[STATION] 서울시향 X 박인영 ‘하루의 끝 (End of a day) (Orchestra Ver.)’ Official Video

Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra X Inyoung Park's "하루의 끝 (End of a day) (Orchestra Ver.)" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/EoadXOrchestra
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[STATION] 서울시향 X 박인영 ‘하루의 끝 (End of a day) (Orchestra Ver.)’ Official Video ℗ SM ENTERTAINMENT


  1. Ours Smile

    Ours Smile20 시간 전

    Hai SM Iam a big fan of SM Orchestra, i've been waiting for another project soon 🙏

  2. yuhu 3

    yuhu 3일 전


  3. Moon Drop

    Moon Drop3 일 전


  4. Moon Drop

    Moon Drop3 일 전


  5. Moon Drop

    Moon Drop3 일 전


  6. 5HINee Forever

    5HINee Forever5 일 전

    I'm sure Jonghyun would love this

  7. 파티마

    파티마6 일 전

    Vine tarde pero simplemente hermoso 😍

  8. D B

    D B7 일 전

    Goosebumps all over. Jjongie, we miss you and we love you, always and forever. You did so well, love..

  9. little bling

    little bling7 일 전

    thank you always

  10. 조선왕족씰룩씰룩

    조선왕족씰룩씰룩8 일 전

    오케.ver이 진짜 좋은 이유가 뭔가 악기만의 심금을 울리는 무언가가 있음.

  11. 혜준아

    혜준아8 일 전

    Hey! Thanks for your work Today you did very well:')

  12. Graziele Henning

    Graziele Henning9 일 전

    will never be forgotten will always be in our hearts 🌹

  13. Kristin F

    Kristin F9 일 전

    its been a while. I was too scared to play his song from my phone. I remember the day when all the news reporting about his death, and I cried for like 3 days 😭

  14. Nazlı Karacaoğlan

    Nazlı Karacaoğlan11 일 전

    O kadar güzel olmuş ki...

  15. loli Dolly baby

    loli Dolly baby15 일 전

    vamos a llorar ...es hermosa! te extraño estuviste ahi cuando tuve muchos momentos dificiles estoy muy agradecida hasta el dia de hoy! espero estes bien y ya nunca pases por dificultates

  16. estrillitha.

    estrillitha.15 일 전

    hey, I'm here again •́ ‿ ,•̀

  17. Rio .S

    Rio .S15 일 전

    泣きました😭 あの日から既に3年が経ったけど、 ジョンくんにもう一度会いたいです😭

  18. Shawol forever

    Shawol forever16 일 전

    I Like this orchestra 😍 Love you Jjong and i miss you so much

  19. aeri

    aeri18 일 전

    The best thing that SM ever did

  20. Felix Yhamil Miranda Ortega

    Felix Yhamil Miranda Ortega19 일 전

    lo extraño :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  21. Chiminlind Robin

    Chiminlind Robin19 일 전

    It's so touching😭😭. The melody is so beautiful like the singer of this song😭

  22. Mamoru Ryu

    Mamoru Ryu21 일 전

    in lying darkness there are people walking with their own burden

  23. prince jimin

    prince jimin23 일 전

    2021 miss u even more 😭😭😭

  24. lilia Hernández

    lilia Hernández26 일 전

    Que hermoso

  25. Diamond sky

    Diamond sky26 일 전

    I love you jonghyun ❤

  26. pennynyo

    pennynyo개월 전

    No sé cómo expresar la impotencia que es que esta versión preciosa no sea reconocida al artista que la creo

  27. pennynyo

    pennynyo개월 전

    The beginning with Clair de lune wow

  28. knixyz 's

    knixyz 's개월 전

    having tears while listen this song

  29. estrillitha.

    estrillitha.개월 전

    merry christmas everyone. I'm so happy we made it, let's keep going okay? Don't give up. it's okay to take a rest but don't ever stop. fighting everyone! we did great this year :)

  30. Azra Khairunisa

    Azra Khairunisa개월 전

    hey, 2020 is about to over, thank you for being here, thank you to stay alive, it's Okay to cry, it's okay to being angry or sad, ily and you are worthy, see you in 2021!

