♫ Playlist: Tribute to JONGHYUN (종현) [18 songs]

A collection of my favourite songs from an incredible singer, songwriter, composer, and human being.
Spotify Playlist: open.spotify.com/user/danielions/playlist/0LQZnCWVVVzPti4ihkCXP6
1 - 0:00 - END OF A DAY (하루의 끝)
2 - 4:37 - I'm Sorry (미안해)
3 - 8:48 - Lonely (feat. Taeyeon (태연))
4 - 12:54 - 따뜻한 겨울 (Our Season)
5 - 16:58 - 가을이긴 한가 봐 (It Must Be Autumn) (feat. Go Youngbae)
6 - 21:04 - 1000
7 - 25:07 - 멍하니 있어 (Just Chill)
8 - 28:33 - Love Is So Nice
9 - 32:00 - 눈싸움 (Blinking Game)
10 - 35:38 - Love Belt (feat. Younha (윤하))
11 - 39:09 - Fine (그래도 되지 않아?)
12 - 42:14 - Fireplace (벽난로)
13 - 46:38 - Moon
14 - 49:22 - RED
15 - 52:35 - Suit Up
16 - 56:25 - MONO-Drama (일인극)
17 - 1:00:40 - Déjà-Boo (데자-부)
18 - 1:04:10 - Like You
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  1. danielions music

    danielions music3 년 전

    Spotify Playlist: open.spotify.com/user/danielions/playlist/0LQZnCWVVVzPti4ihkCXP6 Tracklist: 1 - 0:00 - END OF A DAY (하루의 끝) 2 - 4:37 - I'm Sorry (미안해) 3 - 8:48 - Lonely (feat. Taeyeon (태연)) 4 - 12:54 - 따뜻한 겨울 (Our Season) 5 - 16:58 - 가을이긴 한가 봐 (It Must Be Autumn) (feat. Go Youngbae) 6 - 21:04 - 1000 7 - 25:07 - 멍하니 있어 (Just Chill) 8 - 28:33 - Love Is So Nice 9 - 32:00 - 눈싸움 (Blinking Game) 10 - 35:38 - Love Belt (feat. Younha (윤하)) 11 - 39:09 - Fine (그래도 되지 않아?) 12 - 42:14 - Fireplace (벽난로) 13 - 46:38 - Moon 14 - 49:22 - RED 15 - 52:35 - Suit Up 16 - 56:25 - MONO-Drama (일인극) 17 - 1:00:40 - Déjà-Boo (데자-부) 18 - 1:04:10 - Like You

  2. From Pluto

    From Pluto3 개월 전

    Still...still waiting. It's like a dream right ?. I like hallucinating every day. ☹️

  3. Komang Tryawati

    Komang Tryawati4 개월 전

    That woman song

  4. Multifandom FF ;0

    Multifandom FF ;0년 전

    @Arolyn Williams yes Sadly 😭😭😭💔💔💔

  5. ᄃᄀᄏ

    ᄃᄀᄏ2 년 전

    I Miss you

  6. Duangjai Tivasuradej

    Duangjai Tivasuradej2 년 전

    Very beautiful songs... Jonghyun💎you worked hard for your fans❤️ Thank you 🙏 Love & Miss U🌟👌

  7. mint mint

    mint mint19 시간 전

    ジョンの声は落ち着くし、凄く心地いいんよね.. だけど、やっぱり涙が溢れちゃう 今は、、今は心穏やかに楽しく過ごせてますか? ずーっとずっと大好きだよ 종현 사랑해

  8. Kevin Ortiz

    Kevin Ortiz2 일 전


  9. Blue

    Blue2 일 전

    보고 싶다

  10. 화이트

    화이트2 일 전





  12. サ'زٱي

    サ'زٱي8 일 전

    I'm sorry I didn't know you before your death, but you have always been in my heart since that day, I Hope you are happy there now, you did well my angel'.

  13. sunigx ꗃ ᴠᴅɪᴠᴀ ៹

    sunigx ꗃ ᴠᴅɪᴠᴀ ៹8 일 전


  14. Lydie LAUNOIS

    Lydie LAUNOIS8 일 전


  15. 유채원

    유채원8 일 전

    요즘에 계속 오빠가 보고싶네 보고싶어서 미칠 것 같아 !

