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Eyes wide open

℗ JYP Entertainment

Released on: 2020-10-26

Music Publisher: JYP Publishing (KOMCA)
Music Publisher: Cio E Vita Music
Music Publisher: Petal Rock Publishing
Lyricist: JIHYO
Composer: 이우민 "collapsedone"
Composer: Julia Ross
Composer: Krysta Youngs

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  1. 古享鑫

    古享鑫개월 전

    I love this song⋯🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  2. Ayrine Mawar

    Ayrine Mawar3 개월 전

    115K likes before comebck!!

  3. Ayrine Mawar

    Ayrine Mawar3 개월 전


  4. Ayrine Mawar

    Ayrine Mawar3 개월 전

    Up No More

  5. Ayrine Mawar

    Ayrine Mawar3 개월 전


  6. Ayrine Mawar

    Ayrine Mawar3 개월 전


  7. Ayrine Mawar

    Ayrine Mawar3 개월 전

    5M before comeback !!

  8. Ayrine Mawar

    Ayrine Mawar4 개월 전


  9. ꪗeon.

    ꪗeon.5 개월 전

    so this is about insomnia? finally a song i can dance at midnight

  10. Yang Mi

    Yang Mi6 개월 전

    Thanks Jihyo, we love you

  11. Isaias Santiago

    Isaias Santiago6 개월 전

    Joyaaaa de canción ✨

  12. guada

    guada7 개월 전

    I can't get over this album

  13. PRAYTHEN Gaming YT

    PRAYTHEN Gaming YT7 개월 전

    I have this song on loop

  14. Claudia Doster

    Claudia Doster7 개월 전

    Puentes: 0:55 1:46

  15. Claudia Doster

    Claudia Doster7 개월 전

    Intro 0:00 a 0:16 A 0:17 B 0:48 coro 1:04 A 1:21 B 1:36 coro 1:52 coda A 2:09 coda B 2:42

  16. JN Guardian

    JN Guardian7 개월 전

    the way i'm listening to this at 3:30 a.m i-

  17. JN Guardian

    JN Guardian7 개월 전

    but it seriously is a drag to have sleeping problems like 😌✋

  18. Claudia Doster

    Claudia Doster7 개월 전

    0:17 0:40 1:04 1:21 1:36 1:52 2:09 2:42

  19. Claudia Doster

    Claudia Doster7 개월 전

    Mp 0:16 a 0:26 mf 0:49 a 0:55

  20. Maru

    Maru7 개월 전

    This have so city pop wave, goood




  22. ClemsHK

    ClemsHK7 개월 전

    By far my favourite music of the album with Behind The Mask !

  23. Melanie Fora Roque

    Melanie Fora Roque7 개월 전

    I love this song, it is so amazing.

  24. tsukasa

    tsukasa7 개월 전

    This is easily one of their best songs.

  25. Família Lopes

    Família Lopes7 개월 전

    Yes, mainly by talking 'bout the issue of anxiety and insomnia ...

  26. Kristine n

    Kristine n7 개월 전

    I love this song

  27. reiiano

    reiiano7 개월 전

    this is my comfort song :3

  28. Eto' ́

    Eto' ́7 개월 전

    Mi canción favorita del álbum 🥺♥️

  29. txtprint

    txtprint7 개월 전

    this makes me so reminiscent of twice cute concepts:)

  30. timotius herman

    timotius herman7 개월 전

    If my lifetime only have 3 minutes 34 seconds left

  31. TH

    TH7 개월 전


  32. LauRJ🐹🦄

    LauRJ🐹🦄7 개월 전

    Me encanta!

  33. reiiano

    reiiano7 개월 전

    jihyo wrote this for people with insomnia and i’m listening at 02:43

  34. reiiano

    reiiano7 개월 전

    and now it’s 04:11....

  35. lucas22

    lucas227 개월 전

    UP NO MORE ficaria perfeito se fosse uma title. essa música é a cara do álbum e também combinou bastante com o que o POP tem utilizado (algo mais retrô)

  36. Junalene Gerona

    Junalene Gerona7 개월 전

    287 930

  37. Zümra Köker

    Zümra Köker7 개월 전

    0:04 background music like feel special background music. ıts so relax and awesome.

  38. camilahappyfairy

    camilahappyfairy7 개월 전

    S O T Y

  39. Raquel Pond

    Raquel Pond7 개월 전

    essa curou todas as minhas feridas

  40. Tiffany Fu

    Tiffany Fu7 개월 전

    I stay up many nights because of this song....

