Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"

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SHOT by Nova Rockafeller & Logan Fulton
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan


  1. Stephen Hunter

    Stephen Hunter시간 전

    Damned if I haven't been saying this to people for years. Charities seem to be more like businesses. Great song, keep up the great work 👏👌

  2. הילל מלניקוב

    הילל מלניקוב시간 전

    Forget my dad died from cancer when i was 1. Until i read the comments.



    Bro good message

  4. Jeremiah Finke

    Jeremiah Finke시간 전

    Probably the most honest musician out there.

  5. Cado_Syrups

    Cado_Syrups시간 전

    I didnt know my great grandfather but I believe after his service he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away within about 2 years or so, my great grandma followed shortly after about 2-3 months, I sometimes wonder what they'd be like, Tho I haven't experienced personally how bad it must be and how it has a horrible effect on people, You are all strong and you can get through it, you might have moments of doubt but at the end of the day you got this

  6. Christopher O'Neill

    Christopher O'Neill시간 전

    Tom, I got a guardian angel last week in my Uncle Rodger and my grandmother died of cancer on St Patricks Day. I don't know but I hope the research they learned from Mid, my grandmother, helped Rodger have a smoother transition to Heaven. I love the passion and vulnerability you show it's really cool. Thank you and God Bless.

  7. Tony Jensen

    Tony Jensen시간 전

    2 time survivor, thank you Tom for speaking truth and reminding others that WE CAN overcome anything and everything TOGETHER 🔥

  8. David Childers

    David Childers시간 전

    Dude this song speaks so much truth. I've had a couple family members die due to cancer. But the one family member who stuck out to me was my grandmother because of my father. My father was mentally handicapped and when his mother was dying of cancer literally on her death bed was the first time I had ever seen him shed a tear 😢. The only reason I bring that up is because he passed away 2 years ago and I know and hope that he is with his mother.

  9. Nick Nickson

    Nick Nickson시간 전

    This song hits hard. Couldn't watch the whole thing but I definitely will watch again. Thank you for putting out music with messages rathers then disrespectful trash or gibberish like some people.

  10. Nick Newman

    Nick Newman2 시간 전

    This song had me in tears like I don’t even know what to say

  11. Lea Magpies Evans

    Lea Magpies Evans2 시간 전

    Great song 🤩🙏❤

  12. MADNIS

    MADNIS2 시간 전

    Everyone in the comments sharing their own cancer stories while Tom is laughing his way to the bank. Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.

  13. Catherine Evans

    Catherine Evans2 시간 전

    Idc what anyone says..... Tom Tom is the best storyteller and that's facts... Change my mind🤷‍♀️

  14. Ricardo Schaasberg

    Ricardo Schaasberg2 시간 전

    I lost my father figure and best friend to lung cancer a few years back. I would give up all what little wealth I have for five more minutes to speak to him. He taught me my manners, respect and life lessons. We used to rebuild old cars after school my senior year and the summers that followed and I just bought a 31 Ford to restore in his honor. I took the last years i had with him for granted, never knowing he had cancer and always thinking he would be around. Called him about everything from girlfriends, car questions or just to update him where I was when I was traveling. He was always happy and I just wish I spent more time with him towards the end. He had a pain, went to the hospital and theh told him he had stage 3 lung cancer. Since the cancer already made it to his lymp nodes he was gone in a month. Miss him every fucking day.

  15. MADNIS

    MADNIS2 시간 전

    1:25 the rate of suicide skyrocketing every year disagrees. I lost two of my only friends to suicide in a span of 3 years. And reminding everyone about cancer only leads to depression. And depression leads to increasing suicidal thoughts. But keep profiting off peoples pain and pretending you care Tom.

