SEVENTEEN Creates a Soundtrack w/ Their Senses | MTV’s Song Sense

If you had to pick a song to describe a person, place, smell, or thing, what would come to mind? On MTV’s Song Sense, we quiz SEVENETEEN with 13 different things they have to match to a song!

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  1. Evangeline A.K. McDoWell

    Evangeline A.K. McDoWell3 일 전

    How come did sunset remind you guys of sunrise?

  2. Ariel

    Ariel3 일 전

    My mom think this are all kpop group in one room 😂 if she inly knew is one group 💜

  3. LaLiKA

    LaLiKA12 일 전

    Waiting for DK to change his IG name to 'Pizza boy' 👌😅😅😜

  4. Salina Zhang

    Salina Zhang21 일 전

    I don't know why but when I saw the running emoji, the song that I immediately thought of was 'Just do it' by BooSeokSoon based on its choreography and the lyrics 'without hesitation, I run' (something along the lines of that)

  5. hongsoon

    hongsoon24 일 전

    can we talk about how chaotic this was 😭

  6. Daizy O

    Daizy O26 일 전

    I’m so glad I FINALLY started staning Seventeen!! 😂😂 How many other groups am I sleeping on?!?😭😭

  7. Prince Shortie

    Prince Shortie26 일 전


  8. Nairita Sarkar

    Nairita Sarkar26 일 전

    In first i am confused who was talking😅😅😩

  9. Nikki Negi

    Nikki Negi28 일 전

    Hulk sunbaenim 진짜 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 미쳤다... 사랑해 도겸아... ( Love you dk! ) (≧▽≦)

  10. kanitta c

    kanitta c개월 전

    "Hurricane" Hoshi (unreleased) PLEASE MTV LMFAO

  11. Stela

    Stela개월 전


  12. scintilla

    scintilla개월 전

    I knew who would answer every question and got all of them right, I think I know the members enough to not be a baby CARAT anymore 🤚😔

  13. Antisocial_Multistan♡they_them

    Antisocial_Multistan♡they_them개월 전

    lmao they are all so adorable and in sync

  14. Xyr Anis

    Xyr Anis개월 전

    My seoksoo uwu

  15. Xyr Anis

    Xyr Anis개월 전

    Joshua's voice is soooo deep.

  16. Xyr Anis

    Xyr Anis개월 전

    My ARMYCARAT heart. 😭

  17. I mean no want to hear it in Spanish Noh!

    I mean no want to hear it in Spanish Noh!개월 전

    Teen wolf 7

  18. Caratzen♡

    Caratzen♡개월 전

    I want you

  19. AAMY

    AAMY개월 전

    5:20 Even after being in the same company, This is the first time I see SVT talking about BTS. #Hybefamilyworlddomination

  20. v

    v개월 전

    hulk sunbaenim 😭😭😭😭

  21. Madz DG

    Madz DG개월 전

    That minus four key lmao

  22. Madz DG

    Madz DG개월 전

    That minus four key lmao

  23. Dimash K.

    Dimash K.개월 전


  24. Dimash K.

    Dimash K.개월 전


  25. Dimash K.

    Dimash K.개월 전


  26. Dimash K.

    Dimash K.개월 전


  27. Esther D. Garcia

    Esther D. Garcia개월 전

    I'll never forget the great effort of INTELLECTWEB for keeping me to his promise, he's such a genius

  28. Thang Nguyenvan

    Thang Nguyenvan개월 전

    V-POP PRINCE #SonTungMTP REQUEST @sontungmtp777 @MTV #FridayLivestream

  29. Nguyễn Lương Khánh Linh

    Nguyễn Lương Khánh Linh개월 전


  30. Всё для Димаша Алматы

    Всё для Димаша Алматы개월 전


  31. J Hawk

    J Hawk개월 전

    “Hurricane” yesssssssss We need a released version.

  32. QB

    QB개월 전


  33. Allen Williams

    Allen Williams개월 전

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  34. Pokemon 9

    Pokemon 9개월 전

    THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE GEILSEX.UNO KRposts: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' KRposts: BE GONE однако я люблю таких рыбаков ,,.

  35. Odilia Dewi Permatasari

    Odilia Dewi Permatasari개월 전

    How hoshi sing hurricane hahahaha soo cuteeeee

  36. Minette

    Minette개월 전

    1:11 4:18 I can't believe that it's still unreleased

  37. jaehyun sideburns

    jaehyun sideburns개월 전

    Blessed algorithm

  38. Od- Seo

    Od- Seo개월 전

    What sound reminds of Seoul? Me immediately thinking Seoul snsd and super junior

  39. jolyn

    jolyn개월 전

    did anyone else think of 'Check In' when they saw the Seoul picture? Yeah I Check in, Seoul city~

  40. Iriz

    Iriz개월 전


  41. Iriz

    Iriz개월 전

    dino's sugar is my fave

  42. muonsleil

    muonsleil개월 전

    hulk sunbaenim...

