Playing an RPG for the second time

Adventure awaits again.
The third installment of the RPG series -
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  1. Joel Haver

    Joel Haver11 일 전

    This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist -

  2. Ajima987

    Ajima98716 분 전

    Thanks you for this ! It's gold !

  3. Sahuagin

    Sahuagin22 시간 전

    yeah I watched them in reverse order, but oh well

  4. Annissic 0

    Annissic 023 시간 전


  5. Mathew Sakwa

    Mathew Sakwa일 전

    this is hilarious

  6. DarkStarzWinning

    DarkStarzWinning일 전

    Please make a long one or two of these rpg a week and youll become a youtube legend

  7. Mochi Pops

    Mochi Pops3 분 전

    As a rat owner rats it’s true they have no moral compass

  8. Jimmy Nguyen

    Jimmy Nguyen7 분 전

    How it feels to play thru Undertale a second time

  9. Happyrock

    Happyrock24 분 전

    this made a lot more sense after watching the first one. you comedic genius

  10. AmbitiousCanine

    AmbitiousCanine29 분 전

    How does one become friends with that giant

  11. Jimmy Newtron

    Jimmy Newtron42 분 전

    This is the meme version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy And I love it

  12. Adrian Jenkins

    Adrian Jenkins43 분 전


  13. TheCrusader

    TheCrusader52 분 전

    ...yeah pretty much

  14. Zaaambieez

    Zaaambieez53 분 전


  15. Señor Hilter

    Señor Hilter58 분 전

    Marshall has no moral compass he is but a rat Never truer words have been spoken

  16. tarael86

    tarael86시간 전

    This is the greatest redemption arc ever written.

  17. cain grey

    cain grey시간 전

    This could be the next big lez show

  18. sweatyDan

    sweatyDan시간 전

    Just goes to show you how devastating a single gun would've been in medieval times.

  19. Dudi Ross

    Dudi Ross시간 전

    i recognize the music in the boss fight - where is that from?!!?

  20. Krzysztof Kurczab

    Krzysztof Kurczab시간 전

    January and we already have the best animation of the year!

  21. terraxell

    terraxell2 시간 전

    I love how it randomly cuts to him telling someone " You are important, and you have value", and then the guys health bar disappears

  22. Robert Braley

    Robert Braley2 시간 전

    Hussah! That is what I needed to continue my day! Adventure awaits!

  23. jahcreator

    jahcreator2 시간 전

    MY LEG!

  24. Uriel Montijo

    Uriel Montijo2 시간 전

    He found the good ending

  25. kieyrofl

    kieyrofl2 시간 전

    This is fucking brilliant. well done

  26. LieThePenguin

    LieThePenguin2 시간 전

    Ngl my favorite part honestly was the giant on the hill tie in.

  27. Witheractive exe

    Witheractive exe3 시간 전

    Hey if you ever need a few voice lines hit me up.

  28. The Cheese's Lair

    The Cheese's Lair3 시간 전

    Top 10 Anime Betrayals

  29. Katsuki Bakugou

    Katsuki Bakugou4 시간 전


  30. Ulpit

    Ulpit4 시간 전

    Thats the power of RNG.

  31. The BrutalVeteran

    The BrutalVeteran4 시간 전

    Jesus that Adventure awaits when he walked into the throne room gave me chills.

  32. AwesomeTyme

    AwesomeTyme4 시간 전

    I watched this first, didn't get it. Now that I saw the previous two in this series, I loved it.

  33. Samuel Ku

    Samuel Ku4 시간 전

    We laughed screamed and cried and it was worth it

  34. Marik Stalker

    Marik Stalker4 시간 전

    2:50 need that song

  35. Grayson Warman

    Grayson Warman5 시간 전

    the women.. the children.. I think Joel is a prequel memer, anyone else?

  36. Ghost Squid

    Ghost Squid5 시간 전

    The choices you make have more impact on the story than Cyberpunk 2077

  37. Matthew Walker

    Matthew Walker5 시간 전

    It just gets better the more you watch it, what wizardry is this ;)

  38. Nova Raupp

    Nova Raupp5 시간 전

    This series is great. This is one of those things that people will come back and watch a year or two later

  39. Ty Shaw

    Ty Shaw5 시간 전

    "A massacre most foul..." The hell is a "massacre least foul", then?

  40. Greensmyname

    Greensmyname5 시간 전

    4:02 mouse turned into spinning loading wheel on the very bottom right side of the video XD

  41. Connor

    Connor6 시간 전


  42. Moustache

    Moustache6 시간 전

    So this is the 3d anime everyone has been talking about.