  16. Faye Matthew

    Faye Matthew11 일 전

    Missing you always, been years but you make me cry evrytime i hear your songs, that pain in your voice slash my heart,the pain us sooo deep.😭😭😭i missed you in stage,shanee is not complete without you...you will always be remembered.

  17. BlueColeman

    BlueColeman12 일 전

    You worked hard, and you did more than well Jonghyun, you did everything right and more. I am sorry this world has failed you, you deserved better than what you got, I wish we could have done more for you. I wish I could have helped you.

  18. Inumae Nara

    Inumae Nara14 일 전

    February is hard for me since I lost my older brother and Jonghyun's voice helped me through a spell last night. I miss them so much 😢

  19. Isabel S

    Isabel S18 일 전

    My favorite singer, my favorite vocals, the only one that brings tears can't be replaced and it's ok.

  20. Pixy

    Pixy18 일 전

    My dear, I hope you're doing well in the sky. I love you so much and still can't believe it. Hope you're doing fine, singing with the angels. Even though I still miss you....

  21. امي جنه

    امي جنه25 일 전

    Jung Hyun, rest your soul in peace, you live in our hearts forever ❤️❤️

  22. 박순연

    박순연27 일 전

    영원히 잊지 못 할것 같은 종현 오빠 그리고 오빠 곡들. 3년이 지나도 6년이 지나도 오빠는 이 세상에 없지만 마음속으로 생각하고 또 생각하고 좋아 할께요 너무 일찍이 별이 된 건 아쉽지만 좋은 노래 만들어 줘서 너무 고마웠어요. 우리 하늘에 예쁜 별이된 종현 오빠 다음생에 만날 수 있으면 꼭 만나요. 오빠 너무 사랑하고 고마워요. 하늘에서도 활짝 웃길 바랄께요.

  23. 정민

    정민27 일 전

    오늘은 눈이 왔어요. 예전에는 눈이 내리면 다른이가 생각나고는 했는데, 오빠가 하늘에 빛나는 별이 되기로 선택한 후부터는 눈오면 오빠 생각이 많이 나요. 가끔 눈오면 울면서 오빠한테 얘기하고는 했는데 그거 다 들어줘서 고마워요. 오늘도 잘 있어요, 다음에 다시 올게요.

  24. 나라라유니

    나라라유니28 일 전

    종현아 니이야기 더 듣고싶은데..잘지내지?고마오 좋은 노래 들을 수 있어서 참 좋타 너도 수고했어요 이제 편히 쉬어요

  25. Petpeeve.m

    Petpeeve.m29 일 전

    I really am

  26. Petpeeve.m

    Petpeeve.m29 일 전

    I'm sorry...

  27. 김수민

    김수민개월 전

    보고싶다 종현아..

  28. alex hernandez

    alex hernandez개월 전

    My Dearest JongHyun, This is my letter to you. 10 years ago I was introduced to SHINee and it forever changed my life, While you never were my number one, you were definitely important to me. The smiles you had, the laughs you created with your bandmates, and your genuine kindness to your fans and other people illuminated even the darkest heart. You fought hard, every day you made yourself get up even when it was hurting you the most. My regret is not being able to sense your extreme sadness through your songs and not grasp the fact that you were crying for help but no one heard you. You are loved by many and inspiration to others. When I found out that you had passed I cried so hard because you had such an impact on many shawols and people. I just couldn't believe it, I was in denial, to this day every time I see you smiling in past videos or one of your songs play on my Spotify and youtube I always tear up.I sincerely hope you are in a better place smiling your bling bling smile. Darling JongHyun, You always put your bandmates before you, and you cared for them deeply, and I know somewhere out there your smiling and proud of what your baby Taemin has accomplished as well as Onew, Minho, and Key. I know you're not here anymore to take care of your bandmates like you used to, But I promise you that your Shawols all over the world will look after them and make sure all is right with them. Rest assured that your Shining family will hold you close to our hearts and that your SHINee family will be well looked after. I Love you Jonghyun and everything you represent and brought into my life. ForeverFighting my dearest Jonghyun. ❤️🥺❤️