  41. Jaz

    Jaz7 개월 전

    this is their best song after icsm

  42. Jaz

    Jaz7 개월 전

    ahh and cry for me is coming for their necks too

  43. Magalí C.M.

    Magalí C.M.7 개월 전


  44. tzuyu supremacy

    tzuyu supremacy7 개월 전

    dahyun’s adlibs here are so addicting

  45. IsaacXDD

    IsaacXDD7 개월 전

    Watching this while sleep deprived, very fun 👍👍👍

  46. Jaz

    Jaz7 개월 전

    they are really the gg with the MOST diverse type of music

  47. Jaz

    Jaz7 개월 전

    @benja aas they should 🥴

  48. benja a

    benja a7 개월 전

    Red Velvet is shaking

  49. santi

    santi7 개월 전

    Twice Cry for me Music Release 12-18 (Fri) Concept Photo & 12-14 (Mon)

  50. santi

    santi7 개월 전

    Twice Cry for me Music Release 12-18 (Fri) Concept Photo & 12-14 (Mon)

  51. Anahí Lázaro Vasconcelos

    Anahí Lázaro Vasconcelos7 개월 전

    Ameeee el rap uwu

  52. immaculate

    immaculate7 개월 전

    up no more is a gem to me

  53. dustymoth

    dustymoth7 개월 전

    ok but the lyrics to this one are kinda sad tho. jihyo you okay, goddess?

  54. Going ONCE, going TWICE!

    Going ONCE, going TWICE!7 개월 전

    As someone who crams, this song is EXTREMELY relatable

  55. Mae Ramos

    Mae Ramos7 개월 전

    ONCE STOP VOTING ON MUBEAT!!!! SAVE THE TICKETS FOR ROUND 2 & MOST IMPORTANTLY ROUND 3!!! Please spread this, cause a lot of ONCEs are still voting and waisting their tickets!!!

  56. dens

    dens7 개월 전

    ONCE, listen it in 0.75x speed

  57. Ummi Saqifah

    Ummi Saqifah7 개월 전

    in this album, I very like this song because of Jeong Yeon's voice.. hehehehehehehehhheheheheh. pardon me.. so addicted

  58. nadir burcu özdoğru

    nadir burcu özdoğru7 개월 전

    Song is soo perfect🍊🍂🍁

  59. Tan Yin Xiang

    Tan Yin Xiang7 개월 전

    UP NO MORE is gaining views faster than HELL IN HEAVEN. I guess UP NO MORE may overtake HELL IN HEAVEN to become the most viewed b-side of EYES WIDE OPEN in no time!

  60. BuddhaKye

    BuddhaKye7 개월 전

    Honestly I love this more than ICSM, such an amazing song

  61. Kezia Legaspi

    Kezia Legaspi7 개월 전

    2:33 Dahyun said ANO BA filipino fans lucky

  62. Lupita AR

    Lupita AR7 개월 전

    i love this song

  63. Raiz Hamzah

    Raiz Hamzah7 개월 전

    This lovely song is a BOP. 💕💕💗

  64. Danish Haziq

    Danish Haziq7 개월 전

    Lagu yg tenang 😌❤️

  65. claudio marcelo trinidad huillca

    claudio marcelo trinidad huillca7 개월 전

    Alguien sabe cuando uno se cansa de esta canción? :'v

  66. Lee Hyerin

    Lee Hyerin7 개월 전

    Nunca 😎

  67. calara STREAM BREAK ICE

    calara STREAM BREAK ICE7 개월 전

    Pertama ngedengerin lagu ini gak terlalu suka tapi makin sering didengerin sama pas liat artinya langsung suka jihyo best leader!❤

  68. LH Channel

    LH Channel7 개월 전

    i think this should be their title track :))

  69. Vergel Tarin

    Vergel Tarin7 개월 전

    My favourite in rhis album

  70. 오엔지옹

    오엔지옹7 개월 전

    타이틀곡 후보 될만큼 좋다.... 근데 여기 다 외쿡인...한국인 흔적 남기고갑니당

  71. No Sacrifice, No Victory

    No Sacrifice, No Victory7 개월 전

    더블 타이틀 했으면 ㅠㅠㅠ

  72. Just Another BLINK

    Just Another BLINK7 개월 전

    The chorus is catchy af, I have to say

  73. Sebastián González

    Sebastián González7 개월 전

    It's my favourite song from the whole album

  74. Ricloven Visitacion

    Ricloven Visitacion7 개월 전

    Honest Opinion: I love this track than icsm. I mean all tracks in this album are good, but this one outstands

  75. nayeoniie

    nayeoniie7 개월 전


  76. melissa a.

    melissa a.7 개월 전

    twice: more & more also twice: up no more

  77. Blxssom_Olive

    Blxssom_Olive7 개월 전

    At one part of this song I dance More and More lol-

  78. Esmy hyung

    Esmy hyung7 개월 전

    beautiful lyrics that Jihyo dedicates to us hermosas letras que Jihyo nos dedica

  79. B ___

    B ___7 개월 전

    PLEASE download mubeat and COLLECT + SAVE your tickets for the final round. Use all of your twitter, fb, and gmail accounts to save tickets. DO NOT vote now since we are already in the top 20 and are safe to continue to the next round.

