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  1. Zahra Putri setyaningsih

    Zahra Putri setyaningsih9 일 전

    Im here for kai🐻🐻

  2. Hongeuni홍으니

    Hongeuni홍으니21 일 전

    22:21 베비돈스탑 젤 잘 찍은 영상 ♡ 고맙습니당 ♡

  3. Sonal Sonawane

    Sonal Sonawane21 일 전

    Baekhyun voice is amazing. He is best vocalist and leader for group. But all members are amazing

  4. Sonal Sonawane

    Sonal Sonawane21 일 전

    Super M is amazing. Love them so much. Songs are mind blowing. Please support them.

  5. Sonal Sonawane

    Sonal Sonawane21 일 전

    Super M amazing group that made with talented members . They are amazing.

  6. Edmon de la Peña

    Edmon de la Peña24 일 전

    is that Shindong?

  7. D B

    D B25 일 전

    Taemin holds my heart ❤ . But he talks a lot, he speaks like a scholar. He knows what he's saying, very passionate 👏 😉

  8. Maryory Yaneth Castro

    Maryory Yaneth Castro27 일 전

    Geniales siempre brillantes

  9. Lilyvaley Emerald

    Lilyvaley Emerald개월 전

    Baekhyun play mobile games XD lol

  10. Ariane Apolinario

    Ariane Apolinario개월 전

    Was that Shindong? Was he the director?

  11. Saloni EXO-L

    Saloni EXO-L개월 전

    Yes, all the STAGE Performance of SM Artists are directed by him !!

  12. Noni Katiaru

    Noni Katiaru개월 전

    Honestly i really like tiger inside, even i am not a k-popers

  13. 뇨씨

    뇨씨개월 전

    17:23 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ너무 귀여운 루카스 따라하는 탬도 귀엽쓰

  14. aztryexolina 93

    aztryexolina 93개월 전

    Kai just ..hhhmm...hhmmm..hhmmm... But why its so sexy?

  15. aztryexolina 93

    aztryexolina 93개월 전

    Ten. ..your voice 😂 kiyowo

  16. rkrkkrkre fjfjdkdkd

    rkrkkrkre fjfjdkdkd개월 전

    Who have two Bias Me-Kai and Beakhyun💜❤💜❤ Anyone Else??!! 👍 👇

  17. Anita Majhi

    Anita Majhi개월 전

    They are trying their best to be cheerful

  18. Anita Majhi

    Anita Majhi개월 전

    I'm ashamed that I can't give you the much you deserve

  19. Anita Majhi

    Anita Majhi개월 전

    My boys ... Please Don't do this much for us.. you deserve batter .. take much rest instead

  20. Anita Majhi

    Anita Majhi개월 전

    Whyyy they are overworking. .... We don't deserve this at all

  21. Anita Majhi

    Anita Majhi개월 전

    Myyy boys are looking soooo tired

  22. Anita Majhi

    Anita Majhi개월 전


  23. 니도야미

    니도야미개월 전

    They are seriously working very hard😭😭. Love to each and every member ❤️❤️. Taemin being my ultimate bias

  24. Debbie Alex Kure

    Debbie Alex Kure개월 전

    I did not think it was possible to fall even more for Taeyong Me: falls even more for Taeyong in I already was Taeyong is just naturally beautiful and I love his beautiful eyes and beautiful smiles so much

  25. Myria

    Myria개월 전

    It's cute how Baekhyun was helping Mark with his vocal warm ups

  26. Myria

    Myria개월 전

    Wait did I just see Shindong at the background what?

  27. Myria

    Myria개월 전

    @Saloni EXO-L Woah!

  28. Saloni EXO-L

    Saloni EXO-L개월 전

    Yeah, all the STAGE PERFORMANCE of SM Artists are directed by him !!