  43. Roberto Madatek Fornaro

    Roberto Madatek Fornaro6 시간 전

    So this is the good ending right?

  44. Schlimm Shady

    Schlimm Shady7 시간 전

    by the gods

  45. cain grey

    cain grey7 시간 전

    The oblivion music makes this for me

  46. Daniela Weinberger

    Daniela Weinberger7 시간 전


  47. Bradly Guidry

    Bradly Guidry7 시간 전

    "a heath bar doesn't show a enemy to you to shows a enemy to them self's" a very deep saying "then oh fuck"

  48. Philosophical_Cactus

    Philosophical_Cactus7 시간 전

    1:35 Old man: “A healthbar does not show who is an enemy to you, it shows who is an enemy to themselves.” Marshal: “Oh F#%€...”

  49. Exquizitine Dillwad

    Exquizitine Dillwad7 시간 전


  50. Justin Baniwas

    Justin Baniwas7 시간 전

    Oblivion flashbacks... Those were the days...

  51. Rusty Romantic

    Rusty Romantic8 시간 전

    i think there is a trapped soul inside these costumes..

  52. wunkus

    wunkus8 시간 전

    It's the little details that propel this series from entertaining to engaging. Like the "not that corrupt" description of the king almost missed in the first episode but highlighted in this one; and using the same sentence when encountering Marshall the Rat, only changing the emotional tone of the words.

  53. Hentai404

    Hentai4048 시간 전

    I used to live with this guy who once said " I don't like The Life Aquatic because I don't know whether I'm supposed to find it funny or sad and I don'' know how to feel" and I thought "what a fucking idiot" but then I'm all not know what the feeling I'm getting right now is and I guess I should call that guy because I'm feeling things I don't understand.

  54. Son Gohan

    Son Gohan8 시간 전

    So which mod did this guy use to add a gun to the leveled list.

  55. SolipsistiC

    SolipsistiC8 시간 전

    I love his short breathed "what"s

  56. SolipsistiC

    SolipsistiC8 시간 전

    I am equally passive agressive in rpgs

  57. Zec Freeman

    Zec Freeman8 시간 전

    Man the shell was like 1/3 the size of the gun

  58. Eidonium

    Eidonium8 시간 전

    I felt the "oh fuck..."

  59. tahm kench usta

    tahm kench usta8 시간 전

    These two videos will be held dearly by me for quite a long time. Thank you, for allowing me to indulge in this piece of art. The animation, the character designs, the character's voices, the sound design... Everything about this just fills me to the brim with fulfillment. There is no need to mention the brilliant plot but I'll do so anyways. The subversion of expectations is a common occurence in every great story but this takes it to a next level, it's just mind blowing how some commong troupe could be twisted so easily and cleverly like this. I want to go on but i just can't find the right words to describe it but if i had to simplfy it into a single word it would be delectable. Sincerely, some random dude.

  60. tahm kench usta

    tahm kench usta8 시간 전

    ​@wunkus i didn't see that one ty

  61. wunkus

    wunkus8 시간 전

    There are three videos in this series.

  62. Watson C.

    Watson C.8 시간 전

    Oh by the gods. I love everything in this series.

  63. GalaxyOfReeses KIng

    GalaxyOfReeses KIng8 시간 전

    didn't know I needed to watch this until I watched it

  64. TheSasGaming

    TheSasGaming9 시간 전


  65. wunkus

    wunkus8 시간 전

    I feel like this phrase needs to be said loudly in public. Often.

  66. Brendan Hartwig

    Brendan Hartwig9 시간 전

    Can't sneak that peace of akatosh past this guy

  67. Azkon

    Azkon9 시간 전

    Re:zero but not really

  68. Davdus

    Davdus9 시간 전

    This feels like a DnD campaign that was completely derailed by the party

  69. kelroy2121

    kelroy21219 시간 전

    I like that all he needed to become evil was just a gun

  70. Versatile Swanki

    Versatile Swanki9 시간 전

    Bro adult swim is probably looking at you like👀👀👀👀👀👀

  71. Edward Izquierdo

    Edward Izquierdo9 시간 전

    ... I hate to admit it, but THIS would be a great series to follow, lmao

  72. Toon Buggenhout

    Toon Buggenhout10 시간 전

    I love the reference to Endgame at 3:10

  73. 바보교주서니언

    바보교주서니언11 시간 전

    ADVENTURE AWAIT 가즈아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아

  74. Chieyu

    Chieyu11 시간 전

    0:17 I dont know why but that head turn is the most funniest thing ever

  75. Issa Scrub

    Issa Scrub11 시간 전

    This could have episodes

  76. Nōràá

    Nōràá11 시간 전

    Ah yes Skyrim

  77. Khl Lnd

    Khl Lnd11 시간 전

    he was just a lil corrupt 👌🏾

  78. ME

    ME12 시간 전

    I just noticed on my third watch that spot is taking a nap

  79. Isnaen Aleandrew

    Isnaen Aleandrew12 시간 전

    why do I get the feeling that the fight with marshall supposed to be longer

  80. Astronopolis

    Astronopolis12 시간 전

    I wasn't even that corrupt!