  16. ok ok

    ok ok2 시간 전

    Think he's talking about the people with cancer and how desperately they're trying to fight it so they can stay here in this world m8

  17. Devon Herman

    Devon Herman2 시간 전

    This is a beautiful song tom

  18. MADNIS

    MADNIS2 시간 전

    Everyone dies. Get over yourselves people. Know this. Life is cool for a little while and then it ultimately turns to shit. Doesn't matter how rich or poor you are. Doesn't matter what race or religion you believe in. Doesn't matter if you're a square or a serial rapist. LIFE FUCKING SUCKS. Doesn't mean we want to hear about it while listening to music! Music is supposed to be a way for us to escape the cold heartedness of this world. It's NOT TO REMIND US OF HOW TERRIBLE IT IS and to remind us of all our loved ones that HAVE and WILL DIE during our life times! I lost two of my best friends to suicide within a matter of 3 years. I was abused both physically and mentally as a child growing up in a foster home. I was molested by a neighbor and was called a liar when I finally decided to let people know. What's next? Write a song about everyone dying of suicide? Of all the children getting molested? I'm sorry but this song is fucking TRASH! WAY TO RUIN MY EVENING TOM!

  19. ok ok

    ok ok2 시간 전

    People dont just listen to music to escape how awfull the world is but ok

  20. Austin De Young

    Austin De Young2 시간 전

    Toms the artist we all in our lives!!

  21. Eat DandDie

    Eat DandDie2 시간 전

    Damn Tom. I put off listening to this cause I had a feeling it would make me cry. And it did. I love it bro. Love it.

  22. Eddie Franco

    Eddie Franco2 시간 전

    Tom you hit that nail right on the head. Awesome song. I'm fighting cancer right now I've been going to MD Anderson for over two and a half years. This disease affects everyone in your life. At first I thought it was only affecting me until I saw how my family was reacting to this too. All I thought of after that was fight. I'm not going down with out fighting this cancer. I'M STILL HERE FIGHTING!!!

  23. Full Send Filosophy

    Full Send Filosophy2 시간 전

    I tell you what I am a 22 year old full grown man. Not just any man. I am even a Marine and I still cried. This song hits me hard. I lost my grandma who was raising me at 11 years old to lung cancer. They sent her home on a hospital bed after being in the hospital for nearly a month they said there was nothing they could do for her. They said she had 6 months to live. I saw my grandpa the toughest man I've ever met get down on his knees at night and pray for her in tears. She died 13 days later. She didn't even make it 2 weeks let alone 6 months.... its a terrible thing to watch someone go through.... her last words to me where "find something you love and help people." I hope I am making her proud.

  24. E.T. English

    E.T. English2 시간 전

    Prayers to all whom struggle. The addiction just keeps accumulating the cancer patients find it hard to be patient when all your doing is waiting. The beauty of life eats me alive. Everyday I strive in mind to find out what happiness is like. But being human is the beautiful part about it yet where is humanity when the planet needs it. We all push and pull strugglin one way or another just to find cover or love from another. The pantry has very little to give an the takers keep on taking an the giving just keep on giving till theirs nothing left to give. For a cancer patient or anyone more deserving than me I'd offer my last breath or any body part of me to see a life come to live a beautiful journey that I yet cant see or take for granat caus i dont understand it. Much love to everyone literally to all life it's to short. To short.....