  29. Bbc Koktel

    Bbc Koktel개월 전


  30. ひまわり

    ひまわり개월 전

    今はうんと休んでまた歌を聴かせてね。 次は好きな人ともっと過ごしてね。 もっと自分の為に気持ちも時間も使ってね。 自由に楽しいと思うことだけしてね。 愛しい人と出会って恋愛して結婚してね。 そして、皆んなと一緒に年老いた姿をみせてね。 辛くなってしまってまだしっかり戻れてないけど、ようやく、歌って踊る貴方たちをみられるようになったよ。 どうしても寂しくなっちゃうから以前のようには応援出来ないかもしれないけど、、、5人の歌が私の人生に花を添えてくれた事実は消えないよ。 だから、ありがとう。 だから、今はゆっくり休んでね。 とか言いつつ やっぱり会いたいな〜 寂しいね...

  31. Yasemin Ziyagil

    Yasemin Ziyagil개월 전

    ı miss you

  32. 夏蓮Karen

    夏蓮Karen개월 전

    I like his voice and songs. Recently I knew him.I can't believe he is not alive.

  33. Daphne Wang

    Daphne Wang개월 전

    It's amazing that 3 years later, people continue to comment and share how much Jonghyun's music has impacted them. It's amazing how many lives he's touched with his career and artistry. I remember 3 years ago, when I found out the news, it was like the earth had shattered. I had always taken comfort in his and Shinee's music, and found ways to deal with my own mental health that way. It was like in one day, that fell apart. The songs that gave me comfort would just make me sob. And I thought about what I could've done to help, despite being just one of many fans, and felt powerless. That'll be something that bothers me for a while. But when you look around, there are so many people that care. People that will always be present and find solace in Jonghyun's music. If I could send a message to heaven, I would say thank you Jonghyun, for helping us more than you know. Your memory is etched into the hearts of many.

  34. xo xo

    xo xo개월 전

    And I'm here now 😭

  35. xo xo

    xo xo개월 전

    I miss him 😔

  36. lightAsi _zee

    lightAsi _zee개월 전

    คิดถึงพี่เสมอนะ รักและคิดถึง

  37. J Kin

    J Kin개월 전

    얼마나 긴 시간동안 남들한테 말 못하고 끙끙 앓았을까요.. 말은 못했어도 가사에서 남들한테 알리려고 애썼던데.. 그걸 이제나마 알게 되다니... 화려함 뒤에 쓸쓸함이 있었을 텐데.. 행복하세요 모두가 당신을 기억할거에요.

  38. Jelena Myat

    Jelena Myat개월 전

    Miss you Jjong ya.

  39. Laura Londoño Romero

    Laura Londoño Romero개월 전

    This healer my heart

  40. 토마토토마토

    토마토토마토개월 전

    사랑해 종현아

  41. Bronte Howell

    Bronte Howell개월 전

    we will be counting the days forever..

  42. Gisela Caceres

    Gisela Caceres개월 전


  43. Lianna

    Lianna개월 전

    his music gives so much comfort to people such as myself. he is such an amazing music composer and singer. i'm glad we received such great masterpieces.

  44. 아이온

    아이온개월 전


  45. Tiago Ramos

    Tiago Ramos개월 전


  46. Hon Hak

    Hon Hak개월 전


  47. 이덕환

    이덕환개월 전

    천국에서 우리위해 기도해주세요 📿

  48. 덕잡

    덕잡개월 전

    종현아 잘 지내죠? 그럼 됐어요 그 곳에서는 잘 지내줘요

  49. 곽수정

    곽수정개월 전


  50. Liz Multi-fan

    Liz Multi-fan개월 전

    I'm a new Shawhol. Though after his funeral his song Breathe saved my life. Jungkook of BTS covered it and posted it on twitter just as I were about to commit suicide.

