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  1. wiechun1

    wiechun112 시간 전

    I know it's juyeon, i suspect him too.. but i'm not sure the other one, sunwoo really trick me bcz i suspect between jacob and haknyeon first lol

  2. skskskeii

    skskskeii16 시간 전

    i love jacob's little "hey" in 23:22

  3. 우아아아아아

    우아아아아아16 시간 전


  4. 수연

    수연3 일 전

    와 나 바로 선우랑 주연이같다고 생각하고 볶음밥이랑 축구듣고 확실해졌다고 생각했는데 맞네....

  5. Nurhazwani

    Nurhazwani3 일 전

    i guessed right HAHAHHAHHA

  6. Kim Taeseo

    Kim Taeseo3 일 전

    Younghoon not only looked clever wearing those glasses but he was really good at observing and suspecting! Also cute how no one suspected him either throughout the ep, he really is so innocent 🥰 they were all so funny being awkward with each other, I thought there would’ve been some heated argument bcus of how much they suspected and talked behind each others back 😂 but it really shows their acting is so professional, I stan tbz 🤩

  7. 꾸꾸잉

    꾸꾸잉4 일 전

    와 소름ㅋㅋㅋㅋ잘만들었다

  8. 이름

    이름6 일 전

    14:00 이주연 이런 표정 27:36


    SUJULOVES137 일 전

    wahh getting goosebumps watching this aHAHAHA

  10. Tay Rubio

    Tay Rubio7 일 전

    13:09 what hyunjae did to kevin for him react like that? that slap was so loud I SCREAMED

  11. Yessenia B

    Yessenia B7 일 전

    No staneo al 100% este grupo pero siento que ya amo a todos.

  12. _Kambe _

    _Kambe _7 일 전

    what are hyunjae and kevin doing 13:10

  13. 기현아당장계좌번호찍어

    기현아당장계좌번호찍어11 일 전

    몬베베인데 난 왜 이걸 끝까지 다 본 것인가,,,,,,,,,

  14. hulan enhbayr

    hulan enhbayr12 일 전

    13:08 why no one is talking about hyunjae and kevin TvT

  15. Nadya Namora

    Nadya Namora12 일 전

    11:04 i still cant get over how the guys were talking 💩 about new when he's like right there 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. 쟌다리

    쟌다리13 일 전

    한국어 댓글이 하나도 없냐...

  17. Preet Sidhu

    Preet Sidhu13 일 전

    21:15 what song is Jacob singing??

  18. Ashley

    Ashley14 일 전

    wait sunwoo and juyeon did really good

  19. salmanaf

    salmanaf15 일 전

    Is anyone gonna talk about hyunjae and kevin here 13:10 hahahbahaah I'm dead

  20. Jammy Dodger

    Jammy Dodger16 일 전

    The fact that I read the comments while watching this and knew who the scene stealers were, yet I was surprised when it was revealed is really funny.😂😂

  21. dot

    dot17 일 전

    13:07 thinking about Hyunjae

  22. roberta៹

    roberta៹17 일 전

    21:12 does anyone know the name of this song? sounds incredibly familiar to me but i can't remember the name aaaaaa

  23. dot

    dot17 일 전

    I think it's Solji ( Exid ) - West Sky?? (1:14 in the video)

  24. EASN

    EASN17 일 전

    와 선우 맞췄다 같은 찐 ENTP인데 너무 적극적이지 않고 생각시간이 넘 길더라.. 컨셉이 있어도 본인의 내가 나올텐데 엔팁이 저럴수 없어

  25. Dj Adrados

    Dj Adrados17 일 전

    Stealer house ep. 3???? When

  26. 곰돌이인형

    곰돌이인형17 일 전

    4:21 이주연일줄알앗다 ㅋㄹㅋㅅㅋㄹㅋ 웃는 거 보소~~ 귀여워라..

  27. Sevimli Yonca

    Sevimli Yonca18 일 전

    Hakkie loves

  28. _3z5i_

    _3z5i_18 일 전

    Ly World

  29. Chimane Flila

    Chimane Flila19 일 전

    Biautiful the boyz 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓🇰🇷

  30. j j

    j j19 일 전

    Wouah i wasnt ready ya Kim Sunwoo !

  31. 黎賢祿

    黎賢祿19 일 전

    and here i got trust issues

  32. ew

    ew20 일 전


  33. Agnes Triana

    Agnes Triana20 일 전

    Can the translation on your video use Indonesian too,Or another language, so that those who don't really speak English can enjoy your video

  34. yeganeh shasti

    yeganeh shasti21 일 전

    Not even a the boyz fan but i gussed the scene stealers right😎

  35. nida ela

    nida ela21 일 전

    Juyeon and Sunwoo are so good at this kind of games. Woow, those two are The kind of persons I would really enjoy playing together "mafia" and "liar game".