  43. Tory Rivera - BVF

    Tory Rivera - BVF개월 전

    DK flexing his vocals in every interview gives me life

  44. Warda Elmi

    Warda Elmi개월 전

    army carats got a crumb when scoups mentioned dna

  45. deekay

    deekay개월 전

    hoshi promotes his song very weellll😌

  46. Rogine Torion

    Rogine Torion개월 전

    hulk sunbaenim 😭😭

  47. wonwoo's sweet potato

    wonwoo's sweet potato개월 전


  48. Alex Gets Better

    Alex Gets Better개월 전

    The8 really be judging his members low key

  49. 제이으

    제이으개월 전

    i can't unhear that hulk sunbaenim from dk

  50. Mary kristine Frio

    Mary kristine Frio개월 전

    "I am pizza, pizza is me" "seventeen is choreography, choreography is seventeen" -voldermort sumbeniem -hulk sumbeniem -dk seventeen

  51. Hollijoy Anadon

    Hollijoy Anadon개월 전

    Hulk sumbaenim

  52. Gervais Bilodeau

    Gervais Bilodeau개월 전

    When are we going to see a 20 members group or 25? Sky is the limit no?

  53. Iamellao

    Iamellao개월 전


  54. livin for kuptatu

    livin for kuptatu개월 전

    seventeen promoting seventeen

  55. Mary Kalan

    Mary Kalan개월 전

    I lost it on Hulk-subaenim lol

  56. bucin wonu

    bucin wonu개월 전

    i can't believe i finally got the btsvt crumbs i deserved

  57. Villa ed

    Villa ed개월 전

    Ok, so Hoshi already made a song about him wants to be called tiger. Now i'm waiting for DK to make a song about him being a pizza boy, lol

  58. LR

    LR개월 전


  59. nadia b

    nadia b개월 전

    I love hoshi continuing to bring up spider whenever he possibly can

  60. nadia b

    nadia b개월 전

    "hulk sunbaenim" 🤣🤣🤣 think dk just outed himself as an undercover superhero?

  61. baesodu

    baesodu개월 전

    1:52 say hello to tom and jerry

  62. Julia Carat

    Julia Carat개월 전

    When they said "New york" and "Seoul" the first song that came to my mind was check in It literally goes like "I check in Seoul city, I check in New york city..."

  63. Julia Carat

    Julia Carat개월 전

    Hoshi promoting his songs is just the cutest thing I have ever seen

  64. Kookie Monster

    Kookie Monster개월 전

    3:15 Quite expected, no longer surprised

  65. Ridhi Pandey

    Ridhi Pandey개월 전

    DK aka Pizza boy 😂😂😂😂

  66. Ridhi Pandey

    Ridhi Pandey개월 전

    Hulk sumbenim 😂

  67. doenjangdk

    doenjangdk개월 전


  68. negahosh(=`ェ´=)

    negahosh(=`ェ´=)개월 전

    HORANGNABI~~~ The8 is so ✨ Iconic ✨

  69. bian•carat

    bian•carat개월 전


  70. 그대_당신

    그대_당신개월 전

    헐크가 왜 선배님인건데 도겸앜ㅋㅋㅋㅌㅌㅌㅌ

  71. Quendrix Martinez

    Quendrix Martinez개월 전


  72. 와내가 그래도 명호 이겼다

    와내가 그래도 명호 이겼다개월 전

    차세대 히어로, 무려 헐크의 후배 그의 이름 이도겸

  73. juni

    juni개월 전

    Playing along with SVT ^^ My answers: Amusement park rides: "Hit" - Seventeen NYC: "Check In" - Seventeen [Hip Hop Unit] Superheroes: "Run to You" - Seventeen Disco ball: "Light a Flame" - Seventeen [96L] Pizza: "GAM3 BO1" - Seventeen [Hip Hop Unit] Taco: "Jam Jam" - Seventeen [Performance Unit] L.A. - "Snapshoot" - Seventeen Painting: "Fallin' Flower" - Seventeen Rainstorm: "Downpour" - I.O.I. Obstacle course: "Just Do It" - BooSeokSoon Tiger: "호랑이 (Horangi Power)" - Hoshi Sunset: "Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day" - Seventeen Seoul: "A-Teen" - Seventeen Chocolate: "Let Me Hear You Say" - Seventeen Running emoji: "Ready to Love" - Seventeen