  51. 신아

    신아개월 전

    2021년 다들 행복하게 지내요

  52. Multi_Bad

    Multi_Bad개월 전

    Awwww his smile 💙💎🕊

  53. SuperMysteek

    SuperMysteek2 개월 전

    Don't be sad he's gone. Be happy he existed. He gave us his wonderful music and angelic voice. He gave us his very unique personality. He gave us his laughs and his tears. He gave us his unconditional LOVE. He gave us his light and his darkness. We will never forget him. 💕💕

  54. 효효

    효효2 개월 전

    당신을 사랑하는 사람들이 이렇게 많다는 것만 기억해주면 좋겠어요.

  55. Uhachiji Uhachiji

    Uhachiji Uhachiji2 개월 전

    the best vocalist ever in kpop his impact is for forever

  56. MANON

    MANON2 개월 전

    just came and vibing with you guys

  57. Anwar Alkarmi

    Anwar Alkarmi2 개월 전

    I'm just crying and forcing myself to eat

  58. Anwar Alkarmi

    Anwar Alkarmi2 개월 전

    @MANON thank you so much that's so sweet.. Fighting ♡

  59. MANON

    MANON2 개월 전

    he would always be there for you :) maybe we can share our love for you be strong

  60. 임훈혜

    임훈혜2 개월 전

    이제야 전곡을 들어볼 생각이 나서 미안해요. 그때 무슨 생각을 하면서 아팠었는지 궁금했어요. 당신한테 죄책감이 느껴져서 노래를 잘 들을 용기가 안나더라구요. 애써 무시해보려고 했는데 결국에는 또 이렇게 새벽에 잠도 안와서 뒤척이다가 노래듣게 되네요. 뭐가 그리 미안했어요. 정작 진짜 불쌍하고 안된건 당신인데 남한테 잘못한게 뭐가 있다고 그렇게 노래를 불렀어요..저 정말 종현씨한테 미안해요. 정말 미안해요. 저세상에서는 행복하세요. 저도 잘살아볼게요. 아프게한 저를 부디 용서해주세요. 우리 다음에는 같이 행복하게 살아보아요.

  61. Khiimera

    Khiimera2 개월 전

    We still miss you. Doesn't matter if it's been 3 years or 300. Lots of love for you always, Jonghyun.

  62. Biae

    Biae2 개월 전

    It's so weird that it has already been 3 years. Sometimes im on his instagram and Im still hoping for some new posts haha

  63. Lisa Espandiary

    Lisa Espandiary2 개월 전

    I knew hin after his death and now i adore him so much.. respect and love 💙

  64. baby lily

    baby lily2 개월 전

    without knowing my tears rushing out when i heard jonghyun's voice. i miss jonghyun so much. his voice always soothe me when i'm having a hard day. i cant explain with a word how much jonghyun mean to me. i always miss you kim jonghyun

  65. Uchiha Mai

    Uchiha Mai2 개월 전

    Why my heart is empty this way? Jonggie Jonhyuna 우리 사랑하는 조현, all of us love alk of you💞

  66. cinnabeom ッ

    cinnabeom ッ2 개월 전

    i hope ur doing well jonghyun. ik u prob are making everyone fall for u and ur singing voice up there. stay safe angel, we love u

  67. Francisca del carmen Rodríguez morillo

    Francisca del carmen Rodríguez morillo2 개월 전

    es muy penoso que nos aiga dejado pero nos dejó su música era increíble todo eran y serán éxitos lasti moza mente senos fuesy voz traspasa el alma 👏👏👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹💜💜💜😇😇😇😇😇

  68. Daisi Dixon

    Daisi Dixon2 개월 전

    why are there ads?? that seems so disrespectful.

  69. Daisi Dixon

    Daisi Dixon2 개월 전

    I've been procrastinating coming here all day, even though you've been on my mind since I woke up. I knew the moment I listened to your voice, I'd break down again. So it's the middle of the night now and I'm overwhelmed by how much I miss you. Three years has gone so fast. I wish I could turn back time and save you. I love you, Jonghyun. I love you, I love you, I love you.

