The process of making friends with tadpoles

Spring came and frogs laid eggs by the stream.
However, it is said that only 20% of tadpoles become frogs.
I decided to collect frog eggs and grow them.
Can tadpoles safely become frogs?
PleaseBee's Tadpole Growing!

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    이렇게 마음이땋은한사람이있다니왕감동🤗💕💞💗🌸

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    Ur so cool bro, everyone's friend is a human,but ur friend is incets,I'm impressed bro,🥺😭true friend with incets

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    This is probably the only channel that makes me think the bugs are cute ...

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    video: we clean fish tank soil😊 me: the forbidden rice

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    love your channel pleasebee love you

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    I love people that loves animal 💕

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    저희집 뒷마당에 흙으로 덮인 곳이 있었어요 그리고 거기에 큰 웅덩이?가 있더라구요 거기에는 올챙이가 많았어요 그때 잠자리채로 올챙이를 잡았는데 피가 나있는 올챙이를 잡았었어요 그때는 아직 어린 나이 였기에 집에 들어가서 연고를 연봉에 바른뒤 밖에 나갔는데 올챙이가 사라졌어요 그래서 한 10~20분 정도 뒷마당에서 올챙이를 찾았어요 근데 안나와서 연봉은 버리고 집으로 들어 왔어요 그리고 몇년뒤엔 콘크리트?로 덮혀서 사라졌어요 ㅋㅋ

  9. Narutoboic

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    My grandpa has a ranch and it has a small river near and we went there and there was hundreds of tadpoles

  10. scaramouchesimp

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    omg this is so cute but 8:09 i saw the eyes for the first time and i screamed, i dont really like slimy? buggy natured animals, insects but when other people take care of them its so cute and i wish i got over my fear of that, so i could have something cute like that.

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    I love frogs

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    3:13 왼쪽 구석에 있는친구는 변신을하고 있는건가요?ㅋㅋㅋ

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    ..ㅠ 개구리들을 보내주는 우리 착한 돼라님... 꼭 좋은 생물을 만나길 바래요..

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    So small

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    2:45 가운데에 웬지 리듬 맞춰서 좌우로 움직이는거같아서 웃기네 ㅋㅋ

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    Anchiovies smell and i have smelled it it smells like it came out of the ocean in a bad way

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    올챙이 너무 귀여워요!

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  21. bucketofvitamins

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    your videos remind me of my old neighbor. we have a small lake next to our cul de sac and next to that is a remotely large field where geese hang out often. the neighbor was friends with one of them, and he would let her and i hold him. he was so adorable, but one day he never returned. then a couple months later the neighbor moved. i hope their both doing well now, and i strive to become great friends with nature aswell :)

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    theres also a tadpole pokemon to

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    3:14 Lol look at the tadpole on the bottom left corner!

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    How do you become friends with every animal lol

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    어렸을때 집 베란다에서 개구리알부터 개구리까지 키워본경험이있습니다 그때가 유치원나이 정도 되었던거같은데 어린마음에 뒷다리가 나온 올챙이가 너무 귀여워서 엄지와 검지로 잡았더니 피가 나오고 죽었던 경험이있네요 올챙이부터 개구리까지 키우실 계획이있으신분들은 절대 그렇게 잡지마세요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 미안해 올챙아

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    The baby caterpillar breaks out of the egg!

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    i waana seee this man.....where he is from?

  30. Sparkly Sugar Starz

    Sparkly Sugar Starz7 일 전

    We had tadpoles too, a few years back. Unfortunately, some grew into frogs and drowned, so we put something for them to climb out of

  31. Kai Burtenshaw

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    Please like as part of contribution to the dead tadpoles :’(

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    yaaa good

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    tadpoles are like where were born

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    "All that it takes for evil to triumph is for a good man to stand by and do nothing." Yeah sometimes it's the smallest gesture that speaks the loudest. Thank you for doing what you are doing. =^.^=

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    3:13 You spin me right round baby right round

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    que lindos los renacuajos

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    Will they eat anchovies on pizza?

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    Once the tadpole ate 1 bit of rice its a certified asian boi

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    Dang those tadpoles got some moves😂

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    This made me tear up. Thank you for doing that for those tadpoles.

  43. N

    N10 일 전

    Even though the time we spend helping and raising animals feels very short you should cherish the times you got to take care of them and maybe you can help and raise more animals if the future.

  44. TemporalOnline

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    I did this when I was younger (13-15) it was cool 👍

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    Thank you for being kind to these wonderful creatures. ☺️

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    Bn thật tuyệt vời

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    와 이형 100만 바라보네... 잘 돼서 다행이다

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    I have tadpoles at home and some have turned into frogs and i like plants a lot. Hope the tadpoles survive!

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    저도 어릴때 올챙이 줍줍해서 키웠었는데 걍 구경만하고 거의 방치했던거같아요 한마리가 뒷다리가 났었는데 나머지 올챙이들이 배가 고팠는지 뒷다리 난 애를 다같이 먹더라구요... 그뒤로 동심 파괴되서 안키웠던 기억이 ㅠㅠ

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    그냥 이분은 곤충이나 동물 키우는거 전문가이신듯

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    I'd have to at least keep one frog

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    정말 재밌었어요

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    im glad those masquito larvas are dead i hate masquitos there loud and there such a pain to deal with also your like a father to all creatures i swear dude

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    Tadpole: around the world around the woorld

  55. Kyle boii

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    It's called a chipmunk but some people call it a ground squirrel

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    Oh my goodness. Your videos man are just so wholesome. I love it. It was sad that all the froggies had to go though :(

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    9:55 This little guy looks like a snake cus snakes tongue do that some times

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    this vídeo made me cry, new suscriber youre so sweet

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    i dont really like frogs

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    i dont wanna say this but thats a chipmunk not a squirrel-

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    3:11 the one in the bottom left is the one child who stays up to 11 59pm claiming they went to be before 12

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    PleaseBe is a beautiful human being.

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    I've never heard of feeding fish to tadpoles because tadpoles are mostly bottom feeding vegetarians they don't usually eat any kind of meat but if it works then it works as long as they've survived

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    Respect bro

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    You have a very kind soul, PleaseBe.

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    I love videos like this. Truly a sad but also a very happy adventure!

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    I know the name of the purple flower 🌼. It's name is Aparajeeta. Do you live in Korea 🇰🇷?

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    I used to love frogs but my two frogs died so I decide to buy a turtle

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    "Hate~ I hate~" me too little buddy lmao

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