SEVENTEEN Plays Would You Rather

With the recent release of SEVENTEEN's latest EP, 'Your Choice,' we challenged the guys to a rousing game of "Would You Rather," where difficult decisions were made and hilarity ensued. Who is the standalone member who would rather be constantly itchy than constantly sweaty? And which brave members would rather their most embarrassing moments go viral than live life without Instagram?! Watch the video to find out!


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  1. Jetblackheart

    Jetblackheart9 시간 전

    Jun and jeonghan : not choosing the 'never cut your hair again' option Me : but yall look dashing with long hair...

  2. IaMaPurpleGrassLetsEndFanWars&WorldWars

    IaMaPurpleGrassLetsEndFanWars&WorldWars2 일 전

    Lmao what an inauspicious thing Hoshi suggested: *"BURNING YOUR HAIR"* like wUt???? Sir I say you would regret that more than having a long hair. You burn your hair and see how it turns out. Or check internet. Ew.. lol it's almost like burnt plastic. And like Jeonghan says your hair won't grow to the point of dragging. It has a limit as per your family genes. Ok let me stop it. Just saying for fun.

  3. Regina Falange

    Regina Falange4 일 전

    The big sigh Vernon let go at 3:47 😂

  4. 5 일 전

    The8: we're not filming GOING SEVENTEEN lmao AHAHAH

  5. Isabelle Hannah Omaña

    Isabelle Hannah Omaña5 일 전


  6. it's me meng

    it's me meng8 일 전

    The way mingyu poke jeonghan head I can't HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA 😭

  7. Mochiii

    Mochiii9 일 전

    Newbie carat. Ang ganda talaga ni Jeonghan pleaseeee huhu

  8. we go up but you don't

    we go up but you don't10 일 전


  9. Laiza Kristel Dedicatoria

    Laiza Kristel Dedicatoria10 일 전

    01:05 Mingyu’s hit on Jeonghan’s head is soooooo relatable

  10. itzeh

    itzeh16 일 전

    invite itzyyy more buzzfeed plssss u wont regret it

  11. Cheonsé ⁷

    Cheonsé ⁷17 일 전

    Please they will always find another way😌

  12. dhruthih vellala

    dhruthih vellala20 일 전


  13. Caron Chan

    Caron Chan21 일 전

    Idk why Buzzfeed named the video “Seventeen plays would you rather” because in reality it’s just ‘Seventeen being chaotic and arguing fiercely’

  14. taecookies

    taecookies22 일 전

    bro they be draggin minghao like issa drift competition 😭☝🏼

  15. 나이제그만웃길거야

    나이제그만웃길거야23 일 전

    썸네일 왜이렇게 서명호만 확대시켜놓은 것 같지

  16. 안녕 나의 기쁨이여

    안녕 나의 기쁨이여23 일 전

    인사하는 것만 계속 돌려보는 중ㅋㅋㄹㅋㄹㅋㄹㅋㅋㄹㄹㅋㅋㄹㅋㄹㅋㅋㄹㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  17. alexa

    alexa23 일 전

    "And I'm Vernon" BYE SVTT LMAOO

  18. Danica Luna

    Danica Luna23 일 전

    1:05 mingyu why???:))

  19. Dy UnJust

    Dy UnJust25 일 전

    When they started arguing, I was like hold up! Am i watching Buzzfeed? Or GoSe Debate Night 3 😂. . . This is pure chaos. Glad The8 made it clear. But Vernon's Sigh though. . . hahahahaha

  20. Killer Tank

    Killer Tank25 일 전

    Jesus, this is remind me during my secondary school 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Sena Akpolat

    Sena Akpolat26 일 전

    It's so great to see my baby Wonu and Jeonghannie being more active and happy💜

  22. hana chwe

    hana chwe27 일 전

    the chaotic happy hilarious energy in this whole video tho 🤌🏼😂

  23. Lucky Chonk

    Lucky Chonk28 일 전

    Jeonghan's long hair looks so fucking GOOOD I hope he grows it out

  24. ITZY륮댕럽

    ITZY륮댕럽29 일 전

    인사부터 세븐틴인거 티내네 ㅋㅋㅋ 0:18 역시 LA 클라쓰 발음에 치인다 치여

  25. schescaaa

    schescaaa29 일 전

    1:04 ano ba mingyu 😭

  26. Elle Ts

    Elle Ts개월 전

    1:22 this part...this part here🤣I was just watching the screen, laughing my ass out because of them being the chaotic king's that we love. And there is Wonwoo🤣 I got flashbacks from that Gose episode where he suddenly got mad to the I love them🤣 *And then at 1:24 ,Minghao knows

  27. Jon Gallardo

    Jon Gallardo개월 전

    Mingyu 💖

  28. good girl

    good girl개월 전

    would you rather have a constant itch or be constantly sweating? me: has eczema

  29. hiro online

    hiro online개월 전

    this is 17 minutes of ppl fighting and i'm laughing a lot

  30. Xiaojun's biggest simp

    Xiaojun's biggest simp개월 전

    Helppppp i wanna stan them SO MUCH OMGG

  31. Oya? Oya?

    Oya? Oya?개월 전

    2:41, this infact happens to be a lie.