  25. reapers wifey89

    reapers wifey892 시간 전

    wow Beautiful song Tom, Love your music and thank you for all of it

  26. Find Peace in Darkness

    Find Peace in Darkness2 시간 전

    Damn my ma just passed from C

  27. Uneaux Namaste

    Uneaux Namaste2 시간 전

    This song hit me deep... As a 24 year old enlisted US Marine (of 160lbs) I was diagnosed with stage II testicular cancer. The 5 military doctors I saw wanted to castrate I found an oncologist at Emory University that said he could save my 'libido'. Long story short after two major surgeries 30 days apart, (right orchiectomy & retroperitoneal lymph node dissection) I had lost 45lbs. I then went on to complete 4 cycles of chemotherapy, which was 8 hours per day, 5 days a week over a period of 5 months. I lost every hair on my body in the first cycle and the nausea was constant. By the third cycle my weight had dropped to 92lbs...I looked and felt like walking death, literally. At that point I decided to disobey the doctor, the CO, the state, and federal law as I began to use marijuana. I gained almost 40lbs in the final 6 weeks with an increase in appetite and a decrease in nausea provided by MaryJane. That was 25 years ago... #CancerSurvivor #FUCKchemo The message in your music is powerful and I admire your courage in challenging the system on every level. Thank you, Tom... much respect. #hangovergang #SmokeWeedEveryday

  28. E.T. English

    E.T. English2 시간 전

    May your messages change the future. May the future prosper, I know most of your music tom hits me right in the hearticles

  29. Leslie Zeihan

    Leslie Zeihan2 시간 전

    I have an adoptive sister trying to survive Cancer right now. I have a big sister who is a breast cancer survivor. I have a niece who is a breast cancer survivor. There are some very good supplements that help you body fight cancer. L-Carnosine is great. IP-6 with Inositol. those are just 2 there is Quercetin with bromelain and Vit C. My adoptive sister is taking all three of these along with Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vit D-3, Vit K. Her last check up, they said the Cancer does not seem to be growing now, it's still there, but it's in stasis. Thanks again Tom! Love ya man!

  30. Homebrew Jukebox

    Homebrew Jukebox2 시간 전

    This song is proof that grieving never ends and memories are forever powerful. My mom survived for 4 years when she had 6 months and did not pass until she was refused treatment. Thank you for putting this out there to keep fleeting memories alive.

  31. James W

    James W2 시간 전

    im going to assume the 2.7k that thumbed this down only didnt want to be reminded of those they lost or maybe havent known anyone with cancer and to those lucky ones, hope you dont have to go through it, when i was younger (10) my grandpa had colon cancer, and from what i gather, died from after effects from the surgery to get rid of it (this was in 93), and more recently my uncle had cancer in his throat from acid reflux, well not from, but it was a contributing factor i think, an didnt make it but fought for many years

  32. Brad Hiester

    Brad Hiester3 시간 전


  33. Betty Selenator

    Betty Selenator3 시간 전

    I’m so proud of calling my self your FAN

  34. Heber Reyes

    Heber Reyes3 시간 전

    Rip Grandma 👵 You fought your best to defeat so falled cancer. From chopping off one of your breast; chasing to your liver to kill you. I love you and miss you. 🙏

  35. Eden Moore

    Eden Moore3 시간 전

    Much love to this...xox

  36. P Sprink

    P Sprink3 시간 전

    You're so right. We breathe, we drink water, we eat food & risk cancer from all of it. Gave me literal goosebumps. Best song you've ever done, Tom!

  37. LeafyisHere

    LeafyisHere3 시간 전

    Thank you someone needed to say that for us cancer patients no one understands thank you from Connecticut

  38. Tyler Halloran

    Tyler Halloran4 시간 전

    I lost my dad to Throat cancer in 2014 I still remember the silence in room in between each breath he took we all were waiting for him to make another then around 4:30 the nurse came in and gave him morphine and then he passed in silence I still remember waiting for the rise and fall of his chest

  39. theweirdturnpro 2012

    theweirdturnpro 20124 시간 전

    My grandmother, my rock, my very first partner in crime and my biggest cheerleader passed away from cancer on Thursday (10/15) and my heart is shattered. I was overwhelmed when I saw this release and again when I listened/watched because the pain of her passing is so fresh but, I love it. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to everyone fighting this horrible disease! This was her second round with Cancer but, they were different types and just 5 years apart. She fought hard and was gracious, loving and encouraging to US, her family, the entire time SHE was sick. I hate that this diseases takes the strongest and wounds everybody who loves them, my heart goes out to every and anybody that has to endure the gauntlet that Cancer demands from the diagnosed and their loved ones. Sending love to those still fighting and those that couldn't anymore, you are all warriors! Keep fighting! 💜 🦋🦋 P.S. My grandma was a big fan too 🙂

  40. treebender 1371

    treebender 13714 시간 전

    My wife's sister was taken 15 years ago from a cancer that could have been stopped. A medical oversight caused her to lose her sister. This one got me in the feels man.

