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  1. Andini Syawila

    Andini Syawila16 시간 전

    Sub indonesia pleasee:(

  2. blue

    blue일 전

    21:42 jacob please a cover 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  3. blue

    blue일 전

    19:30 hakyeon looks like a little baby, i wanna hug him 🥺

  4. 사과두개SaCADO

    사과두개SaCADO일 전

    멋댕이 토마토 🍅 12:45

  5. Ilove Me

    Ilove Me일 전

    Deobis soon we'll achieve 1million subscriberssss

  6. Shei?

    Shei?일 전

    sunwoo and eric’s style is everything 👏🏼 10:51 this just proved changmin and younghoon share a braincell lmao

  7. Дебора W

    Дебора W일 전

    Sunwoo 19:29: some people are refusing eye contact with me Eric: *aggressively stares into his eyes*

  8. 전상준

    전상준2 일 전


  9. 1004알리야

    1004알리야2 일 전

    Почему они ведут себя так если они знакомы друг с другом, я просто в танке, только начала их узнавать, кто нибудь объясните прошуууу

  10. svtwoo

    svtwoo2 일 전

    i'm a proud deobi 🥺🥺

  11. shaneshaun elopre

    shaneshaun elopre2 일 전

    im still confused by their names(im a new fan of them)

  12. honeyvoicehwang

    honeyvoicehwang4 일 전

    im only a minute in but why tf are they acting like they dont know each other

  13. cherry_chim04

    cherry_chim044 일 전

    chanhee looks so smol

  14. 박니나니노

    박니나니노4 일 전


  15. Eden_v

    Eden_v4 일 전

    The beginning felt really naturally akward because having to PRETEND that you genuinely don't know someone is almost as awkward as really not knowing someone lmao

  16. Gina XD

    Gina XD4 일 전

    Hi! um question are Juyeon and Hyunjae one of the superior ships in The Boyz? If so it is so obvious lmao idk

  17. Manny Pius

    Manny Pius4 일 전

    Younghoon kim, omaigod hndsome

  18. miss alice

    miss alice4 일 전


  19. Natalia Risma

    Natalia Risma4 일 전

    ok i got lowkey moments between jacob and younghoon

  20. Tiong Jie Ying

    Tiong Jie Ying4 일 전

    spreading chaotic energy in deobination i see~

  21. Kelly Fajardo

    Kelly Fajardo4 일 전

    They are really interesting and fun, I love them ...

  22. Sheena Avila

    Sheena Avila5 일 전

    4:23 Kevin and his missed highfive 😂

  23. A

    A5 일 전

    I felt so awkward for first 5 minutes.......



    21:36 jacob what's the title? hahahaha

  25. cyd Cyd

    cyd Cyd5 일 전

    Who gave eric that outfittttttt Kid should stop growing up

  26. cyd Cyd

    cyd Cyd5 일 전

    Is this a recreation of Heart Signal? ㅋㅋㅋ

  27. cyd Cyd

    cyd Cyd5 일 전

    Im sorry but im laughing from the start-

  28. cyd Cyd

    cyd Cyd5 일 전

    Im sorry but sunwoo looks so smol uwu ㅠㅠ

  29. 늉NEWING

    늉NEWING5 일 전

    케빈문 진짜 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  30. Sabrina Carvalho

    Sabrina Carvalho5 일 전

    Wait!!! I'm NEW HERE!!!!!! NOW I'M UNDERSTANDING!!! OMG they act so well LOL

  31. SESEnpai

    SESEnpai5 일 전


  32. カフェHae

    カフェHae5 일 전

    Im ready to Stan them after so long...their already chaotic

  33. kirsten heart

    kirsten heart6 일 전

    terrace house x the boyz my two loves

  34. moogie

    moogie6 일 전


  35. For your Entertainment

    For your Entertainment6 일 전

    Lol I really thought changmin was 30 yo and googled it I'm a new deobie so foolish me😶🙂

  36. Sanna K.

    Sanna K.6 일 전

    thank you all for the comments, at the beginning i was like: wtf why do they have to meet like this the first time? wtf why are they all so succesful,why do they want to still become idols? WHY IS ONE OF THEM 30 AND ONE 19? Why is everything so awkward? Dont they already have more songs, how is this their first meeting? havent i already seen videos of them, how is this their first meeting? was this filmed earlier, when did they debut? why do some of them know each other over ig already? does that even happen? why are some of them famous? WHY DOES A CHEF WITH 3 STARS WANTS TO BECOME AN IDOL? btw, im a new fan:)

