Replay - New Shepard First Human Flight

On July 20, Blue Origin successfully completed New Shepard’s first human flight with four private citizens onboard.


  1. Reinoud

    Reinoud3 시간 전

    The video was underwhelming. No onboard video, hardly any video from the vehicle itself, no video of the view etc

  2. Mark Willoughby

    Mark Willoughby3 시간 전

    Plot Twist: Blue origin story is Weiland Yutani origin story.

  3. Lakshay K.C

    Lakshay K.C3 시간 전

    Hello everyone I am the most underrated KRpostsr of all time.

  4. Hitesh Kawde

    Hitesh Kawde3 시간 전


  5. TrinkBruder

    TrinkBruder3 시간 전

    I had a tenant who quit his job at an Amazon distribution center claim stuff was falling on his head. Then he bounced a check. Maybe Jeff can leave him in space with all his stuff on the next flight🚀

  6. Hiriketiya Dhamma school

    Hiriketiya Dhamma school3 시간 전

  7. Eifel bean

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  8. The Hidden Hand

    The Hidden Hand4 시간 전

    Your tax money at work folks

  9. Mohsen Binandeh

    Mohsen Binandeh4 시간 전


  10. Duke Duke

    Duke Duke4 시간 전

    Smells fishy as usual.

  11. Insane Demon

    Insane Demon4 시간 전

    *1:42:14** literally everyone on reddit: oh hey this looks like a d*ck*

  12. The Kreators

    The Kreators4 시간 전

    I like that there's no choosing to hug Wally Funk or not. She just grabs you & pulls you in for the hug, haha! What a woman

  13. Teddy

    Teddy4 시간 전

    Good way to avoid paying taxes.

  14. C.I.A

    C.I.A4 시간 전

    Blue origin? Dislike. SpaceX all the way.

  15. Prodcde Beatzz

    Prodcde Beatzz3 시간 전

    they're two completely differently focused companies

  16. A K

    A K4 시간 전

    Congratulations Jeff, this is a great event! I've always associated you with the IT industry. I'm infinitely glad that you reached the Karman border with your crew on your ship. I'll support you in all your cosmic plans 🎉🎉🎉💪💪💪

  17. Николай Николаев

    Николай Николаев4 시간 전


  18. Isaac Alonzo

    Isaac Alonzo4 시간 전

    Going to space using imperial units feels weird. It does have a bad precedent mixing units though.

  19. videodudeX

    videodudeX4 시간 전

    Yeah. Ill be impressed when either Bezos or Branson can do some orbits!

  20. Кирилл Александрович

    Кирилл Александрович4 시간 전

    1:28:30 Are you crazy? Remove this fast, people need to think that earth is not flat.

  21. Polyvenus

    Polyvenus4 시간 전

    I feel like flat earthers will finally shut up now since seeing the earth from space is going to be like getting airplane ticket now

  22. Adi Raemi Lee

    Adi Raemi Lee4 시간 전

    They should send the Flat Earther up there 😂

  23. carlos

    carlos4 시간 전

    While literally the whole Earth is on fire, these billionaires spend billions going to space ( releasing emissions) while not paying their fair share of taxes , doing much less for the environment , and came back from 3 minutes of weightlessness and say "beautiful earth" . Hypocrisy at it's best.

  24. Jawad 21x

    Jawad 21x4 시간 전

  25. Tushar Jain

    Tushar Jain4 시간 전

    they fell at 16mph?

  26. Abraham TorresFarah

    Abraham TorresFarah4 시간 전

    no haha (1:42:50) it doesnt just produce steam as a combustion waste haha (1:42:50) theres a lot of other chemicals in the trail but this industry is worth it

  27. Foreseen

    Foreseen4 시간 전

    That wasn't worth it. Shit video. Dick!

  28. The Whore's Whisperer

    The Whore's Whisperer4 시간 전

    This is great and all, but how much does he pay his workers? Do they have medical insurance and what about all these government subsidies for a Penis shaped rocket that NASA'a overlooked for Space X, which I don't agree either. If these two bald pricks want to build rockets and have fun, DO IT AT THERE OWN EXPENSE. I'd rather see money going to people who need medical treatment, disabled, war veterans and aged pensioners.