  70. Tina Jang Hye Mi

    Tina Jang Hye Mi2 개월 전

    미스유엔젤은 잘했다.❤🥺🌼 행운을 빌다.IP를 계속하다.🥺

  71. Mingis Mango

    Mingis Mango2 개월 전

    i'm here

  72. Blue Snowball Nebula

    Blue Snowball Nebula2 개월 전

    Rest in peace

  73. Sally Hajj

    Sally Hajj2 개월 전

    Hi there Jonghyun. I haven’t really known you for a long time, but the pain is ever lasting. I was so shocked about what happened. But when I knew about it i wasn’t a fan back then. After a while, i decided to take a look at them and damn did i get attached to them quickly. Jonghyun i know you had ur reasons and no one hates you. We really miss you and hope that you are fine and happy wherever you are🥺❤️ please come visit us in a blue moon soon ill be talking to the moon as much as i can. Rest well darling❤️

  74. H Chang

    H Chang2 개월 전

    나의 사춘기를 같이 보내줘서 너무너무 고마워 종현아... 보고싶고, 고맙고, 미않하고. 너무너무 수고했어.

  75. Madeleine P

    Madeleine P2 개월 전

    It’s been 3 years now, damn I miss him.

  76. Monserrat Hernandez

    Monserrat Hernandez2 개월 전

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 l love You 💖🌹

  77. Zeynep Tan

    Zeynep Tan2 개월 전


  78. Xenia

    Xenia2 개월 전

    Hope you're keeping your SM brothers and sisters safe and well today, I miss and love you Jonghyun. ♥

  79. おみき

    おみき2 개월 전

    沢山聴く人を慰めてくれたジョンヒョン。こんな優しい人の痛みに表現してくれてたのに気付かなくて大丈夫だと思ってた。ごめんね。 こんな私にあなたが残してくれた宝物で癒されてても許してくれる? どうか安らかに寂しがらすに待っててね。そこが暖かい場所でありますように。

  80. 간간

    간간2 개월 전

    난 오늘도 이기적으로 너의 노래를 듣고 위로를 얻어간다. 항상 받기만 해서 미안해 많이 보고 싶고, 듣고 싶고, 그립다

  81. Nathalie Hänni

    Nathalie Hänni2 개월 전

    Forever 🌹

  82. Life.goes. on

    Life.goes. on2 개월 전

    I miss him so much. His voice. His smile. His everything. Jonghyun I hope you are happy where you are now. You did well. We miss you. You'll always be in our hearts

  83. 김애용

    김애용2 개월 전


  84. 민퐁퐁

    민퐁퐁2 개월 전

    종현이는 알까.. 종현이가 떠나고 2020년 12월에도 힘들때면 항상 종현이 노래를 들으며 위로를 받는다는것을.. 정말 좋은 사람 항상 기억하고싶은사람 너무 소중한 존재인데 너무 보고싶다... 이렇게 눈물나게 사람을 위로해주는 목소리인데.. 있을때 잘할껄 예쁜 목소리 더 많이 들어줄껄.. 미안해 신이 너무 욕심나서 일찍 데리고 가셨나봐..

  85. lexul19743547

    lexul197435472 개월 전

    3 years without Kim are very many... A man with such talent is born every few hundred years... We lost a man with a great soul and a talent to much... Memorable day....

  86. Belle Retiza

    Belle Retiza2 개월 전

    i miss you.

  87. Jina Lee

    Jina Lee2 개월 전

    Your voice Your smile Your tears I miss them🥺

  88. Jina Lee

    Jina Lee2 개월 전

    Fly high, Jonghyun💖

  89. Jina Lee

    Jina Lee2 개월 전

    Happy 3rd Death Anniversary my love! It's raining and its cold today but I want you to give me a sign that you're doing well up there or even visit me in my dreams 😭💖 I will always adore you Jonghyun~ The pain is still there and I will never forget the day you left us. I was left amused by the sudden news, I was taking my exam that time😭 the news really caught me off guard I love you and we shawols will always remember you💖 In the next life I want you to live a life where you are happy living a simple life and far from people who will harm you 💖

  90. Kathreen Ram

    Kathreen Ram2 개월 전


  91. Raven

    Raven2 개월 전

    18/12/17 I don't believe it, It's been 3 years since he left us.... I miss him, he was a role model (he still is) for me... A great person, strong and Humble... He has supported us for years and he continues, even if we don't see him anymore... Wherever he is I am convinced that Jonghyun watches over us, that this little angel loves us. Ps: sorry if this is not understandable, I am not English and I use a translator