  37. Zainab Tayyeba

    Zainab Tayyeba6 일 전

    They're so unnecessarily funny I can' tBREATHE

  38. 먀옿

    먀옿6 일 전

    으아가갹 항마력 딸림 ㅠ

  39. Marisah Joan

    Marisah Joan6 일 전

    just by looking at the logo title and atmosphere of the house, it reminds me of Heart Signal🤣🤣 eh wait isn't the theme- oh HAHHA it really is like that one reality program Heart Signal, even the video editing is the same HAHA

  40. 윙크Wink

    윙크Wink6 일 전

    본격 약빤 설정이네요 It's really interesting they have their own plots

  41. 또오오오오오사치를부려어어?!?!?!?!

    또오오오오오사치를부려어어?!?!?!?!6 일 전

    다시 봐도 이게 뭔가... 싶다 괄호 치고 좋은 뜻

  42. Tashmee

    Tashmee6 일 전

    mOe jA

  43. M V

    M V6 일 전

    28:45 *Younghoon blows a kiss Kevin: gags Jacob: eats it like its T A S T Y

  44. Lorensa Agmar [IX - 2 / 13]

    Lorensa Agmar [IX - 2 / 13]6 일 전

    subtitle indonesia please T_T

  45. Aila T

    Aila T7 일 전

    not jacob playing my fave RINI song :(

  46. Tydd

    Tydd7 일 전

    I was suspicious of Hyunjae because he was so quiet. And Chanhee looks so pretty, it hurts.

  47. 넬레Nele

    넬레Nele7 일 전

    23:00 why do I find it so cute how Q layed on Juyeon UwU

  48. Aino

    Aino7 일 전

    what is the song in the very beginning? 🥺

  49. Linx Low

    Linx Low7 일 전

    And ya want me to not LAUGH

  50. Amanda Martilliano

    Amanda Martilliano7 일 전

    Juyeon and Hyunjae 🥰❤

  51. 아이스

    아이스7 일 전

    팬아닌데 유튜브 알고리즘이

  52. Virginie Laurency

    Virginie Laurency7 일 전

    OMG I CAN'T DO THIS!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA At first I was like.... why they acting like they don't know each other. Then I'm like, okay... them boyz are trolling. and then when they started introducing themselves and their age... I JUST CAN'T!! Bwahahhahahahah I CANNOT TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY! I LOVE IT!!

  53. anakarolina freitas

    anakarolina freitas7 일 전

    I loooooveeeee them so cuuuutieeees 😆😆😆😍😍😍💖💖💖 Eric 😆😍💖💖

  54. Nathaly Perez

    Nathaly Perez7 일 전

    Español plis subtitulos

  55. Fernanda Villaizán Alvarez

    Fernanda Villaizán Alvarez7 일 전

    Hi, i am baby THE B. This guys are so nice and handsome. They are like a family.

  56. Isabel Ribeiro

    Isabel Ribeiro7 일 전

    Lindosss talentosossss atoresssss i love you guys

  57. LUNA

    LUNA7 일 전

    sunwoo sus

  58. Alice Smith

    Alice Smith7 일 전

    3:14 Chanhee lying through his teeth

  59. CS.

    CS.8 일 전

    I cringed SO MUCH at how they entered one by one pretending not to know each other lmao but this 3:19 was cute tho shfjsg

  60. Alexia

    Alexia8 일 전

    It amazes me that nobody talks about the beautiful melody that Jacob plays and sings in this part 31:26

  61. { Eva }

    { Eva }8 일 전

    Я чебурек который не знает не Англ не Корейский Но все равно смотрит 🗿🚬

  62. DAY \7

    DAY \78 일 전

    When they censored Eric's scene, I totally lost it. 😂😂😂

  63. DAY \7

    DAY \78 일 전

    Respect Haknyeon, he have 3 Michelin Stars!