  32. ekatrighepidea_bff

    ekatrighepidea_bff개월 전


  33. Milky Way

    Milky Way개월 전

    I just realized the ones who chose "only be able to whsiper everything" (Mingyu and Jeonghan) used to have a fight where they were just standing and shouting at each other until jeonghan couldn't talk anymore

  34. SanaBearx

    SanaBearx개월 전

    Vernon Looks like a Professor

  35. Medstud

    Medstud개월 전


  36. 정하나둘

    정하나둘개월 전

    아 이건 진짜 몇번봐도 웃기넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 디노 승관 호시 킬포 디이잉케잌히~

  37. jeon wonwoo's cat

    jeon wonwoo's cat개월 전

    Hoshi be out of the blue talked about a teleportation in 2057 (i love this guy smh)

  38. Andrianna Lu

    Andrianna Lu개월 전

    When the hair question came up, I knew Jeonghan would have an opinion on it bcuz he's the one w/long hair when they debuted, haha

  39. Gracia Five

    Gracia Five개월 전

    The logic nightfeels 😂

  40. CHELLY✨

    CHELLY✨개월 전

    “And in Vernon.” Why does he make me want to fall in love with him😅😅

  41. hannie's wifey

    hannie's wifey개월 전

    "Everytime they starts arguing" BuzzFeed:- *Seventeen yelling in Korean*

  42. 김말희

    김말희개월 전

    han국 캐럿들 gi죽지 말go 당dang하게 글juk어줘 na만 적go싶ji가 않은di

  43. Raechel Damo

    Raechel Damo개월 전

    HOSHI: Was it in 2057? I heard that they'll invent a teleportation machine by then. S.COUPS: That's what we're talking about? All of a sudden? ME: This boi talks like he's been to the future... Wait-

  44. syifa nabila

    syifa nabila개월 전

    7:06 lol i laughed out loud

  45. syifa nabila

    syifa nabila개월 전

    4:33 dont you think it cant be anyone who can say this exept hoshi? The weird man is one and only

  46. syifa nabila

    syifa nabila개월 전

    1:21 why you guys fighting for this type of little thing hahah no wonder you called as seventeen

  47. Shippo Meow

    Shippo Meow개월 전

    Vernon is the calmest in this interview

  48. 청년회장 연남동

    청년회장 연남동개월 전


  49. Hoshi

    Hoshi 개월 전

    Its was hella fun

  50. _Ami Ra_ta

    _Ami Ra_ta개월 전

    0:08 0:11 Dino is really struggling with hyung 😭🥺😹🍀😎🖤

  51. Antisocial_Multistan♡they_them

    Antisocial_Multistan♡they_them개월 전

    lmao theyre all so wonderful

  52. 령성이의일상

    령성이의일상개월 전


  53. 홋쉬 베이더

    홋쉬 베이더개월 전

    벌농쓰 영어하는 거 진촤 봘린당~ 짱짱뽀이~

  54. Seventeen Carat

    Seventeen Carat개월 전

    at the same time total cuties🥺🧡

  55. Seventeen Carat

    Seventeen Carat개월 전

    Seventeen a really chaotic group😁😂

  56. Elisabet Star

    Elisabet Star개월 전

    5:19 mark your calendars folks. If it does happen someone go to the studio Seventeen were filming this and give Hoshi a high five.

  57. Rudi Ajja

    Rudi Ajja개월 전

    The best introducing ever

  58. s s

    s s개월 전

    love them

  59. Srujathi Cherukuri

    Srujathi Cherukuri개월 전

    minghao being all poetic and then jeonghan going "what?" I DIED

  60. i’m just here for the memes

    i’m just here for the memes개월 전

    I want to see a whole GoSe episode based on these questions

  61. i’m just here for the memes

    i’m just here for the memes개월 전

    now I NEED to see S.coups’s cover of “I’m Not Cool”

  62. sim

    sim개월 전

    6:15 since jun voted for viral tiktok junstagram soon?