  36. moos

    moos22 일 전

    So fun!!!!

  37. Krystal Nogales

    Krystal Nogales24 일 전

    13:09 Kevin hitting Hyunjae 23:07 Changmin beginning to play with Younghoon's arm 23:20 Jacob's "Heyyy" 23:26 Haknyeon resting his head on Eric's shoulder 24:34 Changmin finally letting go of Younghoon's arm

  38. 냠냠

    냠냠24 일 전


  39. Marlina Karena

    Marlina Karena26 일 전

    I knew it was sunwoo and juyeon cause they never hesitated to vote

  40. 냠냠

    냠냠27 일 전


  41. Ralph Tiu

    Ralph Tiu27 일 전

    I knew it was Juyeon from the start. He was too “cold” or “off” from how he usually is. Like he knew what he was doing to confuse them especially when he had that one to one with Eric

  42. 파채네 집Pachae

    파채네 집Pachae27 일 전

    뿌앵 째짜니 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ 너 우는 거볼라고 왓엉 넘모 기여워 흐ㅠㅜㅜㅠ

  43. Fanfic tiontion

    Fanfic tiontion27 일 전

    The fact that Im just starting to stan The Boyz and this is the second ep that I watch. Can someone help me? I want to know The Boyz too. Its so really confusinggggggg

  44. Fanfic tiontion

    Fanfic tiontion25 일 전

    @Daze Thank you very much btw

  45. Fanfic tiontion

    Fanfic tiontion25 일 전

    Oh no. I already watch The 100 and the members are starting to get in my mind 😂.

  46. Daze

    Daze25 일 전

    Hi! This video (which is the continuation of the 1st ep) would be very confusing for new fans bc they're acting out roles.. If you're new, I recommend you watch their Generation Z Identity Film if you're not familiar with the members yet.. It's a short video abt the members' real personalities based on their honest interviews.. They also have a lot of fun shows (variety and reality) that can hekp you get to know the members more: - Dolympiad - Idol House - Come On The Boyz Summer Vacation RPG - The Boyz School - Come On The Boyz New York - The 100 - Flower Snack Here's a very detailed carrd about them that's very helpful to new fans

  47. ᄋᄋ

    ᄋᄋ개월 전

    27:52 뢀동중인으로 오타난 거 진짜 개웃기다...지금 알았네ㅋㅋ

  48. Samia Junaid

    Samia Junaid개월 전

    omg theyre so good but i suspect sunwoo when everyone left eating and he smirked in the most evil way xD seondly sangyeon, hyunjae, hankyeon and jacob were the worst they made themselves suspicious for no reason lol

  49. 사타구니가없어서

    사타구니가없어서개월 전


  50. 됴이

    됴이개월 전


  51. p_자수정

    p_자수정개월 전

    I want to see more of this episode ;; like more clips or behinds or more after-thoughts. Also, it's interesting how the INFP group (+ confused but intuitive New) was the wise counsel getting suspicious of the right people hahaha Sunwoo and Juyeon are both ENTJs too! But for that, I know so little about ENTJs, and my only conclusion is that they really did good acting and leading and deflecting the suspicion away from them. It scares me how they sincerely communicated and made confusion among them though, they're too good >< Like imagine the amount of moments not in the video when a member taps in with Sunwoo or Juyeon and says their opinion, and then they work their magic

  52. 넉우리

    넉우리개월 전

    아니 이주연 왜 이렇게 예뻐ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 근데 이거 진짜 소름이다 선우가 뭐 봤다길래 당연히 학년인 줄 알았어 또해줘요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  53. 햇햇

    햇햇개월 전


  54. 햇햇

    햇햇개월 전


  55. 햇햇

    햇햇개월 전

    주연이 너무 잘생김...ㅜ

  56. x c

    x c개월 전

    Okay wow the ending really got me LOL WAS NOT EXPECTING THOSE TWO

  57. Elrkive

    Elrkive개월 전

    Well at least i got one right

  58. Micaela Macalinao

    Micaela Macalinao개월 전


  59. Yoongsify

    Yoongsify개월 전


  60. Oyaoya

    Oyaoya개월 전

    12:19 everyone: talking about scene stealers Hyunjae and Kevin: 13:10 Kevin realizes that there are cameras:

  61. marys carv

    marys carv개월 전

    Jacob: *existe * The boyz: sOsPeChOsO

  62. R D

    R D개월 전

    New is sooo pretty ~

  63. nightstay

    nightstay개월 전

    I am surprised they didn't vote for Chanhee first xD Boy always gets voted out first

  64. Realidad lavidareal

    Realidad lavidareal개월 전

    They talked about chanhee in front of him and that sends Geordie Shore vibes...