  29. N hope

    N hope개월 전

    کای از دیدن مارک سیر نمیشه😄😂💚

  30. Stella RAmz

    Stella RAmz개월 전

    I am here after the listening the whole album. It is great

  31. Pinkrevenge101

    Pinkrevenge101개월 전

    13:49 kai saying how they got closer and through this album they want to show thier unity and he cared about the friendship im cryingg mark tryna dap him up n kai did a fistbump haha

  32. Pinkrevenge101

    Pinkrevenge101개월 전

    SuperM pastel pink color haha Mark's hair matching the bg

  33. Pinkrevenge101

    Pinkrevenge101개월 전

    🔥Go watch all thier mvs! Joining this offical giveaway helps give u entries while str3aming everyday 💯💯 🖤

  34. aunna aunna

    aunna aunna개월 전

    Ten 💚

  35. Stheffany Azhari

    Stheffany Azhari개월 전

    I'm here for my huby baekhyuneeee . Omg honeyyyy youre doing so well . So freaking cool . I'm So pround of you , thankyou for your working hard . I hope SM ENT can treat you better. Please stay health and happy :)

  36. IceC SSet

    IceC SSet개월 전

    I can't see their face clearly here, their dance is so powerful, but the camera is shaking at the same time. I wanna see their face clearly but it's too much shaky

  37. moon

    moon개월 전

    donde están los subtítulos en español???

  38. Ayesha Masoodi

    Ayesha Masoodi개월 전

    Taemin is so thoughtful when he talks . Took up after his hyungs for sure

  39. Gargi Trivedi

    Gargi Trivedi개월 전

    I like all members of super m as they are super talented but its quite uneasy to see kai and beakhyun with other group members, m waiting for EXO's comeback which maybe in 2024...but still I am hoping that they soon announce their comeback before 2024.. which is possible only when other members of EXO are exempt from military duty...Hope it happens an EXO'L from India...당신을 사랑합니다...💎😍

  40. Reasonably Priced Hitman

    Reasonably Priced Hitman2 개월 전


  41. Cynthia Zain

    Cynthia Zain2 개월 전

    Always support you SuperM!

  42. Nityashree Ramakrishna

    Nityashree Ramakrishna2 개월 전

    did baekhyun say his favourite colour is navy blue??? did he not say red in the mid term exam video XDXDXD

  43. TyraxTyra

    TyraxTyra2 개월 전

    More than anything I was Taemin to be happy and well taken care of

  44. Chro Mium

    Chro Mium2 개월 전

    23:42 no, thank you!

  45. Chro Mium

    Chro Mium2 개월 전

    04:39 wow Baekhyun's hair.... so shiny .o.

  46. 뉸디

    뉸디2 개월 전

    얘들아 호랑이 딱 보기에도 안무 엄청 빡세보여 대형부터 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그래서 더 멋있긴 하더라ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  47. PeachNinja Game

    PeachNinja Game2 개월 전

    Rose's are red violets are is that you SuperM cuz I adore you🤭

  48. the goodness

    the goodness2 개월 전

    아이... 앨범 사고 싶은데.. 미국에서만 shipping하잖아... 사려고 해도 살 수가 없어... 한국에는 언제 정발하나요...

  49. m혜원

    m혜원2 개월 전

    우리 Lucas 팬바보(❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)⁾⁾⁾ 귀요미ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭»ㅡ❥

  50. Esther B. Redshaw

    Esther B. Redshaw2 개월 전

    whoever the stylist/mua is at 1:39 i love her and she's my bias

  51. Jestry Akamana

    Jestry Akamana2 개월 전

    I really2 love youuu kai 💙💙💙

  52. 최정윤

    최정윤2 개월 전

    0:26 오토튠 뭔덱ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ중독성 있어

  53. Firaa 03

    Firaa 032 개월 전

    2:44 its Shindong? m'i wrong?

  54. Saloni EXO-L

    Saloni EXO-L개월 전

    Yeah, all of the STAGE Performance of SM Artists are directed by him !!

  55. Rosa Svensk

    Rosa Svensk2 개월 전

    Taeyong and Lucas seem so young next to Taemin, not like int he way that Taemin's old (because he's not) but like in the way that Taemins so knowledgable(?)

