SuperM 슈퍼엠 ‘One (Monster & Infinity)’ MV

SuperM's 1st Album "Super One" is out!
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01 One (Monster & Infinity)
02 Infinity
03 Monster
04 Wish You Were Here
05 Big Chance
06 100
07 호랑이 (Tiger Inside)
08 Better Days
09 Together At Home
10 Drip
11 Line 'Em Up
12 Dangerous Woman
13 Step Up
14 So Long
15 With You

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  1. Kathryn Ford89

    Kathryn Ford894 분 전

    Love you Superm

  2. Elena Gonzales

    Elena Gonzales17 분 전

    The fact that aespa has more views than them is unbelievable. They really promoted aespa better than promoting SuperM. NO HATE AT ALL, IM JUST SAYING. You can get mad at this but it's the truth.

  3. Kathryn Ford89

    Kathryn Ford894 분 전

    Totally agree. So sad of the outcome of the Superm ;(

  4. Luciana Alves

    Luciana Alves54 분 전

    I'm addicted

  5. Viviana Aguero

    Viviana Aguero시간 전

    So... Fans what is our fandom name?

  6. Laila Campos

    Laila Campos시간 전

    Best thing SuperM ever did until now, this song is amazing and it deserves way more attention

  7. Sara

    Sara시간 전

    superM !!!!

  8. อารีย์รัตน์ นวลนิรันดร์

    อารีย์รัตน์ นวลนิรันดร์2 시간 전

    Love love love love love love love

  9. Ranti Osli

    Ranti Osli2 시간 전

    Let's hit 20 M in one day!! Keep going czienie, kajja kajja kajja!! :) ya, gue tau gue salah lapak

  10. もえ

    もえ2 시간 전

    One dance practice video when?…?

  11. Tessa amazing

    Tessa amazing2 시간 전

    taemin is real actor

  12. doye mi

    doye mi2 시간 전

    Is this somekind of masterpiece?

  13. Irene Serrano

    Irene Serrano2 시간 전

    This song is a jewel!!! i don't even care about the vi3ws number

  14. Mr. Baksh

    Mr. Baksh4 시간 전

    guys lets say lucas is the winwin of superM :(

  15. Nhựt Nguyễn

    Nhựt Nguyễn4 시간 전

    Wait, I didn't know Ten can hit that high note. We can all agree that Kai's high, but his abs is higher

  16. Rüm

    Rüm4 시간 전

    St kasmayi bırakamıyorum

  17. Asha Kurnauth

    Asha Kurnauth4 시간 전

    Road to 23 Million views

  18. Luanna

    Luanna4 시간 전

    Why is this so underrated 😭

  19. Hnlxzen

    Hnlxzen4 시간 전

    Wayzennies, Nctzens, Exo-Ls, Shawols where r u? Why u sleep on it:(

  20. Hnlxzen

    Hnlxzen4 시간 전

    Is that hard for 4 fandom to make this vi3w grow faster until 50m/more before 2021?

  21. chami thathi

    chami thathi5 시간 전

    Superm is best kpop band.please support them.we want new song.

  22. * *Eve

    * *Eve5 시간 전


  23. P San

    P San6 시간 전

    I'll never get over this one

  24. · ·

    · ·6 시간 전

    æ æspa

  25. Itz destiny Blackman

    Itz destiny Blackman7 시간 전

    I think that this so g was in astronouts nickolodeon

  26. нкт головного мозга

    нкт головного мозга7 시간 전

    в поисковике забиваю суперм ван а мне выдает супер ван где м потеряли?

  27. nct dream the love

    nct dream the love7 시간 전

    Почему мы так мало уделили времени суперм а?

  28. Tiff Hu

    Tiff Hu8 시간 전

    I love you Super M come back very Strong

  29. Munia Islam

    Munia Islam8 시간 전

    4:02 æspa logo omg all sm groups are connected

  30. Ssuwu xd

    Ssuwu xd8 시간 전

    el final es sobre el logo de aespa :o

  31. Ten Van

    Ten Van9 시간 전

    When ur younger siblings dont find any game in ur phone: 3:00

  32. salzabillah putri destriza

    salzabillah putri destriza9 시간 전


  33. Harbeer Kaur

    Harbeer Kaur9 시간 전

    I'm here after "90's love" of NCT U

  34. Abigail Fernandez

    Abigail Fernandez9 시간 전

    still watching

  35. Jessica Yue

    Jessica Yue9 시간 전

    Can you help nctzens stream 90's pove please!!! Cmon SM FAM UNITE! streaming SuperM mvs in parallel

  36. RegaR Newzen

    RegaR Newzen7 시간 전


  37. ELF Chitta10

    ELF Chitta109 시간 전

    After 90's love...Again Ten's high note hitting differently..


