all down.

  103. Ted Florida

    Ted Florida5 시간 전

    I don't understand why one thing is never pointed out about the spread of the virus. There is so much talk about how it spread through our country and hasn't in others ? Look at how our country is , people commute far for jobs daily and other country's I don't think they do. So if you have people in a community where lots of them travel out 50 miles a day for work compared to a country where they go 1 mile a day then it is only logical that the place that has all these people traveling far every day will have more and a faster spread of virus

  104. Peter Bougioukos

    Peter Bougioukos5 시간 전

    CNBC is going to reelect Trump.

  105. usvc1

    usvc15 시간 전

    King don

  106. Elena Koehler

    Elena Koehler5 시간 전

    If you have ever felt that corporations and businesses don't pay enough in taxes, take a college business class. Specifically Accounting or Finance. You will see just how much is paid and just how much it cuts into actually running the business. If those taxes increased, like Biden wants, a lot of these businesses will not be able to make enough profit to still even have a business. If they raise those taxes, the businesses will not stay. We will lose millions of jobs and cost the economy millions of dollars.

  107. DJ No Name

    DJ No Name5 시간 전

    That was a very good answers mr president , yes every american should vote for you and yes Savannah shows the world how a single votary of Biden can destroy his campaign with his bad behaviour.

  108. LaceyLux LV

    LaceyLux LV5 시간 전

    What a witch

  109. Samuel Davis

    Samuel Davis5 시간 전

    The bias in this town hall is unbelievable to watch it hurts, I haven't watched the biden one yet but I would bet they are just lobbing him soft ball questions . #Trump2020

  110. Wendy s

    Wendy s5 시간 전

    Is this a Town Hall or an inquisition? Right from the start she’s being disrespectful!