  56. Rosa Svensk

    Rosa Svensk2 개월 전

    lucas' eyes are so pretty!!!

  57. Mark’s HOT PINK hair that didn’t last

    Mark’s HOT PINK hair that didn’t last2 개월 전

    Lucas is like daydreaming throughout the entire interview oml BIG BABIE


    MAZEN SHERIF2 개월 전

    Wtf sm where is exo

  59. Junah Ibnahhashim

    Junah Ibnahhashim2 개월 전

    Super M made my energy full

  60. Rachel Day

    Rachel Day2 개월 전

    I love how Taeyong always puts so much thought into his lyrics and the messages he wants to convey. He knows he's a role model for a lot of people and I really respect that

  61. prima suripto

    prima suripto2 개월 전

    I really love Mark and Kai's bromance, thank you SM for making this conscience🥰

  62. Onalenna Tlholakae

    Onalenna Tlholakae2 개월 전

    I really want this album to do as well as they hope and more. It's what they deserve. Mark says we'll love it! How's about we show their album some major love, guys? Them too!

  63. dhany dena

    dhany dena2 개월 전

    is the director Shindong SUJU?

  64. Saloni EXO-L

    Saloni EXO-L개월 전

    Yeah, all of the STAGE PERFORMANCE of SM Artists are directed by him !!

  65. Dipsi Lala ASEP

    Dipsi Lala ASEP2 개월 전


  66. TheMidnightThief

    TheMidnightThief2 개월 전

    You can tell Kai and Mark really adore each other so much, it's so cute. 💕 They all have such a cute friendship. I love it.

  67. Ria Beauty

    Ria Beauty2 개월 전


  68. Ria Beauty

    Ria Beauty2 개월 전

    @TheMidnightThief yeah he does alot of production stuff, im glad they showed him!!

  69. TheMidnightThief

    TheMidnightThief2 개월 전

    Yes, he and his team do all of The Stage performances.

  70. Cherry .z

    Cherry .z2 개월 전

    I want some one to look at me the same way kai looks at mark

  71. Cy Loey

    Cy Loey2 개월 전

    Fightinggg exo-l Fightinggg Shawol Fightinggg nctzen Fightinggg wayzeni Support them ;)

  72. Cy Loey

    Cy Loey2 개월 전

    Fightinggg , let's we keep stream1n7 their all MV and solo MV and dance practice Tiger inside

  73. Cy Loey

    Cy Loey2 개월 전

    Came here again;)


    K-POP LOVER2 개월 전

    if they are asking for a lot of support we will give it to them i will never give up on loving and supporting them will you also do the same for them

  75. Nicki Bailey

    Nicki Bailey2 개월 전

    7:09 Someone is having Wolf flashbacks...

  76. Livy Araújo

    Livy Araújo2 개월 전

    Eu sou tão apaixonada por eles, amo tanto eles juntinhos que esses momentos deixam meu coração aquecido. Fico feliz com essas interações como o jeito que o Kai olha pro Mark e o Taemin, Lucas e Tyong conversando juntos :( é tudo pra mim mesmo, esses meninos merecem o mundo e muito mais♡

  77. Dutchess Whiskers

    Dutchess Whiskers2 개월 전

    I loved hearing their thoughts on the upcoming album, the junior members seemed so excited! It also made me realize what a treat this experience is for them, to work closely with a veteran idol like Taemin, who has done many intersting songs and concepts with Shinee and solo as well. Imagine how much they could learn. I wonder as well, what are Baekhyun's responsibilities as the leader? All members have been working a lot recently, but he seems to be having the hardest time, it makes me think if it has to do with his role within the group

  78. Arora Lee

    Arora Lee2 개월 전

    You know taemin , baekhyun n kai are the most experience when they let them lead the interview n separate them in 3 can see frm the way they answered their interviews..👍

  79. Daniel Dimonte

    Daniel Dimonte2 개월 전

    Hi There! My name is Daniel, and I'm a Content Partnerships Representative with BroadBandTV. I'm reaching out because I'm a big fan of your content, and would love to discuss a potential partnership. Let me know if you're interested!

