back to office in 2 monthsㅣgot vaxxedㅣdays offㅣwatch 2 films in a day!

Thank you so much for the wait!

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📌 정보 outfit deets

Sep 6
top: aubier (제품제공)

Sep 8
top: Polo ralphlauren

Sep 9
top: Polo ralphlauren
knitwear: aubier (제품제공)

Sep 10
cardigan: aubier (제품제공)
pants: aubier
shoes: chanel

Sep 12
top: aubier
cardigan: aubier (제품제공)
pants: aubier
shoes: chanel

shoes: lacoste (2017년 여름 구매 제품, tag 닳아서 안 보임 ㅠ)
laptop stand:

CameraㅣiPhone XS
EditㅣVllo (mobile ver.)
LaptopㅣMacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2018)
iPadㅣ6th generation 32GB
iPad caseㅣRhino 8
TripodㅣUlanzi, Azna



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    ❤❤❤ from kerala ❤❤❤

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    I love uu

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    비 오고 나면 복숭아 맹탕 된다고 들었어효,,

  4. Gabrillah Mullah Sandra

    Gabrillah Mullah Sandra일 전

    I have been obsessed with cola zero bc of you too omgg😫 nowadays coffee can't even keep me awake anymoree! cola zero is more effective 😫 i wonder if its ok to drink this much like you did in the video? 😖😖

  5. Ophélie D

    Ophélie D일 전

    This book looks like the Midnight library, by Matt Haig! If it is, I am glad that you bought it! It is a unique story and conveys a good message. If you've ever been unsatisfied with your life's choices, you should read it :)

  6. Santy Baby

    Santy Baby일 전

    I feel like i am living there

  7. 나이거

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    19:46 딤디 나거의 한달동안 번아웃에 초조 불안을 넘어 포기 좌절의 긴 터널을 헤매다 추석에 하려한 모든 걸 버리고 내리 감정과 마주하며 있다 문뜩 깨어나 딤디 영상이 보고 싶어 지난 편을 보고 있었는데 이 멘트에 나 뭔데 감동을 하는 걸까 이유없이 다시 열심히 살고 싶어졌어

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    8:41 why u look so angry? lol :D

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    Please don't drink too much pepsi

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    1:41 이 에어팟 키링 정보 아시는 분 있으신가요ㅠㅠ 넘사고싶어유

  11. huiting seow

    huiting seow3 일 전

    I laughed reading your captions. Your vlog is so wholesome and you are so authentic

  12. Chix Jennie

    Chix Jennie3 일 전

    I find it funny when she blur sumthing idk maybe I'm broken I really like your humour 언니

  13. şevval xd

    şevval xd3 일 전

    i love your videos so much!! they’re like a safe place, it’s natural and comforting. i’m just curious about how you record your videos, like how you place your camera or how you prepare to start recording etc.. i wonder if you can do that 🥺

  14. Linda

    Linda3 일 전

    Bestie unless you wanna actually get sick and die, reduce the amount of fizzies you drinking. It can get toxic for your health. Especially since you drink more than 2 in one day leading to more than 10 in a week. i wanna see you reach 50+ years alive🙌🏼

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    gotta love the quiet vlog.

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    청경채 사실 때 마라샹궈 만드실건가..이 생각 했어요ㅋㅋㅋ

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    why my skin is breaking out so badly *proceeds to drink 100 bottles of pepsi in a day*

  18. jagdeep kaur

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    Unnie can you give me the link of your keyboard pls? And in Italy is raining a lot in this few days

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    She's like having food at home: ❌ Having Pepsi zero: ✔️

  20. JT M

    JT M4 일 전

    Hello lovely videos. I m new here so watching All the old videos as well. Drinking Pepsi on an empty stomach is not good, drinking too many fizy drinks might coz pimples nd stomach ailments. Ginger tea is good try to ve it a little warm instead of cold. I live alone too for last 9 years 🙂 so I kno somedays wud b without rules nd thats ok.loads of love dear take care ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  21. Maleeha Muzafar

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    Pepsi.... should be in the title 😂 anyway love your content so much, thanks for sharing ❤



    What did you think about Shang Chi? I LOVED IT!!