  29. Scott

    Scott4 시간 전

    Welcome to the first Black Card Fast Pass Ride. If you have piles of money and no desire what so ever to do anything important with it..... come on down!

  30. Julian Skidmore

    Julian Skidmore4 시간 전

    It's an amazing achievement, but why did Blue Origin have to start a new space age using Steam-age units that no-one understands outside of the US, rather than proper units? Does Blue Origin's rocket math actually use the same unscientific measurements? Why is 100km harder to understand than 348,000 ft?

  31. Molnar Denis

    Molnar Denis4 시간 전

    Tip for jeff: buy better cams dudeee!!! I know you have money !

  32. Heaven Rose

    Heaven Rose4 시간 전

    "Listen to the roar of the engine" " actually, dont because i refuse to be quiet"

  33. Aj Slaughter

    Aj Slaughter4 시간 전

    Virtual hugs to everyone who is reading this comment 🥰❤️.

  34. Felix Ryker

    Felix Ryker4 시간 전

    The rich going to space while the world burns... Reality is more unjust than fiction could be clearly.

  35. Fludded

    Fludded4 시간 전

    Poor coverage… why are we cutting away from the astronaughts to seeing two people, we do t know taking up screen space??

  36. Bismuth

    Bismuth4 시간 전

    I know he said i paid for this but, i want my money back.

  37. Ceez B

    Ceez B4 시간 전

    Wally Funk was used as a PR stunt to mask away from the fact that an 18 year old snob got to go to space because his daddy paid for him to go... going forward, space exploration is now only for the super rich. The only thing that will keep common people (scientists) in space is programs like NASA and the contracts they'll provide to companies like SpaceX.

  38. 1.11

    1.115 시간 전

    Ракета похожа на член и мне это напоминает кадры из фильма про Остина Пауерса - на ракету доктора Зло.

  39. Ceez B

    Ceez B5 시간 전

    Bezos was so insecure about people seeing him crying or looking scared he forbade the launch and media team from showing video inside the capsule. Unlike how SpaceX or Virgin did it. Screw Bezos. Insecure and doesn't pay taxes.

  40. Connor Toop

    Connor Toop5 시간 전

    Jeff bozos sucks

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  42. Home Alone

    Home Alone5 시간 전

    Jeff who?

  43. SnoopyDoo

    SnoopyDoo5 시간 전

    This is about as exciting as Apple holding a press conference announcing the iPhone now has copy and paste - 5 years after it was introduced on Android.

  44. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin5 시간 전

    Jeff is basically the “when billionaires are bored” joke

  45. Raptex music

    Raptex music5 시간 전


  46. Stephen Fry

    Stephen Fry5 시간 전

    Why did NASA give up? Because it couldn't get past the Van Allen Radiation Belt! Talk of going to Mars was just a distraction as Musk rolls out thousands of Sky Net microsatellites with camera's and laser like energy focus ability.

  47. Jay Color

    Jay Color5 시간 전

    Oh shit, they're deleting Bezos-critical comments!

  48. T

    T5 시간 전

    What money$$$ can buy huh...

  49. Raptex music

    Raptex music5 시간 전

    Yep. I know, I wish to be them as well

  50. Stephen Fry

    Stephen Fry5 시간 전

    How about building lots of sustainable homes for the homeless? How come the elite don't have to social distance?



    Music u2?? Name??

  52. GamerVaulter

    GamerVaulter5 시간 전

    72 Million????? Not worth it

  53. zahrul zahrul

    zahrul zahrul5 시간 전

    Please help chennel me yes buddy

  54. melissa zuccaro

    melissa zuccaro5 시간 전

    Booster touch down! Wow! Best ever!....effects. Wow!

  55. Roman Ahmatov

    Roman Ahmatov5 시간 전

    looks boring compared to VG

  56. zeeb zorb

    zeeb zorb5 시간 전

    That didnt look like a soft landing

  57. Nganpoii S

    Nganpoii S5 시간 전

    Actually i got a little choked up watching Jeff Bezos flight. It warms my heart 😢 seeing billionaires achieve their dream.