  80. りぃ

    りぃ2 개월 전


  81. carrot juice

    carrot juice2 개월 전


  82. Nathaniela Devany

    Nathaniela Devany2 개월 전

    Pink and grey never goes this well

  83. deshinta kautsari

    deshinta kautsari2 개월 전

    aku suka ketika mereka bersama-sama akrab dan akur banget jadi adem liatnya huhu

  84. midori greene

    midori greene2 개월 전

    Taemin's not even my bias but he got me here. He's such a cutie!

  85. deshinta kautsari

    deshinta kautsari2 개월 전

    taeyong Mark lucass

  86. midori greene

    midori greene2 개월 전

    When Taeyong said, "Let's bring out our inner wildness" I just can't😂

  87. 최성은

    최성은2 개월 전

    카이 만나고 싶다 카이~

  88. 최성은

    최성은2 개월 전

    뇌쇄카이🤩😍 퇴폐카이😛😜

  89. Name Name

    Name Name2 개월 전

    dahil sa unang vid ngayon alam ko na kung ano ang ginagamit ni Hagorn

  90. 최성은

    최성은2 개월 전

    카이를 내 놔라 카이😁😄😆🤣😍😛😜🤪

  91. ‘ᄉ‘

    ‘ᄉ‘2 개월 전

    2:19 백현이게임 설마 슈스엠해??

  92. Shirly Anne

    Shirly Anne2 개월 전

    Kai and mark have the best developed brotherhood

  93. Shirly Anne

    Shirly Anne2 개월 전

    Kai and mark's moment touched me the most

  94. Shirly Anne

    Shirly Anne2 개월 전

    I love how kai emphasize to mark the value of their friendship and how their teamwork developed from jopping to tiger inside

  95. Shirly Anne

    Shirly Anne2 개월 전

    Kai words are positive and uplifting at the same time realistic

  96. Shirly Anne

    Shirly Anne2 개월 전

    Kai is full of wisdom

  97. vibz taemint

    vibz taemint2 개월 전

    Everybody, please support Taemin's album "Never Gonna Dance Again" as well as the "Criminal" Music Video. The whole album is a masterpiece. Do check it out. And show Taemin some love please.

  98. nur Sabrina

    nur Sabrina2 개월 전

    i'm listening

  99. nur Sabrina

    nur Sabrina2 개월 전

    come and take me

  100. Reni K.S

    Reni K.S2 개월 전

    2:43 taemin giving advice for taeyong 😭 mannnn, this is one of many reasons why i love superm. i can see how superm hyung line (taemin, kai, baekhyun) protecting ty, giving him advices, their experience through those hard days, etc... 😭

  101. TY is Perfect

    TY is Perfect2 개월 전

    Saranghae Taeyongah ...I Miss You~~~~

  102. Toddie Joyce

    Toddie Joyce2 개월 전

    Lmaooo kai is so whipped for mark

  103. gc ways

    gc ways2 개월 전

    What's the name of the fandom guys?

  104. TheMidnightThief

    TheMidnightThief2 개월 전

    @gc ways you're welcome

  105. gc ways

    gc ways2 개월 전

    @TheMidnightThief thanks

  106. TheMidnightThief

    TheMidnightThief2 개월 전

    We don't know yet. They're still deciding, but they'll let us know soon.

  107. Linda Teng

    Linda Teng2 개월 전

    5:14-5:18 Lucas be looking so done with life here 😂😂😂

  108. Jyoti Yadav

    Jyoti Yadav2 개월 전

    Interaction between Kai and Ten is the purest thing.

  109. manateelover48

    manateelover482 개월 전


  110. Ana Uribe

    Ana Uribe2 개월 전

    It would be great if Lucas gave him more participation, because he is so talented and deserves it