sub) 6am studying morning routineㅣmaking granola & greek yoghurtㅣpescaterian diet

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그릭요거트 레시피는 윤이하루yooneharu님의 영상을 참고하였습니다. Yoghurt recipe:

➡️ If you are fluent in another language, please help with video translations❣️❣️

📌 정보 outfit deets

shoes: lacoste (2017년 여름 구매 제품, tag 닳아서 안 보임 ㅠ)
laptop stand:

CameraㅣiPhone XS
EditㅣVllo (mobile ver.)
LaptopㅣMacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2018)
iPadㅣ6th generation 32GB
iPad caseㅣ'Rhino’8
iPad holderㅣ
TripodㅣXiaomi mini Tripod


  1. Veronica Putri

    Veronica Putri59 분 전

    there are tools that making greek yogurt process lot easier. i forgot the name, but u can check it on ondo vlog. she is korean too. btw love your videos, have a good weekend🎉

  2. georgia

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    where did you get your ipad lockscreen, i want it so badly because it's so pretty!



    Hey, just a simple yogurt recipe Boil milk and let it cool down a little not a lot and add 3-4 spoons of previous yogurt. Let it sit overnight and it's🇮🇳 India..

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    H H5 시간 전

    딤디..나 정말 당신 조아하나봐유 ...백신 맞고 흐린 눈 하고,,,케이크 먹으면서 보는 중...

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    Aleli Gomez6 시간 전

    I’m in the process of creating a KRposts channel, would you mind sharing the things you record with? Thanks! Love your videos!

  11. اديان ماجد

    اديان ماجد9 시간 전

    Keep eating good food and have a happy life I love you again you are a person who deserves happiness احبك شكرا على اضافه الترجمه العربيه >♡

  12. Shatha 99

    Shatha 999 시간 전

    Make all your videos subtitled in Arabic, this is really fun✨

  13. اديان ماجد

    اديان ماجد9 시간 전

    شكرا على اضافه الترجمه العربيه احبك Love you so much from Iraq thanks for Translation

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    when you were watching seungkwan's video, this popped in my mind at that time: Carats be like: let me introduce myself 😂 If you know, you know. Btw yes, he's a baby!!

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    i really love the grocery segment in your vlogs!!! ❤❤❤❤

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    During the Ottoman period, there were many different nations, then these nations broke up and established their own countries.That's why I think our food is similar to some countries, especially countries that are close to Turkey, or some of them are the same.I am Turkish, no need to break hearts for food, let's drink Turkish coffee and eat our Turkish delight.good and happy days but especially peace

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  33. EruannaP

    EruannaP21 시간 전

    love the video but the yoghurt comment kjshdgacksdgfa yoghurt is thousands of year old what does a turkish immigrant in new york have to do with it? and greek and turkish cuisine share a lot of dishes and techniques since the populations were mixed for so long. which was also at least a couple of centuries before anyone besides american natives were in the new york area. i guess theres a conversation about yoghurt im not aware of haha

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    username -일 전

    I love yours videos soooo much, seeing you eat actually helps me A LOT with my ED, I hope you stay healthy and drink a lot of water in the summer to keep you hydrated. Love from Brazil ❤️❤️

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  37. Silvia Suppo

    Silvia Suppo일 전

    Hi, there! Greek yogurt was not invented in New York. The recipe is very ancient, probably from what is now Bulgaria about 4000 years ago...

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    i am watching you from Turkey. Turkish yogurt and Greek yogurt are different. Turkish yogurt is more sour.In South Korea, most yoghurt is greek yoghurt. So don't worry about it. We love you 💕💜. (Note: I used google translate. I hope I didn't make a typo)

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    As a Greek who tasted Turkish yogurt before i can say that they are totally different. The Turkish one is more slimy ( i mean more liquid) and has soft taste. The one we eat in Greece is tang and looks like cream cheese. It might be originally from Turkey but we have similar cultures it is unnecessary to argue about who it belongs to.

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