  41. Oath

    Oath4 시간 전

    Spitting bars

  42. P Sprink

    P Sprink4 시간 전

    They killed my mom. She went to doctor & ER over & over just to be sent home & blamed arthritis & diabetes. The doctor in a hospital an hour away said she had it 3 to 5 years. My mom was at doctor's at least twice a month. My sister & I called her doctor's nurses telling them something wasn't right with our mom. 7 days she lived in a hospital before the cancer took her, but she suffered far longer. Two doctors & two hospitals are going to answer for her death & I will fight to my death for the doctors involved to lose their licenses. They didn't just let her die at 68, they forced her to suffer in extreme pain. By the time she died she had initial lymphoma (curable) to spreading to her liver, lungs, kidneys, & spine. She will not have died in vain. I vow to call every attorney I have to & every media outlet in the US. They killed my mom.

  43. Sick Nick

    Sick Nick4 시간 전

    According to the state of California everything from China causes cancer. Things last half as long for buck or two cheaper because we imported it from someone that stole it.

  44. Mike Whittington

    Mike Whittington4 시간 전

    This hots home my 5 year old nephew hulk has a rare form of cancer he beat it once now hes fighting it again

  45. Jasmine Pecor

    Jasmine Pecor4 시간 전

    I watch my father in law get eaten by this and he told us all NO. NO dont ever give up and fight till you can't and fight some more. I won't cry for this even if it breaks open so many wounds. I will say yes we need a better treatment plan and yes we should be past the old treatment and I will encourage anyone and everyone to keep fighting. We are beautifully destroyed and yet we are hopelessly optimistic so lets keep at a cure cause I don't want to put another child into the ground. God bless all of you and I pray everyday for the cure to leukemia or pancreatic anything.

  46. Lewie Davison

    Lewie Davison4 시간 전

    My mam passed away last month with terminal cancer, she got told 5 year to live 8 years ago, she was a FIGHTER till the very end! I was right next to her when she took her last breath and wiped the tear away from her cheek when she took her last breath only I seen that tear! The song is so true i do believe there is a cure but it all boils down to money! I know my mam is pain free now and her strength and her fight has passed over to me! RIP MAM I LOVE YOU ❤ I LOVE YOU TOM!

  47. OpGhost 77G

    OpGhost 77G4 시간 전

    There's a type of berry I'm australia that can cure cancer but the government won't let anyone go near it

  48. Soul Of Truth

    Soul Of Truth4 시간 전

    How can I collab with you

  49. Arvind Kumar

    Arvind Kumar4 시간 전

    Mara uncal ko cancer thi par ab ek dam thik h call kara 7719532128

  50. glen harper

    glen harper4 시간 전

    I watched my grandad go from a jolly plump happy man of about 15 stone to a 6 stone bag of bones he never forgave my mom at the end cos she allowed me to go and see him in his last week I was only 12, still have nightmares about it sometimes, he was my world he taught me how to ride a bike , play football, draw, spelling and picked me up from school and bought me a comic and an ice Lolly everyday , it was after losing him I started experimenting with drugs and alcohol from 13 on, I’m 45 now abs my heads still a mess, thanku Tom & nova for understanding there’s only u, nf & Eminem that make anything that’s real thought provoking lyricism anymore, the rest just haven’t got a clue , thanks again, fuck lung cancer, fuck all cancer ur right Tom there’s a cure somewhere but they’re not gonna kill their cash cow

  51. blackdog 5335

    blackdog 53355 시간 전

    I’m crying bruh😭😭

  52. Ceraxus Jax

    Ceraxus Jax5 시간 전

    Look YT Took Tom off of Trending ! BULLSHIT !