  31. fiercebitch

    fiercebitch개월 전


  32. Wong Rebecca

    Wong Rebecca개월 전

    i miss you jonghyun

  33. sabila Farichatur

    sabila Farichatur개월 전

    Karena setiap alunan musik bisa membawa kita mundur selangkah untuk merasakan kembali kepada siapa kita merindu, mencintai, menyanyangi entah dia masih disisi kita atau telah jauh...

  34. Marzena

    Marzena개월 전


  35. Lu

    Lu개월 전

    I'll always come back to this video. And just hear to this video while imaging him smiling. You did well to whoever is reading this. You did well.

  36. Imane Boulal

    Imane Boulal개월 전


  37. Thuỳ Dung

    Thuỳ Dung개월 전


  38. SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours

    SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours개월 전


  39. Ewa Asyifah

    Ewa Asyifah개월 전

    thank you for combining end of the day with clair de lune in the intro, it's a beautiful melody.

  40. lucy ordoñez

    lucy ordoñez개월 전

    Jonghyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun espero que estés escuchando allá dónde estás.... te amamos , no te olvidamos nunca, estás hasta el fin de este mundo por siempre , mira que bien lo sigues haciendo mi niño 🥰⚘💎🙏❤👏👏👏!!!!

  41. Got7_ Exo_ Shinee

    Got7_ Exo_ Shinee개월 전

    Jonghyun another year without you ... All your music reminds us of you, but we know you're fine ... Thank you for giving us your music and all of you ... One day we will meet again ... 😇

  42. Nguyễn Trần Thế Thanh

    Nguyễn Trần Thế Thanh개월 전

    You live in my heart forever , 5HINee is forever ❤️

  43. Бо Кей

    Бо Кей개월 전

    I will always love you.

  44. 썬

    개월 전

    모두들 하루하루가 웃음꽃이 피는 날들이었으면 좋겠어요. 수고했어요 고생많으셨어요.

  45. ncllg

    ncllg개월 전

    this is a safe space for me and my emotions. i can cry, smile, and remember everything about him. i hope he knows how much he helped me get through everyday & to you reading this, you did well today. you’re doing well. you’ll do well tomorrow.

  46. onlyforbtob

    onlyforbtob개월 전

    you did well today, too. i miss you.

  47. key's gucci

    key's gucci개월 전

    You did well!!!!!!!

  48. Red Flavor

    Red Flavor개월 전

    You did well Jonghyun

  49. clara_tuanzy

    clara_tuanzy개월 전

    So beautiful ❤️

  50. Luana Cravo

    Luana Cravo개월 전

    You did well. We did well. Let's keep doing well, ok?

  51. Naz Özen

    Naz Özen개월 전

    Jonghyun is his music and his music will never fade away. Thank you for your comforting words Jonghyun-ah. You worked hard, you are our pride ♡

  52. Rafaela Almeida

    Rafaela Almeida개월 전

    This is such a beautiful experience

  53. Adis_ Neko

    Adis_ Neko개월 전

    Today 18 December😔🌹❤️

  54. Ana Larissa

    Ana Larissa개월 전

    essa música é incrível, e ela se encaixou perfeitamente com a orquestra, foi uma das primeiras músicas que eu escutei do Jonghyun

  55. ANN Qiu

    ANN Qiu개월 전

    3 years ago today oppa. You are still and forever will be remembered. 🙏💕

  56. rosie wei

    rosie wei개월 전

    here today to remember him, always be with you

  57. Diamond sky

    Diamond sky개월 전

    Until now Thank you so much for uploading this version

  58. watmaka

    watmaka개월 전

    3 years you haven't be here

  59. Melike Bilge Polatkan

    Melike Bilge Polatkan개월 전

    you did well jonghyun

  60. Anan soo

    Anan soo개월 전

    You always did well, Jonghyun.. RIP...

  61. Echel Konsam

    Echel Konsam개월 전

    I hope you have find peace up there,oppa.!! We miss you alot.!! You did well💞💐 And thank you Smtown for these wonderful masterpiece.!!!🥺🤧

  62. Garima

    Garima개월 전


  63. Babywol _

    Babywol _개월 전


  64. Raquel Oliveira

    Raquel Oliveira개월 전

    Saudade de você amor

  65. Marianne Melo

    Marianne Melo개월 전

    i love you so much my angel

  66. Keana Sandoval

    Keana Sandoval개월 전

    you did well (: 18.12

  67. kyuwon#1 sj sanred

    kyuwon#1 sj sanred개월 전

    I miss you so much 3years already my angel thank you for wonderfull song i always proud for you and i love you so much....