  74. juni

    juni개월 전

    *Seventeen's answers:* {{Example: Prompt: "Song Name" - Artist (member who gave the answer)}} Amusement park rides: "Ah, Yeah" - Seventeen[Hip Hop Unit] (Jun) NYC: "Empire State of Mind" - Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys (Vernon) Superheroes: "Anyone" - Seventeen (Mingyu) Disco ball: "Sugar" - Maroon 5 (Dino) Pizza: "GAM3 BO1" - Seventeen[Hip Hop Unit] (DK) Taco: "Spider" - Hoshi (Hoshi) L.A. - "Ready to Love" - Seventeen (Joshua) Painting: "Freedom" - Justin Bieber (The8) Rainstorm: "Hurricane" - Hoshi (Woozi) Obstacle course: "Run to You" - Seventeen (Wonwoo) Tiger: "Horangnabi" - Boi B (The8) Sunset: "Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day" - Seventeen (Jeonghan) Seoul: "DNA" - BTS (S.Coups) and "Seoul Moon" - Kim Gun Mo (DK) Chocolate: "Chocolate" - Yoon Jong Shin with Seventeen's Vocal Team (S.Coups) Running emoji: "Ready to Love" - Seventeen (Seungkwan)

  75. wooziwaeg

    wooziwaeg개월 전

    4:20 soonhoon shippers we won again 😭😭😭

  76. wooziwaeg

    wooziwaeg개월 전

    3:18 i actually expected him to answer "spider" and he really did omg soonyoung-ah 😂😂😂

  77. _dulciemeii_

    _dulciemeii_개월 전

    Scoups mentions DNA of BTS, am an army and carat too 😢 so happy to hear it ❤

  78. svt my comfort. my home.

    svt my comfort. my home.개월 전

    1:41 the way Vernon looks at Seungkwan 😭😭

  79. svt my comfort. my home.

    svt my comfort. my home.개월 전

    Oo delulu time muna.

  80. Lecturas Lunares

    Lecturas Lunares개월 전

    Woozi's laught after "burrarra hurricane" gives me life

  81. Febe Evaristo

    Febe Evaristo개월 전

    Dk and his honorifics, seventeen memeing Dino and Jihoon laughing over Soonyoung's antics. My day has been made.

  82. Ais

    Ais2 개월 전

    Btsvt when

  83. Jie Mi

    Jie Mi2 개월 전

    I chuckled at Hulk Sunbaenim help me

  84. Yu Ting

    Yu Ting2 개월 전

    your pitch is so low HAHAHAHAHAHA

  85. Mbeeeee

    Mbeeeee2 개월 전

    Receh banget Hulk sunbaenim

  86. Percie Leigh Santiago

    Percie Leigh Santiago2 개월 전

    Woozi laughing as loud as he can on Hoshi while dancing, damn SoonHoon superior 😭

  87. ivfzlor

    ivfzlor2 개월 전

    #MINGHAO: Horangnabi [poses]

  88. mint tea

    mint tea2 개월 전

    4:52 minghao's horangnabi is back lmao

  89. Irian Hasan

    Irian Hasan2 개월 전

    all songs are greatt

  90. Irian Hasan

    Irian Hasan2 개월 전


  91. mingyufloofy

    mingyufloofy2 개월 전

    I love how Mingyu said "Anyone" for the superhero theme I FEEL THE SAME WAY TOO >.

  92. Keith

    Keith2 개월 전

    Joshua please step on me

  93. Keith

    Keith2 개월 전

    the crackhead energy is high on this vid

  94. mei lin sky

    mei lin sky2 개월 전

    3:38 not at Vernon doubting Joshua's choice saying "ready to love? LA?? ready to love???"

  95. J e l i o n

    J e l i o n2 개월 전

    why does the running emoji reminds me of Just Do It??

  96. J e l i o n

    J e l i o n2 개월 전

    Hurricane when?? hahaha

  97. Maia Madjesta

    Maia Madjesta2 개월 전

    omg my btsvt heart, armycarats are you still breathing? 😭😭😭🙏

  98. 데니스

    데니스2 개월 전

    Seokmin going Hulk~sunbaenim 😂

  99. Un3hcorn*.

    Un3hcorn*.2 개월 전

    B U R E O R A H U R R I C A N E

  100. Un3hcorn*.

    Un3hcorn*.2 개월 전

    lee chan comedic genius

  101. Un3hcorn*.

    Un3hcorn*.2 개월 전