    ERMA ARIFIN6 시간 전


  39. Tri Widya Yuriandini

    Tri Widya Yuriandini9 시간 전

    heereeeee after 90's Love

  40. Mnsart _

    Mnsart _9 시간 전

    After hearing Ten and Haechan's high note I came back here, to hear Baek and Ten's high note again!!


    ERMA ARIFIN6 시간 전


  42. barbaro267

    barbaro2679 시간 전

    Can't figure which b-side I like best between "Monster" or "Infinity". The best of both were combined to make "One", and I love both songs equally!

  43. N kutunbarao Kutunbarao

    N kutunbarao Kutunbarao11 시간 전

    Why is no one talking about lucas and his visuals....his outfits tho....

  44. i am the grass

    i am the grass11 시간 전

    Super cool

  45. aespa world domination

    aespa world domination11 시간 전

    everyone hates unique songs

  46. beth

    beth5 시간 전

    Not everyone obviously. We are here!

  47. aespa world domination

    aespa world domination11 시간 전

    i hope czennies, exols and shawols support more

  48. Yez Min

    Yez Min11 시간 전

    Si, este es un problema yo lo sé, dime algo que no sepa. HOY SE PRESENTAN EN ON: HALLYU CONCERT :"3

  49. Sekar Indah

    Sekar Indah12 시간 전

    i miss SuperM

  50. silv

    silv12 시간 전


  51. Kimberly Capuno

    Kimberly Capuno12 시간 전

    Did anyone see the aespa logo

  52. 서비

    서비13 시간 전

    마크야ㅠ머리색 취저라규ㅠㅠ❤❤

  53. jeNOJAEMin

    jeNOJAEMin14 시간 전

    4:02 omg aespa-

  54. M LYRICS and MV M LYRICS and MV

    M LYRICS and MV M LYRICS and MV15 시간 전

    Is he was baekhuyn

  55. Laney

    Laney15 시간 전


  56. Chloe Supremido

    Chloe Supremido15 시간 전

    As an EXO-L and new born NCTzen, and a low-key shawol... This is super liiiit

  57. Maritza Ferrer

    Maritza Ferrer15 시간 전

    Son mi mundo SuperM

  58. Maritza Ferrer

    Maritza Ferrer15 시간 전

    Viendo este mv antes de dormir C:

  59. Israel Luis

    Israel Luis16 시간 전

    Vim do futuro pra dizer que aquele símbolo que aparece no celular da Taemin é o nome do novo grupo da SM o Aespa... Postei e sai correndo

  60. Arturo Baldsol

    Arturo Baldsol16 시간 전

    Y al final estaban esperando a aespa ! Jajaja

  61. Kyung seok Lee

    Kyung seok Lee17 시간 전

    All the upcoming MVs are here Make a wish IDEA Aespa

  62. Gideon Feyken

    Gideon Feyken17 시간 전

    4:04 and i realise that is aespa logo lol

  63. Amanda Bastidas Diaz

    Amanda Bastidas Diaz19 시간 전

    I already love this!

  64. lilith alone

    lilith alone20 시간 전


  65. Anna Podolska

    Anna Podolska20 시간 전

    All the way to infinity~~

  66. Esma Kaleli

    Esma Kaleli21 시간 전

    I'm coming the future: The logo of æspa in last part

  67. History Maker

    History Maker21 시간 전

    We’ve been getting so much contents from Taemin’s solo, NCT and SHINee which have been Gold! But yooo I miss SuperM members being together. And this MV is so so underrated. It’s no doubt the best SuperM song and MV. I give up on people boycotting them

  68. Amy Luo

    Amy Luo15 시간 전

    fully agree

  69. Irene Serrano

    Irene Serrano22 시간 전


  70. Annie Romanowski

    Annie Romanowski22 시간 전

    Saw this video when it premiered but didn't post til now... Absolutely LOVE Kai's outfits in this video! And we finally get to hear Ten's amazing vocals (a little). I love their dance moves in this - and TaeYoung's rap ... be still my heart! ALL the members of this group ARE super! :)

  71. Celine G

    Celine G22 시간 전

    SuperM shines brighter than the jewelry they’re wearing in the mv.

  72. Irene Serrano

    Irene Serrano22 시간 전

    Supporters!!! keep supporting!!! ⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾

  73. Irene Serrano

    Irene Serrano3 시간 전

    @beth I knoowwww!! they don't let our hearts take a rest hahaha but we're loving it! ╰(*´︶`*)╯

  74. beth

    beth5 시간 전

    So much content now! Between Super M, SHINee together again and Taemin’s solo work, my battered heart is feeling better.