  68. baekhyun thinker

    baekhyun thinker개월 전

    this deserves more views.

  69. sogol pirhadi

    sogol pirhadi개월 전

    Miss you so much Oppa

  70. love, zee

    love, zee개월 전

    it's gonna be that time of the year again. let's stay strong shawols, and always remember that you did well today and every day.

  71. annie

    annie개월 전

    you too ❤

  72. KwonJungring

    KwonJungring개월 전


  73. liên hoàng

    liên hoàng개월 전

    보고 싶어 , i miss you, em nhớ anh , 我想你 , ผมคิดถึงคุณ , あなたがいなくて寂しいです

  74. 홈런볼최고

    홈런볼최고개월 전


  75. Sangeetha

    Sangeetha개월 전

    i feel hurt

  76. 2 Month

    2 Month개월 전


  77. Sand

    Sand개월 전

    you've done so well. thank you so much. thank you for being our star.

  78. Michelle Martinez

    Michelle Martinez개월 전

    Que hermoso

  79. key's gucci

    key's gucci개월 전

    You did well.. They said the pain will be less as time pass by... But why is it not like that for me!!! I really miss you.... I love you

  80. Espacio Melody

    Espacio Melody개월 전

    Sıkı çalıştın

  81. Rifqotul Muna

    Rifqotul Muna개월 전

    you are my pride...thank you jonghyun for your hard work

  82. alpha pink

    alpha pink개월 전

    Miss you 4eva Uri jongyhun.

  83. Park Jimin

    Park Jimin개월 전

    I couldn't believe that Jonghyun had gone so far to such a beautiful place

  84. Benny F.M

    Benny F.M개월 전


  85. Flower s

    Flower s개월 전

    That’s hurt me so much

  86. Flower s

    Flower s개월 전

    that’s so sad

  87. Raquel Oliveira

    Raquel Oliveira개월 전

    Jjong iria amar poder ouvir isso... Vou lhe amar para sempre

  88. Viona Callista

    Viona Callista개월 전

    I miss him so much omg . The world is always less beautiful without him

  89. Rin No

    Rin No개월 전

    I'm here...

  90. rima hernawati

    rima hernawati개월 전


  91. Lix M

    Lix M개월 전

    This version is perfect for Christmas

  92. Araceli Alvarez

    Araceli Alvarez개월 전

    Jjong, puedes escucharlo? Verdad que quedó bellísimo? Estoy segura que estás feliz. Te imagino moviendo tu cabecita de un lado a otro, al compás de la música. Jjong, te quiero muchísimo!!

  93. Luthfiyah Hikmah

    Luthfiyah Hikmah개월 전

    Jonghyun still be my angel in my heart. I'm always love you Jonghyun Oppa. Thank you was be a great singer. Than you for always hug people with your comfort voice. You've worked hard, really♡

  94. peek a boo

    peek a boo개월 전

    Back again to this masterpiece, and the tears still falls down

  95. sunushiii 17

    sunushiii 17개월 전

    Miss jong :'))

  96. Carmina Andrea Cuevas Acevedo

    Carmina Andrea Cuevas Acevedo개월 전

    Jonghyun fue un gran escritor.

  97. 상진상진

    상진상진개월 전

    하루의 끝 노래 앞에 나오는 음악 이름 아는 사람 있나요?

  98. Lacey Barnett

    Lacey Barnett개월 전

    thank you. as the anniversary grows closer, this song brings me great comfort.

  99. 호그와트에서온호구

    호그와트에서온호구개월 전

    정작 본인은 위로받지 못하고 떠난거같아서 자꾸 생각나네요. 남은 사람들은 아직도 종현이 쓴 곡으로 위로받고있는데.

  100. Katrin chocolate

    Katrin chocolate개월 전

    Jonghyun Dackel 😍😍😍

  101. Depp xx

    Depp xx개월 전

    수고했어요 정말 고생했어요. 그댄 나의 자랑이죠.