Rapid Fire Challenge | Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings

Let’s do this! The cast of take on your burning questions - rapid fire! Be the first to experience Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings” tonight only in theaters. Get tickets now: Fandango.com/ShangChi

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  1. Ramiro Belmares Jr.

    Ramiro Belmares Jr.13 일 전

    Shang has the best actor portraying him, Simu Liu just oozes charisma 👌🏼

  2. Nadine Andreaputri

    Nadine Andreaputri21 일 전


  3. Hikari Yuriko Uchiha (Celeste)

    Hikari Yuriko Uchiha (Celeste)21 일 전

    Describe the movie in 1 word My friend: Amazing My brother: Epic Me: Marvel :)

  4. Charlotte Tran

    Charlotte Tran개월 전

    meng’er so cuuuuute

  5. Rekjes Channel

    Rekjes Channel개월 전

    Let me ask you, has chintya candranaya ever been in or involved in a shang-chi movie? So I said in the youtube content chintya candranaya said marvel was involved

  6. Gayle Kim

    Gayle Kim개월 전

    I need to know Meng’er’s fitness routine because how does she maintain that hot body while eating a lot


    THE BRAMYA개월 전

    Awkwafina and meng'er Zhang are looking cool

  8. asianshaft

    asianshaft개월 전

    Watched it twice and gonna buy the dvd.

  9. Emman Watson

    Emman Watson개월 전

    I can enter a room and share that I have acid reflux... yes awkwafina 👍🏻 it's talent

  10. 포도당창고

    포도당창고개월 전

    0:15 omg her reaction is sooooo cute….😭

  11. PalBoomP

    PalBoomP개월 전

    Simu means means One who listens intently .if I wrong .blame google 🤣

  12. 1234 56

    1234 56개월 전

    So good! Watching it again next week

  13. SpaZtiK6

    SpaZtiK6개월 전

    He said seven rings, lol

  14. Grayson Tanoue

    Grayson Tanoue개월 전

    It’s a phenomenal movie!

  15. HARSH

    HARSH개월 전

    I love that dialogue she spoke kamehameha



    This movie is amazing 😻




  18. Sythgames

    Sythgames개월 전

    0:22 same

  19. Jamil Victory

    Jamil Victory개월 전

    The ten ring jadi inget kungfu hustle

  20. sakurai asuka

    sakurai asuka개월 전

    i just watched the movie today. all the cultural elements in the movie and the story itself really mean a lot to me, huge thanks to marvel for finally bringing up some asian/chinese characters to the theatre. i loved it. proud of being Chinese forever :)

  21. Rain

    Rain개월 전

    What an incredible movie. Shang, Katie are my favourite

  22. Pragati Bhardwaj

    Pragati Bhardwaj개월 전

    This movie is so awesome, and I didn't wanted to see any more trailers or spoilers before I saw the movie so I uninstalled KRposts from my phone 😂

  23. Straight Edge Society

    Straight Edge Society개월 전

    Dude, i really wish Shang Chi to meet Steve and Tony....

  24. 64x7 GAMING YT

    64x7 GAMING YT개월 전


  25. Manu Bawa

    Manu Bawa개월 전

    Fight scenes are just Aswm Fully enjoyed this movie At PVR CINEMAS 😉😉😉

  26. WickedXombieBoi

    WickedXombieBoi개월 전

    Shang chi does what the last air bender movie dosent 😉

  27. Muhammad Luthfi Naufal

    Muhammad Luthfi Naufal개월 전

    I can move my ears too

  28. JJ Eteuati

    JJ Eteuati개월 전

    covid took me away from the movie so no spoilers plz

  29. mai

    mai개월 전

    Hi nice to meet you, my name is xialing, im a chef from liyue, my favorite place is the chicken

  30. Anuraag Jetty

    Anuraag Jetty개월 전

    Marvel: *keeps posting clips on youtube* me: YEs...Yess..I NEED MORE....MORRREEE

  31. Shayan Shahab

    Shayan Shahab개월 전

    I love Meng'er's energy 😂

  32. Sikeyeah

    Sikeyeah개월 전

    loved the movie

  33. Ken Masters

    Ken Masters개월 전

    U wan Chip wit dat?