  53. buddinghappiness330

    buddinghappiness3305 시간 전


  54. Jakob Roberts

    Jakob Roberts5 시간 전

    Thank you for making this song for your fans and future fans!!!! And thank you for making this for us to share! #Tom4president I believe in my heart knowing and listening to you for years watching the change and putting the past behide you! Even tho you speak the truth and get haters for doing it! Yet you speak for people and to the people! Makes me wonder what music you listen to or story's you hear face to face! The mental mentality you put into your songs. How does the words you want to speak flow out onto paper? Are you stressed and staying up for days on end?or is it like painting you hear and listen to your fans and then inspire them? I have problems speaking, stuttering, and reading including having words I want to say gets jumbled up as I talk and my mind jumps around. Seizures have always took a toll on my body and my mind. Yet the complexities of words and ou choose your not scared to say them. My voice and story will never be heard, being bullied in school and having a seizure theme song after still scars my mind having music like this really relaxes my mind and forget about my pain and remember others that are tormented day in and day out either in a dark place, a disease, loss of a loved one, or the day struggle of a person in more dire need. I dont care it this is long but you Tom are 1/256 ppl in a room that recognize that society has to change or it will just get worse.

  55. Jamie Wilkey

    Jamie Wilkey5 시간 전

    Very very good song it just wasn't a sad sad song like I thought it was gonna be and I have and still do fight demons I'm a recovering addict, and I thought this song most of all more than anything very encouraging 🙏

  56. Brother Dave

    Brother Dave5 시간 전

    This song is so raw and a much needed encouragement for all those going through the storm of cancer or any other illness and for those dealing with the loss of loved ones. Many of us know that this place isn't our home and our faith is in Jesus Christ and our real home is in eternity with Him. My prayer is that more people come to know Jesus and receive the gift of eternal life because our life here is but a vapor.

  57. big salad

    big salad5 시간 전

    The cure to cancer isnt a syringe, or chemo or a pill or a perscription. Its your diet. Cancer is a little worm that eats what you eat and grows off what you eat. Eat fruits and vegetables. Cancer, and any type of disease grows off of, alcohol, cigarettes (obvioisly), sugar, meat, milk and all dairy. Cancer cannot live off of fruits vegetables nuts and seeds therefore having it starve. Eat what god created for us, not what we lived off of. Eat an alkaline diet, food based on a ph scale. Kale, celery, watermelon, cucumbers, spinach, etc. All those beautiful leafy greens that god intended for us. Chemo only urges us to eat mcdonalds or the easiest thing we see, just to make the pain it causes. And ironically the first thing doctors would tell you is "dont eat raw fruits or vegetables" but they dont say anything about mcdonalds. Hmm. Stay up america. I love you

  58. big salad

    big salad5 시간 전

    Dont resort to eating McDonalds to mask the pain the medication they gave you is causing. That salad will make you feel great im telling you.

  59. ChrisFish81

    ChrisFish815 시간 전

    1 luv Tom!

  60. oncehitdead

    oncehitdead5 시간 전

    I grow my hair to donate it for some kid can have a wig. I'm a high risk myself to get cancer. But I'll keep growing my hair out as many times as I can. Great song man. Shed light on this industry because there is a cure. But why give out the cure when there is no money to be made from it.

  61. shelley clouse

    shelley clouse5 시간 전

    12 yr breast cancer survivor, in remission for rectal cancer. Husband died of lung cancer. It can be beaten. Won't do treatments again. Chemo's left me with to any health issues. Will go to see the Grand Canyon then to Oregon. Check out with dignity.