  80. why azuree? -

    why azuree? -7 개월 전

    Love you

  81. vrisrezi

    vrisrezi7 개월 전

    this literally iz so much better than icsm.... bye why couldnt this b the title track

  82. KawaiiKat 534

    KawaiiKat 5347 개월 전

    Why when the song started, my heart started beating to the music...

  83. Once Dreamzen

    Once Dreamzen7 개월 전

    This seriously deserved an MV. I'm so sad :(

  84. Lian瑞瑞

    Lian瑞瑞7 개월 전

    It sounds like different version of “ANYWHERE” from RITA ORA🤔 krposts.com/level/bidio/ntmbo9SWr3OC0mo

  85. I'm over Here, btw.

    I'm over Here, btw.7 개월 전

    Comeback again, after 1m replay Cry for me and i never enough...

  86. power

    power7 개월 전

    the dreamy ad-libs at the end are heaven.

  87. eunha stole my heart ღ

    eunha stole my heart ღ7 개월 전

    This song is so aesthetic 💗

  88. AOF

    AOF7 개월 전

    1:52 “DaDdY”

  89. Ophelia Lam

    Ophelia Lam7 개월 전

    speaks to me

  90. Arle Flores Huamani

    Arle Flores Huamani7 개월 전


  91. insyirah muthanna

    insyirah muthanna7 개월 전

    christmas vibessss

  92. ᴀʀᴡᴇɴ彡 #kingtaeyeon

    ᴀʀᴡᴇɴ彡 #kingtaeyeon8 개월 전

    I love this song but I don't know why it sounds so emotional and I can't listen to it because it makes me cry and feel depressed.. I hate when this happens, I want to listen to it more :((

  93. ayu

    ayu8 개월 전

    Sorry i just knew that the lyricist was JIHYO OMG I'm so proud you Jihyo, you did really great!

  94. B ___

    B ___7 개월 전

    PLEASE download mubeat and COLLECT + SAVE your tickets for the final round. Use all of your twitter, fb, and gmail accounts to save tickets. DO NOT vote now since we are already in the top 20 and are safe to continue to the next round.

  95. .

    .8 개월 전

    1:37 This part is so addictive I cant stop listening to it

  96. hajar nafli

    hajar nafli8 개월 전

    Well I think I’ve been underestimating and ignored twice long enough !

  97. Hzp Chwybckup

    Hzp Chwybckup8 개월 전

    I cant believe i hate this song when its first come out

  98. Marlin Esteban

    Marlin Esteban8 개월 전

    The song is too good :))

  99. Guesst Me

    Guesst Me8 개월 전

    Chea:"I get it all, all night (giggles in the background)" me: intense sweats *strawberry flashback*

  100. Marienell D. Pacheco

    Marienell D. Pacheco8 개월 전

    this is what i play when im having a breakdown before completing my schoolworks... idk... i think it is because of the beat? and chaeyoung's voice

  101. twice forever

    twice forever8 개월 전

    I stan the right group I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

  102. فانز لسلمي

    فانز لسلمي8 개월 전

    احبهم ياخي اموت فيكم

  103. Te ssie

    Te ssie8 개월 전

    fact it tnt, I just wanna listen to this song but the pakening signal makes me sick 😳😳

  104. Bronwyn

    Bronwyn8 개월 전

    wow, omg!!

  105. frog hop

    frog hop8 개월 전

    city pop vibes😈😈😈

  106. VSevenBangtanwarrior

    VSevenBangtanwarrior8 개월 전

    Sleeping beauty theme song 🤣

  107. Awva K

    Awva K8 개월 전


  108. son supremacy l kæty kim

    son supremacy l kæty kim8 개월 전


  109. Muhammad Ardhan

    Muhammad Ardhan8 개월 전

    This is song produced by collapsedone, who produced Dance The Night Away, Knock Knock, Chillax, Feel Special, that's why we loves this song!

  110. Junot Hergi

    Junot Hergi8 개월 전

    Say it again

  111. Yokopan 비끼

    Yokopan 비끼8 개월 전

    I feel sorry for the people that don't know this song exists

  112. cote

    cote8 개월 전

    esta canción la escuché una vez y ya no puedo parar de escucharla a

  113. •°pamme•°

    •°pamme•°8 개월 전


  114. Kamila Insani

    Kamila Insani8 개월 전

    Jihyo never disappoints

  115. Kamila Insani

    Kamila Insani8 개월 전