  34. Sahil Kumar

    Sahil Kumar개월 전

    I can move my ear also 👌👌👌🤣🤣🤣 Shang chi..

  35. Oriana Sethi

    Oriana Sethi개월 전

    1:22 Ok Simu



    I also can move my ears

  37. Erna wati

    Erna wati개월 전

    Marvel come to Asia

  38. Stephen Kim

    Stephen Kim개월 전

    On the off chance that Awkwafina reads this comment, you should try eating raw lettuce at the end of your meal to push everything down and act as a buffer from the acid reaching your esophagus.

  39. Meme facility

    Meme facility개월 전

    I cant count how many trailers they have done about this movie

  40. V I N

    V I N개월 전

    Nobody asked you to do so.

  41. Luke Carson

    Luke Carson개월 전

    Shang-Chi was so good

  42. Eva Nakazi

    Eva Nakazi개월 전

    When I saw the dragon and awkwafina it instantly reminded me of raya and the last dragon!😂

  43. Colab_bear♪

    Colab_bear♪개월 전

    how we supposted to watched we dont have netflix and were from malaysia and NESTFLIX NEED PAY FOR WATCHING EM

  44. Yakin Hirani

    Yakin Hirani개월 전

    Litteraly I can do three of your secert talent 😂😂

  45. Sirius

    Sirius개월 전

    Booked and hyped.

  46. Darlene Lewis

    Darlene Lewis개월 전

    As a Canadian so proud of Simu Liu! :)

  47. Shiplo SHS

    Shiplo SHS개월 전

    Hey She pronounced it correctly 1:16

  48. zaheer ahmed

    zaheer ahmed개월 전

    Sappa mooku naainga ivalo scene ahh...

  49. PRanxter is Gaming

    PRanxter is Gaming개월 전


  50. Wolf

    Wolf개월 전

    I see my boy Aslan is returning for another movie again.

  51. gmail kosongan

    gmail kosongan개월 전

    Indonesia is still on the lockdown era so no theater open here:(( i wanna watch this movie so bad!!

  52. Arpit Raj

    Arpit Raj개월 전

    I just watched this movie dude you must see this I don't have word how beautiful this is



    its like pg-13 of raya and the last dragon

  54. hariram Choudhury

    hariram Choudhury개월 전

    I can also move ear I am Indian

  55. marvel us

    marvel us개월 전

    We post funny marvel shorts please check out

  56. Shreyash Joshi

    Shreyash Joshi개월 전


  57. Justin Ying

    Justin Ying개월 전

    OMG this is movie the best so much fighting martial art style not American there boring this what I talking so dam good get to see it again. Thank Marvel bring Chinese to your movie

  58. Krishna Koushik

    Krishna Koushik개월 전

    I ain't missing

  59. Anmol Agarwal

    Anmol Agarwal개월 전

    I can also move my hair just like Simu Liu

  60. Basicallyabush

    Basicallyabush개월 전

    Amazing Movie :)

  61. Basicallyabush

    Basicallyabush개월 전


  62. Aadithyadev_

    Aadithyadev_개월 전

    Awkwafina!!!! Y is she so funny 🤣

  63. Johnny Mei

    Johnny Mei개월 전

    watched movie twice already 😎

  64. JRC

    JRC개월 전

    I can’t go to the theater

  65. I fear God. 4.0 and going to heaven! Funny? Lol

    I fear God. 4.0 and going to heaven! Funny? Lol개월 전

    So I think I’m a virgin 4 till I die. No kids no problems. Salute! 😂✌️😊

  66. FlyingMitch

    FlyingMitch개월 전

    What happens if you do a split in Walmart 😂😂🤣🤣



    Awkwafina is my favourite actress of all time I love her voice 😍😍

  68. TheOMPlayz ROBLOX

    TheOMPlayz ROBLOX개월 전

    I love how everyone wanted to always do something adventurous and outrageous while Awkwafina just wants to do the splits in Walgreens.