  75. 자이나 브파크

    자이나 브파크22 시간 전

    당신은 내 삶의 희망입니다

  76. 용 ꗃ KAYDEN!

    용 ꗃ KAYDEN!22 시간 전

    the world wasn't ready to amount of talent and power that superm possesses, i guess that's why so many people are still giving hate or simply sleeping on them... well, i'll be here when they decide to wake up, ㅋㅋ.

  77. Irene Serrano

    Irene Serrano22 시간 전

    Yessss! we'll still be here!

  78. Pfox Bytes

    Pfox Bytes일 전

    Best SuperM song next to I Cant Stand The Rain

  79. Tommy Picco

    Tommy Picco일 전

    100% gay

  80. Appado Gwaenchanha

    Appado Gwaenchanha9 시간 전

    @Irene Serrano yes, it's true

  81. Irene Serrano

    Irene Serrano22 시간 전

    Who? You?

  82. ROJ TV

    ROJ TV일 전

    I watched this video and realized that the last scene where Taemin is holding an LG phone shows Aespa’s logo.

  83. Ocean Water

    Ocean Water일 전

    4:02 aespa spoiler

  84. Kpop Foreva

    Kpop Foreva일 전

    I swear I just wanted to know their names and now I'm vibin with their music...

  85. Peyton Tietz

    Peyton Tietz일 전

    1:52 - This Ten is top tier I don’t take criticism

  86. Julián Giraldo

    Julián Giraldo일 전

    omg, the aespa logo

  87. sun gown

    sun gown일 전


  88. Soph Sutton-Ball

    Soph Sutton-Ball일 전

    Who’s at 3:11 with the black hair ?

  89. Maritza Ferrer

    Maritza Ferrer15 시간 전

    Lucas c:

  90. 하품

    하품일 전


  91. S. Krystal Besarai

    S. Krystal Besarai일 전

    Is it only me who thinks that this masterpiece is so underrated? Everything about this is perfect, the song, the dance, the visual.... Jeezzzz

  92. Irene Serrano

    Irene Serrano22 시간 전

    It is SUPER underappreciated!!!!

  93. hyejoon _

    hyejoon _일 전

    우리 루카스 정말 많이 애정하고 아낀다~~:D 루카스 최고!!!!!😁😙 잠 충분히 잘 자고 건강해야돼! 내 동생같은 욱희가 힘든 일은 적고 즐거운 일이 많길 바라♡ 힘든 일도 슬기롭게 극복해내는 지혜가 함께하길. 우리 루카스는 잘할거야 잘하고있고!!!:)지금처럼 행복하자 옆에 있을게♡

  94. Jing

    Jing일 전

    Who’s here in 2023?

  95. Rüm

    Rüm일 전

    Bu sarkinin kolesiyim

  96. Karollyne Vitória

    Karollyne Vitória일 전

    Pqp Lucas sempre uma perdição ai mds

  97. alma fathira

    alma fathira일 전


  98. i am the grass

    i am the grass일 전

    So amazing

  99. Red Velvet 강Seulgi

    Red Velvet 강Seulgi일 전

    No superm no life

  100. Red Velvet 강Seulgi

    Red Velvet 강Seulgi일 전


  101. Red Velvet 강Seulgi

    Red Velvet 강Seulgi일 전


  102. Moon JUNGYEOL

    Moon JUNGYEOL일 전

    I'm faint in Super m style

  103. superm's tiger

    superm's tiger일 전

    Ok we got it omg aespa logo ok then go watch black mamba and leave Novas alone.

  104. SuperM Tube

    SuperM Tube일 전

    This song is a bop!

  105. a g

    a g일 전

    no one gonna talk about the aespa logo at 4:02 ???

  106. Thoudam Daina

    Thoudam Daina일 전


  107. Maralmaa J

    Maralmaa J일 전


  108. Maralmaa J

    Maralmaa J일 전


  109. Ken O.D

    Ken O.D일 전

    Honestly I never thought that I would need Ten and Baekhyun high notes

  110. Narges Musavi

    Narges Musavi일 전

    چرا انقدر خفنهههههههه T~T

  111. keke do you love me?

    keke do you love me?일 전

    That's the aespa logo we know!

  112. keke do you love me?

    keke do you love me?일 전


  113. keke do you love me?

    keke do you love me?일 전


  114. apromiseu

    apromiseu일 전

    4:02 aespa logo ?