  58. 1.11

    1.115 시간 전

    Clowns, what is space do you know? If you thinks space is 100-200 km then you stupids!!!

  59. Nunzio Business

    Nunzio Business5 시간 전

    They could just use a jump room and go to Mars.

  60. Spaghetti O’Brien

    Spaghetti O’Brien5 시간 전

    And still Leo hasn’t won an Oscar..

  61. Somewhere South of Minnesota

    Somewhere South of Minnesota5 시간 전

    Ladies and Gentlemen, The Penis Rocket.

  62. Andrii Tatarov

    Andrii Tatarov5 시간 전

    Браво 👏

  63. david kahil

    david kahil5 시간 전

    why would we be excited about this, didnt we go to the MOON 50 years ago.

  64. DRU

    DRU5 시간 전

    Yeah, they definitely went no near space.

  65. DRU

    DRU5 시간 전

    The drama of the commentator is so cheesy.

  66. NIGHTOWL 1963

    NIGHTOWL 19635 시간 전

    Personally, I don't think he earned the title of Astronaut. He cheated.

  67. Andru Brandu

    Andru Brandu5 시간 전

    “Reaching orbit takes over 30 times the energy of a suborbital flight. 18,000 mph vs 3,000 mph and 400km altitude vs 100km. Kind of puts it into perspective as to the sheer challenge that @spacex has overcome and the huge lead they have in private space flight! 🚀”

  68. Andru Brandu

    Andru Brandu4 시간 전

    Obviously 🙄

  69. Julian Skidmore

    Julian Skidmore4 시간 전

    Maybe because SpaceX use proper scientific units instead of Steam-age measurements ;-)

  70. Shivam Sharma

    Shivam Sharma5 시간 전

    Congratulations ❤️🎊🎊🎊🎊

  71. DRU

    DRU5 시간 전

    Amazing how the footage that high seems to be missing. Why is that?

  72. Олег Смирнов

    Олег Смирнов5 시간 전

    Первый ковбой полетел в космос! The first cowboy flew into space!

  73. misteraitch

    misteraitch5 시간 전

    First human flight you say? Interesting claim!

  74. misteraitch

    misteraitch4 시간 전

    @Raptex music oh of course, is that what they meant? Yet one can't help but wonder how many hours of extreme g-force training they underwent prior to travelling on said rocket? The type of training the air force and NASA allege is necessary for such speedster the? Into the sea with you! Oh wait...that's exactly where it will come down!

  75. Raptex music

    Raptex music5 시간 전

    For origin they mean

  76. Parik Oblivion

    Parik Oblivion5 시간 전

    300 кусков за 20 минут. Ну на хер. Ждем Маска и полет на марс.

  77. tEXts

    tEXts5 시간 전

    Today is the day! Cheers!

  78. shaw

    shaw5 시간 전

    how come they are allowed back to the earth?? That was not the deal!!!!

  79. AwayWeGo747

    AwayWeGo7475 시간 전

    She is so corny 1:42:00 Did they not know that thing looks like a penis?

  80. Dubya wemig

    Dubya wemig5 시간 전

    "Sir something came on our radar" "What is it?" "It looks like...."

  81. DRU

    DRU5 시간 전

    First time a huge dildo penis shoots into space!!!

  82. Gaurav Mehta

    Gaurav Mehta5 시간 전

    It seems that International Delivery of Goods is going to be optimised and brrrr..

  83. Slay Child

    Slay Child5 시간 전

    No on-board video????

  84. Frenchie Val

    Frenchie Val6 시간 전

    That was just like the thrill rides at amusement parks....only lasts a very short time.

  85. flightisallright

    flightisallright6 시간 전

    This is not a special day. This is not challenging.

  86. dank memes overlord

    dank memes overlord6 시간 전

    I wanted the rocket to blow up.... Sad it didn't blew up

  87. William Bullimore

    William Bullimore6 시간 전

    paid by unpaid taxes

  88. SL

    SL6 시간 전