  92. Kim Minka

    Kim Minka2 개월 전

    I miss you my man my first love... I miss your smile i miss your everything . İts been 3 years without you. I miss you my love. I love you my love

  93. HyunMin Park

    HyunMin Park2 개월 전


  94. Waode Stevi

    Waode Stevi2 개월 전


  95. 이주헌일반인여자친구

    이주헌일반인여자친구2 개월 전

    보고싶은 종현아 널 평생 사랑해. 종현아 따뜻한 겨울이 돼줘서 고마워 사랑해 많이 너무 보고싶어 오늘 온도가 어제에 비해 10도나 올랐어 덕분에 따뜻한 겨울을 보낼거 같아 오늘 하루만큼은 현생 신경안쓰고 널 위해서 살고싶어 오늘 내란 눈은 종현이 너처럼 예쁜 눈을 보고 행복해했으면 좋겠는 마음에서 너가 내려준 눈일거 같아 그리운 종현아 너는 여전히 빛나고 있어 겨울이 찾아왔단 걸 느끼자마자 너가 생각났어 많이 보고싶어 늘 널 사랑해

  96. step on me hwasa

    step on me hwasa2 개월 전

    All of you should know that you have a purpose; that you too are special. So please, don't give up. It's easier said than done and I know that scary feeling you feel very well. But if you reach out to a helping hand or simply look forward to an event or occasion, life won't be as difficult as you thought it'd be. It may not entirely get rid of that feeling, but I assure you that it'll help you get through the shit you're dealing with. You're special; you're precious. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for existing. Eat well and sleep well, take care of yourself :))

  97. I stan you

    I stan you2 개월 전

    It's been 3 years. You may gone from our sight but you are never gone from our heart. In loving memory of our beloved Kim Jonghyun. You'll always be remembered. :') Dec 18, 2020.

  98. save doyoung from nct

    save doyoung from nct2 개월 전

    I can’t believe this is been three years 💔💔 R.I.P

  99. 공부하는 전교꼴등

    공부하는 전교꼴등2 개월 전

    오늘도 잘듣고가요ㅎㅎ좋은 노래 감사해요

  100. Look Kpop

    Look Kpop2 개월 전

    your voice, your music, your smile, and everything about u, we'll always remember it. fly high. you did well jonghyun!! i love you

  101. la la

    la la2 개월 전

    보고싶다 사랑해♡

  102. idkeven know

    idkeven know2 개월 전

    I remember how I was in school when my best friend texted me about what happened. I was so in shock I had to google it myself to believe it. I freaking rushed out of the classroom and had a breakdown in the bathroom. I couldnt believe it. I just sat there crying and bawling my eyes out. I started listening to SHINee back in 2012 and Jonghyun always been my bias. They introduced me to kpop. I was so heartbroken I couldnt even think straight. I will never forget you and how much joy and happiness you brought into my life. Thank you so much for everything Jonghyun, you did so great 💖 Rest in Peace

  103. TM MIR

    TM MIR2 개월 전

    항상 나를 위로해주던 종현이 편히 쉬고 있니?

  104. Kenn Caldwell

    Kenn Caldwell2 개월 전

    I wish I had a chance to meet him. I will soon, I miss you 🌙 . Continue shining 🤍🕊

  105. Helen Bustos

    Helen Bustos2 개월 전

    3 años ya....

  106. Rueshmel Zen

    Rueshmel Zen2 개월 전

    Playing this today... Be happy oppa, You did more than well... It's your day and today is the day that my dad would go overseas to work... This day is so sad for me... I will miss you both... Jonghyun and Dad

  107. Castro Sanchez Aile Sofia

    Castro Sanchez Aile Sofia2 개월 전

    La mayoria de los comentarios son en ingles pero quisiera decir que el sigue con nosotros y nos va a seguir apoyando, hay que recordarlo con una sonrisa, no llorando, por que el se gano muchisimas cosas entre ellas nuestros corazones💕