  23. Dulanga Kekulawala

    Dulanga Kekulawala4 일 전

    How can you eat so much and you're still skinny, wish I could do that. I remember when u literally inhaled three whole cakes, I barely eat anything and Im still-

  24. a l i c i a ∙

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    2 films in one day? My grandfather watches 6 😛

  25. a random person

    a random person4 일 전

    4:20 lmaooo i got scared when she put the whole packet into the water 😂😂 i thought she did that accidentally

  26. 26Kuttu

    26Kuttu4 일 전

    Pepsi has sugar wich caused your breakouts. Try drinking water (flavour it wit lemon-cucumbers-mint leaves) wil cool your body & help with skin issues. Also, I absolutely loved your crossbag at 12.19. Loads of love ❤️

  27. 전수연

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    혹시 로지치크 러시 팩 후기는 말씀해주셨나요...? ㅋㅋㅋ제가놓친건가 엄청 궁급합니닷

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    Hi, i love your Wide trousers were did you buy them? I see them a lot in your videos! Btw. Big fan of yours! From Czech republic! ❤️❤️ I would be happy if you do Q&A !

  29. Diza Tanzira

    Diza Tanzira4 일 전

    Sis i hope you drink more water in the future... after all coke or any can beverages isn’t good for your well-being ❤️

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    딤디가 마라샹궈 재료 꺼낼 때부터 알아봤던 나 딤디 잘알 임명해 주세요

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    It soo nice to be independent😊

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    Did you enjoy the Midnight Library? I am on the waitlist at my library for it.

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    딤디림 머리 많이 길었네여 비빔밥은 일욜 점심 국룰이져

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    We want an Arabic translation help help😭😭

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    Can you activate the subtitles in Spanish? Please! 🙇🏻‍♀️

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    The thing i like about deemd is that she finishes her food💯💯💯 such an honest vlogger

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  38. Random Person :p

    Random Person :p5 일 전

    Dont drink this much pepsi!!😳 I had a teacher who got stomach ulcer cuz of drinking too many sodas

  39. Gamze Gezici

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    Thanks for the subtitles, greeting from Turkey

  40. yiisaan

    yiisaan5 일 전

    the moment u took out the vege, i knew u gonna cook malaxiangguo...reminds me of your video when u were still studying in china hahaha

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    Afro Sizimmer5 일 전

    Lol at you wanting to become a fighter. If you end up doing it, please document it for us 😁

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    هل سيتم إضافة ترجمة للعربية؟

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    I need the spanish subtitles :')

  44. Park Jimin

    Park Jimin5 일 전

    It's so annoying when your skin is suddenly breaking out without a reason and you didn't do anything to cause it uhhhhhh,, being a woman is tiring sometimes = most of the time haha ^^ Also, pepsi zero might seem like a better option than normal one that has tons of sugar in it, but believe me, they are pretty much the same kind of bad for you and that might be the reason why you suddenly started breaking out from the amount you drinking so I'd lay off it for a bit and see what happens. Of course, I'm not telling you to stop drinking it if you like it but balance in life is good and my skin is very sensitive as well and break out for literally no reason from time to time, and food/drinks or your hormones are the top leaders in causing it. My Sundays have been blessed thanks to you no matter what you post in your videos so don't feel obligated to go out and vlog if you do not feel like it but I always appreciate a pretty view of Seoul. Have a nice day ^^ Fighting!!

  45. M.Ritisha

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    Hey I have a question Why you do not show your face... Just a question no other reason. I found her 15 min ago so was just curious. Can anyone answer properly........

  46. HiMyNameIs Mei

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    I just wanna say thank you a lot, 언니. You don't know but you really helped me to improve myself and my everyday student life. You became my inspiration starting the day I found your videos/vlogs. Keep being our inspiration, 언니. 감사합니다! Keep safe always.

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    damn i used to be like you who used drink lots of coke/pepsi when I was in Vietnam. it was so bad I had indigestion problems...T.T make sure to drink lots of water too deemed! ^.^

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    Deemd my first day at my part time job was yesterday and I cried after but I thought of you so I felt better... even if Deemd struggles with her first day it's okay that I do too, thank you for always keeping it real, that's the reason you're my favourite vlogger

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    Naur but is no one else concerned about the amount of Pepsi she's consuming I'm... I know she's vegetarian and all but it's.. too much ;; Also, I think mostly SEA citizens are commenting about wanting to live alone bc this isn't as common here. In the West, this is expected AF And while this looks kinda fun, I'm pretty sure it's not. Especially with the amount of money necessary for rent and utilities :((

  98. Kim Bora

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