  69. Khôi Nguyên Trần

    Khôi Nguyên Trần개월 전

    oh sh simu can move ears

  70. VisualHoney

    VisualHoney개월 전

    IT was amazing, you have to watch it!!

  71. Manmohan Singh Rao

    Manmohan Singh Rao개월 전

    I can move my ears too

  72. Nishkarsh Jagdev

    Nishkarsh Jagdev개월 전


  73. Stephanie Kao

    Stephanie Kao개월 전

    So Excited!!

  74. Sudarshan Raj Bhattarai

    Sudarshan Raj Bhattarai개월 전

    How many 😳now

  75. 张炳圣

    张炳圣개월 전

    Ah, I'm sad that I can't go to the cinema right now because of the pandemic 😭

  76. Kamran Aziz

    Kamran Aziz개월 전

    0:21 same

  77. BKHumorable

    BKHumorable개월 전

    what's up chi can we rock

  78. Heer Damor

    Heer Damor개월 전

    It means one day avengers could meet them

  79. The Vindicator

    The Vindicator개월 전

    OK, did anyone else see that fuckin dragon tho????

  80. Shrek gamer

    Shrek gamer개월 전

    Can't wait see the move3

  81. thevoid99

    thevoid99개월 전

    got my ticket for sunday.

  82. Osman ali

    Osman ali개월 전

    Its so impressive to see Chinese soft power slowly dominating world audience.. an era of cold war already began , only people will realize later.. hoping 2nd cold war will be cold for real 🙂

  83. Hansharaj Dutta

    Hansharaj Dutta개월 전

    Get lost hater no one care what you say and shimu li was a canadian citizen he just has his roots from asia



    🔥 🔥 🔥

  85. karl russell menil

    karl russell menil개월 전

    Why is Jackie Chan not here?

  86. Alex Schroeder

    Alex Schroeder개월 전

    Just saw it. What an incredible movie

  87. I am IronMan

    I am IronMan개월 전

    Gonna watch with my friends on Saturday, the whole gang with their parents , let go!! I can’t wait 😛

  88. Aryan Xrestha

    Aryan Xrestha개월 전

    sad that it hasn’t arrived in nepal yet :(



    My show is tomorrow 9:30am can't wait to see the movie!

  90. Reed Gaming

    Reed Gaming개월 전

    Fun fact ; He has trained his teammates that whenever he knocks someone they will say 'Excellent Work'🤣🤣🤣...

  91. Walley

    Walley개월 전

    there are enough 30sec trailers to make an entire movie out of.. but knowing marvel these scenes probably arent actually in the final cut anyways.

  92. Ignacio Thiago romero y todos los suscritores

    Ignacio Thiago romero y todos los suscritores개월 전

    Sony cool the shang chi

  93. Agrian Guruji - Agriculture 💯

    Agrian Guruji - Agriculture 💯개월 전

    Does Movie cast ever played any marvel games yet if yes then answer me Marvel I challenge you 😉

  94. Muzahid Islam

    Muzahid Islam개월 전

    Watch you on MLWBD

  95. Kritika Rai

    Kritika Rai개월 전

    I can't wait for it

  96. Abraham Begashaw

    Abraham Begashaw개월 전

    Let's goooo

  97. Abraham Begashaw

    Abraham Begashaw개월 전

    Them : Don't miss the movie. Me , a true Marvel fan : No i don't think i will.

  98. LogoMaker

    LogoMaker개월 전

    gurl i booked my tickets the day they came out

  99. Spider man

    Spider man개월 전


  100. 와 진짜?

    와 진짜?개월 전

    They always release the clip but they should know this-they need Tony only clip, too

  101. Vic Bol

    Vic Bol개월 전

    It was not difficult for them to put subtitles in Spanish for the large audience they have in South America.

  102. MrDorilean

    MrDorilean개월 전

    Next challenge! Movie that will delay 'The Eternals' for not selling tickets and has ben canceled in China : S h_ _ _- _ h i.

  103. Mr Crunchy

    Mr Crunchy개월 전

    Wait a minute SHANG CHI could be part of the M.C.Ut he would destroy thanos

  104. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

    Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.개월 전

    In Loving Memory Of Brad Allen (1973-2021)