  62. Christopher Edward

    Christopher Edward5 시간 전

    Pur alkaline kills cancer safely. Lung cancer just use pur baking soda in a mist breathing machine.💪💪😊

  63. Banlam Shwa

    Banlam Shwa6 시간 전

    Love to this legend.✌ peace

  64. matt leopold

    matt leopold6 시간 전

    let's make this go number 1

  65. Nicki Bridges

    Nicki Bridges6 시간 전

    My daughter is a survivor. 8 when she was diagnosed, 9 when she had a bone marrow transplant. She is the strongest person I have ever met. She is 25 now and cancer free. Late effects will always be part of her life. I've never felt more useless than watching her suffer through treatment. #HOGforever

  66. brandon roberts

    brandon roberts6 시간 전

    very nice song, and the susan g komen foundation is awful very little of their money goes to actual research.

  67. Jake Hendricks

    Jake Hendricks6 시간 전

    This does touch the string. My wife is currently fighting breast cancer. If I could take it away from her and take it for myself I would do it in a heart my wife is definently a fighter and hasn't lost yet!! Ty for the video esspcially being overseas away from her makes harder for me since I can't be there.

  68. Tee M

    Tee M6 시간 전

    I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was 11 months old. I lost my dad after 16 year, 2 remission, and c-diff to Hodgkin's lymphoma. I'm sitting in my patrol car just crying my heart out.

  69. Fucking Slayer

    Fucking Slayer6 시간 전

    Thanks for this I'm not into this type of music I only listen to metal but this helped my father passed of cancer in 2018 and my mother in March of this 2020 got breast cancer

  70. ILikePi04

    ILikePi047 시간 전

    Maaaan anyone who disliked this is going to hell for sure! 2 of my moms best friends both have acute myeloid leukemia rn and this song just popped up in my recommended at the perfect time, I’m hoping it’s a sign of good news that they will both make it out. Cancer is no joke, the timing of this song is too perfect and Tom never ceases to make powerful, meaningful music. To the 2k people that disliked: Just be better...

  71. M3D V3GA

    M3D V3GA7 시간 전


  72. redwings 420

    redwings 4207 시간 전

    Both my grandmother and grandfather passed away from cancer , grandmother awhile ago but my grandfather a year ago this hits hard !! Thank you , Also I know it wasn't due to cancer but my aunt just passed a day ago due to covid (still this song hits hard none the less for that too) glad to have music like this by my side whenever I need it !! Tom again thank you you truly have no idea how many peoples lives you have touched for this one

  73. Ebhojie Divine

    Ebhojie Divine7 시간 전

    I was diagnosed of herpes 3 years, and ever since then i have been taking treatment to prevent outbreaks, burning and blisters, but there was no improvement until i came across testimonies of Dr. VOODOO on how he has been curing different people from different diseases all over the world, then i contacted him. After our conversation he sent me the medicine which i took according to his instructions for up to 2 weeks. After completing the medication i went back to my doctor for another test and the virus was all gone and i was completely cured, since then i have not had any signs of outbreak. I'm so filled with joy. With herbal medication Herpes Virus is 100% curable. I refer Dr VOODOO to everyone out there with the virus Email: Add Dr voodoo on whatsApp +2348140120719

  74. Irishman71

    Irishman717 시간 전

    Tom you are without a doubt a remarkable man im pleasantly surprised by you more every video i see great job. You proof to the world that someone can look different even strange but have a big heart. You sir cannot hide the good in you its easy to see now. Thanks for the video

  75. YeetDA Swamp

    YeetDA Swamp7 시간 전

    Dear Tom, Love the song man. My best friends of 26 yrs father died about 6 years ago from cancer. I miss that man everyday he was like a father to me. Everybody cherish yalls loved ones. Keep them close and keep fighting dont ever stop. Sincerely, The orphan with love

  76. Ken Perkins

    Ken Perkins7 시간 전

    I lost my mama almost 8 years ago from cancer I took her to her treatments I know the f****** pain that goes through to the people that they ain't got dog that that hit hard I can't get no better brother hangover gang

  77. Heidi

    Heidi7 시간 전

    "But it's scary cuz we don't know where we'll go when we die" That's the only thing keeping me here...not knowing where I'll go when I die. My fear is it'll be like dreaming but like dreams, I'll have no control when it goes bad or wierd and I don't particularly want to deal with that for eternity. At least while I'm alive I can wake up from bad dreams and nightmares, even though everyday I wake up in living hell. "Nothing matters if you don't have your health" That's a fact. The sad thing is I really do love life, but life without your health isn't worth living.