  81. Wacko Jacko

    Wacko Jacko13 시간 전

    The adventurer left the dungeon the same day marshal freed all the worst criminals hmmm interesting

  82. Sound Wave

    Sound Wave13 시간 전

    This sequel is even more powerful than Shrek 2

  83. Razorbliz

    Razorbliz14 시간 전

    Also I guess the giant guy on the hill was just a really tall guy and the blue dude offering him stuff must have been super tiny, seeing how Jacob is almost the same size as the giant haha. Either that or Jacob and the people of townton are smaller giants :)

  84. Razorbliz

    Razorbliz14 시간 전

    I love how you made the rat evil and would very much love to see more of this noobs story unfold it would be great fun. Thank you for the time you spent on making these, they put a smile on my face and make me laugh so thank you for this:)

  85. Amphire

    Amphire14 시간 전

    So glad i stumbled upon these videos

  86. Yachti Bugatti

    Yachti Bugatti14 시간 전

    "A healthbar does not show who is an enemy to you it shows who is an enemy to themselves"... bloodbornes secret message with dark souls obvious ascetic... GENIUS!

  87. WolfCat-Hybrid

    WolfCat-Hybrid14 시간 전

    I dont think I will ever get over I AM SO SICK OF DOING EVERYTHING WRONG kakslflslalahshdh, fucjing MOOD Jacob. Idk about yall but I would totally play a game with mechanics like this :]

  88. Satsuki Obsession

    Satsuki Obsession14 시간 전

    Literally love these

  89. LargeKarma

    LargeKarma14 시간 전

    The oblivion music was so good

  90. Mc-FishBurgor111

    Mc-FishBurgor11115 시간 전

    A fitting end

  91. Carlo Templo

    Carlo Templo15 시간 전

    That delivery of the "Oh fuck..." line is pure gold

  92. Taidgh Haggerty

    Taidgh Haggerty15 시간 전

    I really should have watched these videos in order

  93. Ms. L.C.

    Ms. L.C.15 시간 전

    The title does not match the video. But in the end, nothing in this video matches anything.

  94. wunkus

    wunkus8 시간 전

    Have you watched all three videos? It's a series.

  95. Rui Rodrigues

    Rui Rodrigues15 시간 전

    I love it

  96. antonio cruz

    antonio cruz15 시간 전

    This is fucking genius

  97. izzran

    izzran15 시간 전

    the true ending

  98. Grenadier Gator

    Grenadier Gator16 시간 전

    I fucking died at 2:30, the second little scream when he ran out of breath. Joel, you’re doing great man! 👨 keep it up!

  99. Seelenkrieger

    Seelenkrieger16 시간 전

    Adventure awaits, HUZZAH!

  100. Ester Grant

    Ester Grant16 시간 전

    most shocking anime betrayals

  101. Vivek Bhand

    Vivek Bhand17 시간 전

    A new KRposts legend in his making...

  102. Jonathan Conway

    Jonathan Conway17 시간 전

    Adventa (Heavily breathing) Awaits

  103. Yadse wn Dé

    Yadse wn Dé17 시간 전

    Marshal is top 10 villians. Up there with Remy when it comes to rats or maybe even the gangsters from flushed away

  104. Codi Serville

    Codi Serville17 시간 전

    Do you want any water?" Ha

  105. Camen Bryant

    Camen Bryant17 시간 전

    Can your next animation be a brief but extremely epic and triumphant clip of Jacob running into the King's chambers and delivering the killing blow on Marshall? Please and thank you

  106. Inferno 54

    Inferno 5417 시간 전

    The emotional payoff of this arc was surprisingly poignant. Also eternal love for oblivion music

  107. Mork Mansona

    Mork Mansona17 시간 전

    Truly one of the best redemption arcs in cinematic history.

  108. Sir Gelvin

    Sir Gelvin18 시간 전

    I am looking more forward to this then ATOT

  109. thousandyoung

    thousandyoung18 시간 전

    This should be in Adult Swim lmao