  65. 야 시엘

    야 시엘개월 전

    Que tiernos

  66. eternal oceane

    eternal oceane개월 전

    not at me laughing at 2 in the morning lmao thanks the boyz

  67. Himani Gwalani

    Himani Gwalani개월 전

    if someone didn't knew they were part of the same group, they'll seriously wont be able to tell that they are just pretending The Boyz just took mafia game to new level



    They all keep saying Jacob keeps ruining the mood lmaooo poor Jacob

  69. - SunLina -

    - SunLina -개월 전


  70. 미르

    미르개월 전

    오라떼 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ뻘하게 터졌다

  71. Jade Felix

    Jade Felix개월 전

    oml they were literally talking abt new right in front of him I'm gone baha

  72. DAY \7

    DAY \7개월 전

    Among Us, The Boyz version.

  73. Sehunnie's Wifey

    Sehunnie's Wifey개월 전

    it's so creepy and fun😂

  74. dwlundr

    dwlundr개월 전

    when people are chanting but the people who are cheating are near them: 11:15 - 11:32 make it really not fitting this part>.

  75. qpq 01

    qpq 01개월 전

    김선우 진짜 어떡하면 좋음... 개좋아

  76. Aulia Fadhila

    Aulia Fadhila개월 전

    I'm in love with those guy with the black hair 👁👄👁 sunwoo younghoon juyeon

  77. Aulia Fadhila

    Aulia Fadhila개월 전

    why younghoon is more handsome with the black hair 😍😍😍

  78. hannasugarplum

    hannasugarplum개월 전

    What was happening between Hyunjae and Kevin here 13:08 😳

  79. cielooo _

    cielooo _개월 전

    omg i was lowkey pretty surprised- also are there gonna be more eps?

  80. rei

    rei개월 전

    But fr i suspect juyeon and sunwoo from the begining

  81. Choi Chanhee brighter than air

    Choi Chanhee brighter than air개월 전

    8:50 Younghoon want to sit there but he can't, so sad.. 🥺

  82. Qadisha Zaman

    Qadisha Zaman개월 전

    I love sunwoo so much the way he acts lmfao

  83. __

    __개월 전


  84. Honey10tion Up

    Honey10tion Up개월 전

    sangyeon really was acting suspicious the whole time tho lolol sunwoo and juyeon should be thankful towards him

  85. Honey10tion Up

    Honey10tion Up개월 전

    "they were getting on my nerves. I wanted to confuse them" savage lool

  86. Minjibae Deobi

    Minjibae Deobi개월 전 THE BOYZ FUNNY MOMENTS

  87. Honey10tion Up

    Honey10tion Up개월 전

    11:10 LOL they're really talking about chanhee as if he's not right there beside them Edit: well nvm guess it didnt matter since he didnt even notice 💀

  88. ryan liang

    ryan liang개월 전

    this among us irl

  89. XiaoTen Hajeongwoo

    XiaoTen Hajeongwoo개월 전

    Since I'm new fan, i really thought Hyunjae is the maknea, but when j searched for their Profile, HE'S NOT. why is he saying he's the maknea? 😂

  90. Dee Yui

    Dee Yui개월 전

    Waaah this is so fun , i want more ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  91. Exoloey 21

    Exoloey 21개월 전

    Why is no one talking about how Younghoon tried to sit beside New but failed (At 8.50) Bbangnyu nation 🥺

  92. tadabae

    tadabae개월 전

    21:31 the plot twist had me quaking. it's so perfect, his trick is setting the mood, and creating confusion adds to the suspenseful mood of trying to figure out who the scene stealer is

  93. tadabae

    tadabae개월 전

    13:07 hold up....what was hyunjae doing to make kevin slap him---

  94. asytar naoto

    asytar naoto개월 전

    why everytime i wanted to know a new group, it will end up like they mixed their identities kasjkajs

  95. Angel Erandio

    Angel Erandio개월 전

    Juyeon: Jacob, the guy from canada Hyunjae: I dont like him 🤣🤣🤣

  96. GM

    GM개월 전

    12:22 Hahaha Younghoon just using his trick and Hyunjae competing with him

  97. 하루

    하루개월 전

    11:55 너무 ㄱㅇㅇ,, 슬플 때마다 보러와야지,,

  98. Jin&Tonic

    Jin&Tonic개월 전

    So is no one gonna talk about AnQry bird lol. Ok 😂

  99. amvelasc

    amvelasc개월 전

    i loveeeeed this!

  100. Lianna lyn

    Lianna lyn개월 전

    Merinding woyyy

  101. Lianna lyn

    Lianna lyn개월 전

    Kenapa gw malah bengek 😭

  102. nini

    nini개월 전

    why is it always sunwoo

  103. Dan ELF

    Dan ELF개월 전

    I'm waiting for more variety show of The Boyz.❤️❤️

  104. Minjibae Deobi