I finally found a male praying mantis! Attempt to mate with Kiwi

The male praying mantis was named Wiki.

The female mantis, Kiwi, has become an adult and it is time to lay eggs.
I went to the mountains to find a male praying mantis.
And I finally found a male praying mantis.
There are serious problems with mantis mating.
After mating, the female praying mantis eats the male.
It is a very natural phenomenon, but
I really wanted to keep the Wiki alive.

Will Kiwi and Wiki be able to finish mating safely?
Mantis mating process.
Let's watch it together!


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    А ты русский??!

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  9. Izzad Azman

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    i turned on subtitles and when kiwi poops on your caption says kiwi shits, is that on purpose btw?

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    Description: The mantis is named _Wiki_

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    Yeah, I had a little nephew that had a wild mantis leap onto his hand and started trying to eat it. Vicious little bastard. It was so persistent that I had to crush it underfoot to stop it. Actually did a bit of damage to the poor kid's finger.

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