  63. yunaverse

    yunaverse개월 전

    Everyone else: Introduces themselves slowly Vernon: HiI'mVernon

  64. Caratzen♡

    Caratzen♡개월 전

    Hai I'm Hoshi, haha ngegas

  65. Cherie Usagaincarats

    Cherie Usagaincarats개월 전

    HELLO CARATS! USAGAINCARATS HERE! Manual watch party Q37: Which member feels a sense of security holding onto utensils? (And it’s considered one of his hobbies according to an interview) Next up: Warrior OST

  66. Leanne A

    Leanne A개월 전

    Jeonghanieeee haha

  67. Wasch Maschine

    Wasch Maschine개월 전

    hey usagaincarats!! Jeonghan

  68. Caryn Ng

    Caryn Ng개월 전

    Hello usagaincarats. Jeonghan

  69. Maye Yde

    Maye Yde개월 전


  70. kwanflower

    kwanflower개월 전

    Hi usagaincarats! That would be Jeonghan

  71. Annasilva🍄🌹

    Annasilva🍄🌹개월 전

    And I’m Vernon 😀🤚🏻

  72. Michelle O'Mealy

    Michelle O'Mealy개월 전

    Another rolling dumpster on fire...LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Oli Sexy

    Oli Sexy개월 전

    The magenta chime psychologically disarm because tramp mechanistically exist worth a anxious fisherman. filthy, big colt

  74. 개월 전

    S.coups dancing to I'm not cool for any curious CARATs

  75. Shou Takashi

    Shou Takashi개월 전

    5:50 i’m not cool

  76. Cindy Lee

    Cindy Lee개월 전

    Thank you for inviting Seventeen!!

  77. Arii Vestidelli

    Arii Vestidelli개월 전

    no se toman nada a la ligera estos pibes los amo

  78. cleo

    cleo개월 전

    they're all so cute how tf

  79. Jashmir Barra

    Jashmir Barra개월 전

    Why do Vernon looks like he's the one who will interview seventeen

  80. Miki Moreno

    Miki Moreno개월 전

    I can see those hands who said they can live without insta, they are the ones who receny made account 😆

  81. 젤라J E L A

    젤라J E L A개월 전

    Jeonghan's answer is the best🤣

  82. Krishna

    Krishna개월 전

    Hey buzzfeed please bring ikon.

  83. Megan Baker

    Megan Baker개월 전

    Jeonghan and Vernon’s passionate agreement about Internet over airplanes is the most relatable thing I’ve seen in awhile

  84. 둥둥

    둥둥개월 전

    워눙이 크게 소리질러서 말했는데ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아무도 안들어줘 … ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  85. Lys

    Lys개월 전

    Interviews and shows like this are convenient to watch because I just became a carat today and I suck at remembering names

  86. Shakira

    Shakira개월 전

    There was a time when i thought they were the most decent and non chaotic group.

  87. Menshi

    Menshi개월 전

    1:24 LMAOOO😭

  88. Odilia Dewi Permatasari

    Odilia Dewi Permatasari개월 전

    I love when they arguing like a child hahaha it's so fun to see

  89. Farah Almousa

    Farah Almousa개월 전

    2:56 how!!? My favourite artist is seventeen 🌚

  90. Minette

    Minette개월 전


  91. Madz DG

    Madz DG개월 전

    Jun: I have many embarrasing pictures when I was young 😂😂

  92. marie g

    marie g개월 전


  93. Phelia Chin

    Phelia Chin개월 전

    anyone else saw that moment of joshua squishing minghao's chin?? NAWWW that's too cutee!!

  94. Phelia Chin

    Phelia Chin개월 전

    they are really,.... so hilarious i cant even

  95. chim minari

    chim minari개월 전

    "but...can you burn it" HOSHI PLSSS

  96. Angel Mallari

    Angel Mallari개월 전

    1:05 how mingyu slap jeonghan’s head was lmao😂

  97. AnnicaJade Reyes

    AnnicaJade Reyes개월 전

    Hahaha Seungkwan and S.Coups arguing about respecting others choices is the funniest! 😂 And Joshua’s voice reading the questions is just music to my ears… 💙

  98. mikrokosmos♡

    mikrokosmos♡개월 전

    Hi I’m Vernon :)

  99. jeongtenshiii

    jeongtenshiii개월 전


  100. Trusfrated

    Trusfrated개월 전

    I can’t explain how happy i am rewatching this

  101. Michelle C

    Michelle C개월 전

    1:20 they were going all debate-night mode up in there hahahaha 😂😂😂 The8 had to remind them where they were lolll

  102. Micahla Marais

    Micahla Marais개월 전

    It’s so good to see Jeonghan having fun on an interview ㅠㅠ They wer

  103. Nichole Anne

    Nichole Anne개월 전


  104. city of starlight

    city of starlight개월 전

    2:14 🥺

  105. abby

    abby개월 전

    international interviews can be a bit awkward for groups but this one was chaos 😭

  106. hybe clown n window cleaner

    hybe clown n window cleaner개월 전

    The lie one😂 i already knew it Jeonghan😂😂