  64. hyyhcks

    hyyhcks8 일 전

    Jacob noticing Haknyeon's shirt and screaming UCLA lmaoooo

  65. Fremy

    Fremy8 일 전

    This show is actually so fun I was kinda sad it ended in only 2 eps :(( I love their dramatic acting and roleplaying so much

  66. Mariel Bulawit

    Mariel Bulawit8 일 전

    The intro part is so serene🥰

  67. Nevada Walker

    Nevada Walker8 일 전

    Bro I can’t keep watching this I feel so awkward just watching them lmao

  68. Nevada Walker

    Nevada Walker8 일 전

    @Fremy lol I know the context it’s just so awkward I’m getting secondhand embarrassment

  69. Fremy

    Fremy8 일 전

    bruh they're roleplaying as strangers. It's a parody of Heart signal and Terrace House. It's actually really good if you understand the context

  70. Mary Reisen

    Mary Reisen8 일 전

    This reminds me of terrace house .... 😂😂

  71. blowurmind4me

    blowurmind4me8 일 전


  72. 쩡

    8 일 전

    아니잠깐만ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 25:34 게임하니까 막내현재한테 다들 형ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  73. 서영공쥬쥬쥬쥬

    서영공쥬쥬쥬쥬8 일 전


  74. 네버랜드

    네버랜드8 일 전

    7:16 영훈이랑 뉴 너무귀엽다ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠ '뉴욕을가서 뉴가 됐는데' '아니 그냥 뉴라고요' 하 개귀엽다..😔

  75. melisa chandy

    melisa chandy8 일 전

    Juyeon it's so cool

  76. darra yeah

    darra yeah8 일 전

    juyeon is that guy who you always want to hug lmao, he looks like he smells like baby here.. 😂

  77. 최가인

    최가인8 일 전

    28:57 아망해쒀

  78. Natalie Grace

    Natalie Grace8 일 전

    31.30 what song is JACOB humming to????? sounds so familiar but I forgot what it's called

  79. R M

    R M8 일 전

    90% of the comments are the ones that go ____: ____ ____: ____ ... *____: ____*

  80. R M

    R M8 일 전

    bro are they recreating like terrace house or something

  81. Fremy

    Fremy8 일 전

    yes they are lolll

  82. Rfhn Wldksk

    Rfhn Wldksk8 일 전

    Why its so funny... in the beginning i cant stop laughing because their interaction like first time they meet😂😂

  83. リン

    リン8 일 전

    Hyunjae 21:13

  84. ᄇᄇᄅツ

    ᄇᄇᄅツ8 일 전

    타팬인데 추천에 뜨길래 재밌어보여서 들어옴ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  85. Lizmeri Diaz

    Lizmeri Diaz9 일 전

    this was on my birthdayn

  86. Charleigh Lam

    Charleigh Lam9 일 전

    Why is it like they only have met for the first time!?!? I'm confused some please tell me what is going on

  87. Charleigh Lam

    Charleigh Lam8 일 전

    @リン Thank you so much

  88. リン

    リン8 일 전

    They are just roleplaying like they've met for the first time with different ages and professions!

  89. 줄리julie

    줄리julie9 일 전

    13:02 이재현 왜 이러고있는데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ스킨십이라서 계속 만지는거임?? 께빈엉덩이도 마구 만지더니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이재현 손 나쁜손이네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  90. Tasmin Loganberry

    Tasmin Loganberry9 일 전

    not to be hetro but im dying over chanhee in this video

  91. Tasmin Loganberry

    Tasmin Loganberry9 일 전

    hhhhh jacob playing guitar

  92. mai

    mai9 일 전


  93. Ty _Fer

    Ty _Fer9 일 전

    _Jacob setting the mood till the end is life_

  94. Ty _Fer

    Ty _Fer9 일 전


  95. Ty _Fer

    Ty _Fer9 일 전

    The way HyunJae inmediatley accepts

  96. Ty _Fer

    Ty _Fer9 일 전

    YoungHoon is sooo flirty hajsjd.

  97. Ty _Fer

    Ty _Fer9 일 전


  98. Ty _Fer

    Ty _Fer9 일 전

    "I got you."

  99. Ty _Fer

    Ty _Fer9 일 전

    "He always draw weird things. " ikr

  100. Ty _Fer

    Ty _Fer9 일 전

    _The gayz._

  101. Ty _Fer

    Ty _Fer9 일 전


  102. Ty _Fer

    Ty _Fer9 일 전


  103. Ty _Fer

    Ty _Fer9 일 전

    YoungHoon: --breathes-- Tbz: Hmm, sus.

  104. Ty _Fer

    Ty _Fer9 일 전

    _Save HyunJae._

  105. Ty _Fer

    Ty _Fer9 일 전

    "What's wrong with Bling Bling. " Ikr