  78. Golden Jam PG3D

    Golden Jam PG3D7 시간 전

    Nicely done

  79. Yehokhanan Ishtar

    Yehokhanan Ishtar8 시간 전

    Keep em comin Tom.👊

  80. Tristen Rubio

    Tristen Rubio8 시간 전

    Can you make a song about alcoholism.? I just turned 25 on the 16th October. I've been drinking heavy and every day since I was 13. I need some help. For me, my fiance and my 8month old child. I wanna change but idk how.

  81. Jeremy Loneske

    Jeremy Loneske8 시간 전

    Awesome!! Good job Tom. My friend just told me an hour ago that’s she’s going through a divorce. My mom has pancreatic cancer and my brother just passes away. We all can relate!! Keep it up. Love your music

  82. Lawrence Stenger

    Lawrence Stenger8 시간 전

    It's bad enough they have a cure but don't want the whole world to know I lost my own mother to cancer in 2013

  83. Dave Culver

    Dave Culver8 시간 전

    Thank you. This intence. This helpful . This is painful. This is needed. I thank you. Though you may not believe I do, but God bless you. Thank you.

  84. Ij_yama 777

    Ij_yama 7778 시간 전

    I like how he's one of the only rappers touching these subjects,at his level face it i think hes hokey sometimes certain songs,but he can rap his ass off...hey he's very successful numbers don't lie so #misfitworld Approves

  85. Kory Moon

    Kory Moon8 시간 전

    I don't know what could be said that hasn't been said already about this video just in the past 5-10 years have probably lost about twenty people friends family loved ones the cancer of some sort and I've had a few beat cancer also but either way it's a struggle and it's real the table that has cancer out there you have people that will support you if you just open up and I am one of them and obviously Tom MacDonald and Nova Rockefeller and also Logan are there for you too

  86. Kirby Griffiths

    Kirby Griffiths8 시간 전

    Thank you Tom MacDonald!

  87. Blue marlin Plumbing

    Blue marlin Plumbing8 시간 전

    The greatest Lyrical rapper of all time hands-down anybody who says name is a fucking hater show me someone better

  88. TheKingkhaotic

    TheKingkhaotic8 시간 전

    We get cancer from trying to keep our demons a secret. That is words from above.

  89. BIGGAMER90-CodFacade

    BIGGAMER90-CodFacade8 시간 전

    Who ever dislikes this video. Just how...

  90. Chris H

    Chris H8 시간 전

    Tom is a modern day hero. Keep up the fight! This man is a treasure

  91. THIEFN 1

    THIEFN 18 시간 전

    The dislikes must be from trump supporters

  92. Dylan Talbert

    Dylan Talbert8 시간 전

    Well shit.... i doubt many people expected this from Tom but f*** it. I personally appreciate messages like this, and I'm guessing there mightve been something that happened to him to spark this kind of motion. Well done man. Great message.

  93. Terry Metsch

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  94. Marty Patock

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    Wow Tom you hit the song on the head about cancer . My dad died and uncle has died from it ,they should have a cure for it but they won't make it .

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    Tom ty for this video I been a metal head from child hood but i love music with a message and all your songs have that so from an ole fat guy from NC ty you have given me a new push and that goes for you and nova both seriously from the bottom of my heart thank you thank you thank you i can't say it enough thank you and thank yall

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